How entrepreneurs and people get lucky

Here’s how luck finds you:

1. Work harder than expected
2. Stay teachable
3. Give without expecting a get
4. Read and write more
5. Show up on time
6. Focus on your customers
7. Develop good manners
8. Be humble
9. Be kind and generous
10. Surround yourself with smarter people

This is so so true says my first cousin who sold his company in silicon valley for $50M+

I guess also good to share with children who feel they are entitled to everything. more  

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Well, my dear, you appear to belong to our country's "young blood".....
Initiatives from young blood generally impress me for creative activities.....

So, I ask you to please suggest how one could put the TEN tenets that you've cited in your note into actual practice to "change" people's behaviour, attitude and outlook....... in our neighbourhood, to start with.

Little drops make the ocean, they say. So, let us start with little "steps" and help these to mature into "strides".....

Let's make it into a project.......with your help .......... more  
Ms Naina, these words could've flown out of the pen of Shakespeare or Dale Carnegie too.
In your caption though, I would like to replace the word "lucky" with "successful"....and "luck" with "success" in the following sentence......please don't mind and forgive me if you did not like it.....

I'm inclined to agree totally with your golden piece of advice: "Remain humble, especially when you're riding high" always pays in the long run...

As regards "manners", believe me, I was shocked to register the friendly soft-spokenness and smiles on the faces of sales personnel in America and in European countries than I've witnessed in India and China and Hong Kong in the past fifty odd years.

We Indians do need a lot to learn from our Asian neighbours such as Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Korea and Japan. People in those countries are really "humility personified"....... more  
If your cousin was truly following those 10 points, he was already lucky, so why sell ? more

On Thu, 13 Jun 2019, 7:17 am Naina Mittal, <>

> more  
good idea to propagate. more  
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