High Level Corruption in Punjab.

I have retired as a senior Officer from Excise & Taxation Department ofPunjab in 2014. The Fiscal Health of Punjab is very very poor, so much so that if I am not wrong there is no development of Punjab because of meager earnings from VAT - the main earning of Punjab. The deterioration seems to have started w.e.f 01-01-2013. The reasons for fall in tax compliance is not difficult to gauge. The main reason is the Leadership. The Excise & Taxation Commissioner of Punjab at Present has not even stayed in the HQ at Patiala even once and sits in his Camp Office at Chandigarh. He is surrounded by Sycophants and the Coterie has made the Fiscal health of the State more miserable. There are around 6-8 OSDs of this Gentleman who are all respectable ladies. They draw their salaries from different districts but work under him with no fruitful outcome.
Each ETO in the department has been given a target of Rs 20 Lakhs per month, however every month Rs 1.20 Cr to Rs 1.60 Cr are being frittered away because of this exercise of keeping the OSDs. This gentleman knows that Lady Officers cannot resist the unlawful orders & get scared easily. The given target of Rs 20 Lacs multiplied by 36 months for these 6-8 OSDs, the total loss of more than 40 -50 Crores have taken place so far.Even Government Sanction has not been taken to keep so many OSDs. Even the Financial Commissioner Taxation cannot keep or CPS cannot keep so many OSDs hence this was utter undue advantage taken by this officer misusing his position.
There are approximately 4 meetings held in this camp office every month, where Officers of the rank of ETO's, AETCs, DETCs, Joint Commissioners and Additional Commissioners from all the districts , divisions, Head Office etc...of punjab have to attend & imagine the petrol & diesal being wasted unnecessarily by this whimsical order. If the logbooks of all the Govt Vehicles are called for & audited by an independent agency like AG branch/Vigilence/CBI, UNLAWFUL WASTAGE worth hundreds of Crores will be detected in the last three years.
There is a Provision of Post Audit of all the refunds in the State as per the Punjab Value Added Tax Act 20115, however all the refund files are called for by this Camp Office even as Pre audit & after scrutiny of these are sent back to the districts. There are rumors/ allegations that this is not done with clear intentions by this Superior Officer. These files are called by these Lady OSDs at the behest of this Tax Commissioner. An independent enquiry by an independent agency is required in this matter.
A complaint regarding a Hundie car agency by the name of 'MGR' Ludhiana has also allegedly been made where this gentleman has allegedly taken some gratification to close the matter. A tax notice of 17 Crores was issued by an AETC of Ludhiana 1. When he went on Ex India leave for a short period, the file was transferred to a Lady AETC of another district who is a war widow and she is sitting on it for the last approx 18 monthsallegedly at the behest of this so called Gentleman.
The present tax position of the Punjab State is very dismal. If the Refunds are taken into consideration the Revenue will come down to minus 6-8% as compared to last year.
The image of the Punjab Excise & Taxation Department is at the lowest Ebb in the history of Punjab and the main person responsible for this it seems is the Present Excise & Taxation Commissioner. It is requested that necessary remedial action may kindly be taken and necessary strict action against the culprits be taken to save the State from further ruins.
If an enquiry is instituted today, there will be thousands of complaints which will crop up against this officer. He does not Pass the orders direct & in case of indictment, he will plead that show me orders passed by me. It will be the Poor subordinate Officers who will be held responsible.
There are two Officers one of the rank of AETC & another a retired ETO who it is alleged negotiate with tax evaders on his behalf and the rightful tax due to the State is not being deposited in the Govt treasury.
Sir, your mail today of India's Anti Corruption Circle is a GODLY sent mail & I have sent the same with a clear Conscience that some where Truth will prevail.
Satya Mev Jayante
A Well Wisher of Punjab more  

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Is the vigilant depart is sleeping? No, they are widely awake but eyes are closed.We can't wake them up. since they are already awake. more  
I am Grateful to all of you for having given a Positive response, however my point of contention is, that, will this sort of bringing out these facts before this group have any impact on these gutless people. Or, whether this mail is going to the concerned people and will there be an improvement in actual working ? I sincerely hope that a copy of these mails should go to Worthy PM of India, Social Justice bench of Supreme Court, Director CBI as well as Deptt of Personale Training ( DOPT) and these guilty of these crimes must be taken to task after a proper enquiry. Sorry for being rigid in my comments. Warm Regards to all the right thinking Citizens. more  
try to suggest a way to fight...not for out siders only but basically to the people of panjab...explain the benifits in fighting and difficulties in allowing the manace to grow more  
Corruption is spread over India and let us fight against corruption. more  
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