Failure of the sterilisation system and agressive behaviour of some dog lovers

Mr. Garg you have asked for the definition of extremist. defines extremist as “a person who favours or resorts to immoderate, uncompromising, or fanatical methods or behaviour, esp in being politically radical”
In my opinion your behaviour is immoderate, uncompromising and fanatical. It is not necessary to be violent to fall within the definition of extremist, however your attacks on me were verbally violent.
You were not just rude but also used disgusting and violent language in your attacks against me. That is why I have called you an extremist.
As regards kissing in public, I agree that it is not as per my morals but I do not impose my views on others and go past couples kissing in parks etc without disturbing them so please go ahead with PDA for I do not care what you do.
This ridiculous system of sterilisation has gone on for 20 years since 1995 and the number of dogs has only increased. We have compromised and adjusted for a life span of 2 dog generations ( an average stray dogs life is less than 10 years) but the number of dogs has gone up many times and the program has failed and there is no date given by when our cities will be free of stray dogs.
Trying a new system of sterilisation which was not used anywhere was fine. However persisting with it after spending tens of crores and failing for 20 years is senseless. We have to admit that we took a wrong step and the rest of the world was right to keep on putting dogs in shelters and culling them where necessary. The country needs to follow international norms in this matter.
I do not want to kill dogs or take them for sterilisation. This is the job of the government or those who want to work in this field..This is not our job and we will not do it. All we want is clean streets where we can walk, jog and cycle without fear.
You can move the dogs to dog sanctuaries or to dog retirement homes. As a tax payer I will say that making doggie homes in a country where we do not have retirement homes for humans and tens of millions of humans are without shelter is a case of misplaced priorities.
Yes I do not equate dogs with humans and fail to see the special treatment of dogs when we allow killing of all kinds of farm animals and pests all across the country.
I have a very different view point from your viewpoint but we are willing to discuss it in a civilised way and request you to do the same. more  

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Dear Friends an online petition has been created for removal of stray dogs. It is addressed to the Prime Minister. If you support removal of stray dogs please sign the petition on the folowing link more  
And as far as definition of extremist per OXFORD.... A person who holds extreme political or religious views, especially one who advocates ILLEGAL, VIOLENT, or other extreme action:...Now you are talking about killing dogs which is ILLEGAL and since it involves KILLING.,,,that cover the VIOLENT part too..Wonder who the EXTREMIST is now..! more you have made this a post now..! Glad I checked it out..but trust me, making it a POST won't make you right in any sense..Dogs will never be able to come level with humans..They don't rape, kidnap, torture, kill or fight based on religion...They don't keep grudges too...So it will be long time before they become equal to what humans are..! Secondly, as i counter commented too...just because the system of sterlization was not executed properly..we can't say that the idea is is just that the execution is wrong.. If we talk about failure of systems...we have failed to curb crime even after putting criminals behind that way, we should just kill them right? I will tell you that the system of sterilization is a success...In our university..we had 35 dogs and we got them sterlized and in the past 5 years, there are no dog bites and 35 dogs only..who have gelled up so well with the students and staff inside.. But people like you..yes YOU(someone who is not compasisonate, inconsiderate and stubborn) won't ever understand..! And sadly, there are millions like you in this country and that is the reason nothing good ever comes out of anything.. I really don't know how aged you are..but you have a brain of a child..who refuses to grow up and believe that others can be right too..! more  
Am with you if it is of nay help !!!! more  
I am drafting an online petition to the Prime Minister, for removal of stray dogs. Your support is requested more  
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