GST a solid block for small entreprenuers

GST is certainly a solid block for the small entrepreneurs who want to do business ,they should be helped by govt as they do not look for govt for their life needs (govt by constitution is suposed to provide needs of all indian citizens) but what it does harass and arm twist in all possible ways.
GST again like any other issues follow 80x20 rule. 20% of business people (big business houses) account for 80% of the taxes.They has qualified auditors to deal with GST govt machinery and grab every rupee as per rules.
Out of 80% small business people again 20% are business people who have turnover over 40 lacs.
the balance 80 % people are struggling and feeling sorry for having ventured and still want to be in the business hoping for better times.
Govt may come that those who have less than 40 lacs need not have GST. The rule has just come. What about people who have taken prior to the ruling. Why not give a ruling the return is compulsory when turnover crosses 40 lacs? The company may declare their turnover in a stipulated form and done with . by this all those who do business will take GST and enjoy the prestige of doing business with GST and Govt can have a watch over the entire business .
They are the soft targets for GST. The fine for late filing is on day basis ,the logic is difficult to understand.
Why all of a sudden the system was changed to accept only DSC is not known. The system is so complicated and with my decent skills in computer I find it completely user unfriendly. It is designed to push every one to go to auditors .
All mails to GST council are dead letters with no response. The grievance cell complaints are not worth the time someone spending in writing as they do evolve any response. .
I have no business and I have spent over 30,000 Rs to revoke cancellation for a turn- over of nil for the whole year
They should reverse all such unethical collections and make it simplest so that any computer literate handles the forms with ease.
Till such time GST should have three slabs one within 40 lacs turn over ,two within one crore turn over and three others and design simple forms to make the business easy and transparent more  

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Ceratinly not aware of the earlier tax structure as i was not doing volume business and outside state. But the GST return filing in different forms for a trader/company with nil/not appreciable turn over is a burden.Further the form is not simple. When the govt has all resources and facility to arrange/compile the submitted retuns in any way they like,why should make the trader to compile and submit in different versions in different forms. On the top of everything penalty on day basis is looting when banks negotiate with big borrowers on repayments that too not in thousands but in thousands of crores. more  
System built automatic control as suggested by Mangeshji is just not good but mandatory if we are not to create a source for massive corruption.

But if we totally exempt upto what ever turnover, there is always chance in this country of creating more companies once the turnover of one exceeds the limit. We know the plethora of companies created for avoiding I.Tax. This multiple companies also help immensely in tailoring the P&L and seeing that the revenues and expenses are transferred to other companies with the connivance and in fact advice from auditors who do the opposite job of why they were created in the first place. A way has to be found to stop this practice of more companies under the same founders/directors doing essentially the same business. more  
small business man should be brought under GST regime harrasment, they should allow do their business without any restriction upto 1 crore throughout india, ask them to do the business payment transaction through electronic mode only, if they cross one crore, govt may ask them to do proper tax payment and tax return filing. more  
What Mr Nisar has written is correct. Mr Venkataraman is probably not aware of the earlier Excise and Sales tax along with a plethora of other taxes like entry tax, octroi and whatnot. Traders were dealing in cash cheating the Govt. GST has to some extent put a stop on this. An honest trader/ manufacturer would welcome GST because he can get credit for input tax. more  
It's not about good rwgime or bad regime.. small entrepreneurs are though now exempted as per reverse charge, it should be continued forever, for less than 20 lacs turnover, otherwise, small business will finish.. even for GST w cancellation, the process should be automatic, with time limit of say 15 days, as system can check turnover, and services given to which states, and returns files till that quarter, in necessarily local office takes exessive time, I hope GST office will take a note if it... Even for cancellation, officers expect be given...unless manual intervention removed, the corruption can not be removed... more  
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