How to Protect Yourself from Stray Dogs

When encountering an unknown dog without an owner (a "stray"), many people's first instinct is fear. However, with a little knowledge, you can feel more secure and know what to do if this happens, to you.

Point 1. See the dogs body language -

Is it aggressive or afraid?

Signs of aggression include: baring teeth, lifted tail, raised ears and hackles (the fur behind the neck, in many large breeds the hackles are very easy to see when they are lifted).
Signs of fear include: tucking the tail, laid back ears and also snarling or barking.

Barking is a sure sign that the dog doesn't want you any closer than you already are.

Point 2. Most dogs, big and small, are not aggressive and are likely to be afraid of you.

The most common situation is that a dog is lost, scared, and doesn't trust you.

Even if they look frightening, their first instinct will be to repel you and get away.

Point 3. For scared dogs, back away slowly until the dog is at ease.

Keep facing them when you back away but do not look them in the eye.

Do not try to command them. They will retreat once they feel you are far enough not to cause them any harm.

Point 4. For an aggressive dog, the first priority should be to protect yourself.

DO NOT RUN, as the dog will catch you and will be encouraged to bite.

Many dogs instinctively know how to "take down" a runner, and the last place you want to be is on the ground. Search for something to climb onto and call for help.

Point 5. If there is nothing that can safely remove you from an aggressive dog, you should use your arm to deflect or absorb any bites.

Do not aggravate an aggressive dog by shouting at it or staring into its eyes. Eye contact is aggressive and will likely spur an attack.

Point 6. Very few dogs will actually bite a human being, if unprovoked. Stay calm and try to keep your stance tall and confident. Walk away, if you aren't being chased. Dogs are pack animals. When they are alone, they are not usually looking for confrontation. Even in packs they usually chase people they do not know, who are new to their territory.

Point 7. Befriend dogs in your area. Once in a while if you are outside and see some dogs who live in the area, it is worth sharing a cheap packet of biscuits with them. Do not feed them directly but break each biscuit into two parts and throw them one pc by one pc towards the dog. This way the dog will regard you as an Ann Daata and will also listen to you. more  

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Dear Friends an online petition has been created for removal of stray dogs. It is addressed to the Prime Minister. If you support removal of stray dogs please sign the petition on the folowing link more  
Gopendra..Hello..Thankyou for your kind words and I appreciate that you are one of the people who understands the essence of having animals around..I am glad people like you are working to make this earth safe for animals as well as humans.. Yes..Ditej is my real name..It means..Light of a lamp.. I suggest people who are fearful of dogs to see videos of CESAR MILAN on youtube..He is the best dog trainer in the world..They can also watch his show on NATGEO WILD...and NATGEO PEOPLE.... They can learn a lot about animals from these videos...! more  
Ditej . . is its your real name ? what is its meaning ? ... well i love every person who speak in favour of animals and not just dogs. animals are part of our world and ignoring them or killing is not the solution, if you have any problem. its very easy to say kill animals as they are not able to speak. I can fully understand the pain and fear of people who get bitten or just fearful of bite as we too feel the fear when we venture in the territory of unknown dogs but my dear ignorant people please try to understand that why do they do that. ditej and one or two people have beautifully explained the matter and issues of dogs and believe me that once you fell in love with animals ... you will actually understand the meaning of life and living on this earth. animals can teach you the meaning of love as their love is so intense and pure. dogs and all other animals sometimes do act violently and they have different reasons for it. for dogs it may be mating season, when they litter, fight for space, being unwell, ill treatment ... etc. Ditej and all my brothers who are in support of the animals are not against others and we just want to tell everybody that they are not dangerous species and usually a very loving animal but yes they fight for their territory. I was thinking about the concern of people who are fearful of dogs and felt that from their point of view their fear is correct but they have to come out of that fear to survive this problem . . at the same time I was thinking that what can I do to help them . . I feel that our theoretical comments will not help to this issue and we need to tell people to see the videos regarding dogs and their behavior. there is a serial of dogs rescuer on NGC. it comes on sat and sunday. please see that and enhance your knowledge about the animal. further see how this man tackles animal. further you can see you tube about the behavior of animals and update yourself and learn to tackle them. i know its difficult but if you people are interested in living with them then you can do it for sure. animal world is beautiful and their behavior can be tamed . . i am telling you... but u just need to have right attitude and knowledge. I request dog lovers to upload some videos if that may show something about dog behavior. god bless all more  
Live our life for just one day and you will understand that what we have proposed as a measure to curb stray population can be achieved..If it was impossible to do so, people would have already taken up the killing route which youre suggesting..! more  
So you mean to say there is no nuisance there? Do you even research? There are millions of animals in Western countries..There are two types of shelters there..KILL SHELTERS and NO KILL SHELTERS...And most kill shelters are transforming into NO KILL SHELTERS...Secondly, they are not breed hungry like the people in India..Thirdly, I never said dogs are equal to humans..I will never say that...Dogs have not yet started raping, murdering and kidnapping people..They have not started fighting over religion..They have not started crushing other people's dreams to earn money..They have not yet become corrupted..So, in no way are the dogs equal to humans..They need to learn hell lot of bad things to be equal to humans.... And, if you are so pro western countries,why dont you go and live there for a change??? And following international norms??? They dont allow pissing and spitting in public too..Go follow that first..They dont litter in front of their houses or on corners of roads..first learn that... They dont fight over religion.first learn that... They dont bribe officials to get things done..First learn that... And when you learn all that and get all these things implemented in India..Give me a call and we shall discuss about your great plans of mass murder... ABC fails because of people who dont participate in the program..If people from each society take the pain of getting the strays sterilized...there is no way ABC wont work.. Go ahead and participate in these events to make it a success...Go to facebook...make people aware..ask them to ll see the difference then..make it a movement...educate people..There will be difference then..It is not an idea but the execution of that idea which makes it a success..If there are no people to execute it, it doesnt mean that the idea is bad.. Take the culling of dogs for instance...It will also not solve the problem unless people participate... So, before trying to make people go ahead with your idea, participate in an existing idea and work towards it..rather than cribbing about it here.. We go to the streets and vaccinate dogs..we rescue dogs..a lot of people does that..go ahead, be one of them..empathize with them for once and learn how difficult it is to volunteer for so many abandoned, accidental and stolen dogs, cows, buffaloes etc. more  
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