Dear Friends ,

1. Viable and valid suggestions are pouring , pros and cons merit equal consideration. The bottom line is " not you , me or he" but the community based agenda aimed towards common goal to fulfill aspirations of people.

2. Is AAP campaign based on ruling Delhi by forming government or be the people's spokes person to force government to adopt community based policies ? The situation from Delhi Assembly elections to date has undergone major overhaul ,lot of water has flown over,credentials have suffered major setback , peoples hopes have been divided , suspicion has crept in , the feeling of power before public welfare has perhaps come into the minds of people as far as AAP is concerned.

3. To start with ; my considered remedial measures which may assist "damage control" are as under :--

* AAP should not form government in Delhi to prevent itself from falling into trap once again. AAP can not influence any decision with congress support and BJP will not allow any ante BJP activity in the public domain.

* AAP leadership should accept in public ; their mistake of forming government earlier with congress support followed by quitting after 49 days which took away a major chunk of population away from AAP. A common man may not be interested in constitutional provisions- he is interested to see things on ground for which he had given a handsome mandate to AAP during assembly elections.

* AAP leaders should stop airing their personal views in public through media ; they should instead focus on public demands and expose weak government actions .

* AAP should stop targeting individuals of other parties ; a better option will be to concentrate on airing own policies ,mistakes and future action plans . Personal egos should be thrown away immediately.

* Formulate an effective organization with clearly demarcated responsibility for various appointment holders of organization.

* An immediate institution of " Think Tank" consisting of professionals and not particular individuals.

* AAP leadership must take the views of common men/women like you and me which are worth to consider and apply. The philosophy of " inner and close circle" could be avoided.

* AAP to start its own media campaign , may be through an independent electronic channel whose funding to be done by public contribution and donations from business houses ( fully audited accounts). This channel will not be the property of a individual business houses but will be like an instituted trust. Start in a low scale media program which should not to be compared with that of any established news channels.

* Intimate contact with common man with innovative approach of small scale address , road show , attending their wedding/other functions, be there with them in times of death/calamity ,solving their day to day problems by taking these to the government/administration and follow these till conclusion.

* Penetrate in other states and see the actual ground realities and bring these to the public notice supported with facts/figures/evidence and not with own ideas/perceptions/criticism.

* Selection of "right people for right job" is the key to success. Do not take persons based on face value or based on cast , religion , creed or his/her influence over certain percentage of population.

* Concentrate on Haryana , Maharashtra and Delhi with fresh approach . First aim should be to convince people and re - earn their trust and not to focus on number of seats to be won. We should not chew more than we can bite.

* Slow , steady , positive , small gains , utmost,maintain dignity, honesty , firm but approachable , stern action against defaulting AAP members and accomplishment of preset goals in stipulated time are inescapable and essential factors.

4. These are some of my recommendations to start with ; there are many areas where we all have our own views which can be of great help to AAP in the times to come.

5. Last but not the least , do not be in a great hurry , a child takes 9 months to see the world and if we try to reduce this time - be rest assured that the child will have deformity to begin with. The country is not running away , the issues are not being resolved in a short spell , corruption roots are too deep to be removed over night . So do not be in a great hurry - plan well , earmark correct people and resources and then go in for result oriented execution . Am I sounding "impossible" - please read it as "i-am-possible".

6. Please do not hesitate to offer your comments ; some of them will be of great significance for the common cause that we are talking about.

best wishes and greetings ,
Brig Pradeep Yadu more  

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