Going to the dogs - 2.75 Lakh stray dogs in Delhi

Animal rights activists, however, dismiss the threat saying dog attacks are the consequence of human aggression towards them.

At least 16 people in Delhi died of rabies contracted from dog bites in the last year. According to a survey conducted by the North Delhi Municipal Corporation, 30,608 cases of dog bites were reported from areas under its jurisdiction in 2012-2013, as against 17,634 cases the previous year.
Animal Birth Control (Dog) Rules, notified in December 2001 under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, prohibit the killing of stray dogs except in special cases, for instance when they are rabid or terminally ill. Besides, the rules provide that stray dogs can only be removed from their habitats for neutering and immunisation against rabies. But municipal officials have failed to carry out dog immunisation drives effectively.

A dog attack every day
North MCD doesn't have even one dog sterilisation centre in its jurisdiction, and 10 out of its six sterilisation mobile centres are in a state of breakdown. The corporation sterilised just 3,800 dogs last year. more  

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Yes Dr. Gosain. Pl. support by signing the petition mentioned by me. Thanks more  
A serious thought needs to be given for preventing dog bites by stray dogs. more  
16 important lives were wasted in a year and I thank you all for your efforts and concern, where many of your friend wish to kill these 2.7lac innocent Dogs or cage all of them or many other weird ideas. The photo you have given is false and does not represent your case, please either put some proper photo or delete this one. Any way I just wish to inform you that in India every hour 16 people die in road accidents. The real figure can be far higher as many are not even reported. In Delhi every day 5 people die in road accidents and many more get maimed. Once your this crusade of Killing dogs finished, why don't you start a movement to save those precious lives the real figure 5X365=1825P/A in Delhi alone is very high. Or I feel this one is more important then just wasting energy on dogs. Why don't we ask government to make death penalty for killing a human in accident or better to cancel all the driving licences of the people drive in the City as tomorrow any one of them can kill some one in another accident. So prevention is better than cure. In the end please understand these dogs have equal rights on earth and the truth is humans are more cruel with them than the dogs with humans. I am sure if 16 people have died our of 2 crores delhi humans far more dogs were killed by humans in the same period. Those innocent dogs who were killed by stray humans also deserve justice, is it not so? Moreover as per the records of State Health Intelligence Bureau (SHIB), Delhi government, 15 people had died with rabies and not 16 as you said. Please be human & have mercy on these poor animals and Love them, once if you love one of them and feed him properly you will be surprised non of his community member will ever bark upon you . more  
PL. SIGN THE PETITION THRO' THE LINK BELOW AND FORWARD TO FRIENDS TO SIGN& SUPPORT. Here's the link: http://www.change.org/en-IN/petitions/lg-delhi-homes-for-stray-dogs-animals-sterlization-and-creation-of-central-relief-fund more  
Dog Bites are indeed an area of concern. Especially from dogs that have not been immunized against rabies. As a child I was bitten by a couple of dogs belonging to a neighbour and I developed a fear of dogs. Everytime I would be around dogs somehow they sensed my fear and growled & barked at me. However over the years I realised I was more scared of the injections that follow rather than the dogs themselves. I am glad to say that I have faced and overcome that fear. Though I have been bitten since that incident I no longer fear dogs and dogs no longer bark at me. The best way to handle aggressive dogs is to not look into their eyes (they see that as a challenge) and ignore them. Never run from dogs or show fear. The best treatment - first aid for dog bite - is to immediately wash the wound in running water until the bleeding stops/reduces. The dog bite victim should be taken to the doctor within 24 hours. A tetnus injection followed by anti-rabies if the dog is not immunised is a must. Today the injections are not painful and can be taken in the arm/thigh. Btw - the photo above is a fake. It is an obvious product of photoshop as can be seen from the shadows of the dogs and the humans that have been superimposed on the picture. Looking at the dog behaviour the two dogs on the left are actually warning off the dog on the right who has strayed into their territory. The government ABC (Animal Birth Control) programs are not functioning well and need to be ramped up. I think if the stray female dogs of each area were sterilised, the stray birth rate would go down and the population would reduce. I have tried to contact a few NGO's in Faridabad to get the local females sterilized but their success rate is very poor. We need more options. One positive side effect we have had of having strays on our street is that the large incident of thefts/breakins which were there when we moved into our colony have reduce quite a bit. more  
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