Enthusiasm is okey but AAP should move intelligently and strategically

Arvind Kejriwal's speech is becoming more and more predictable and therefore may lose charm. Apart from anti-corruption and anti-media card, he should also collect data and talk about localized problems of different states, work done during 49 days by AAP in Delhi, fact of Cong-BJP making impossible for it constructive governance in Delhi leading to resignation and few bullet points of its manifesto.

Above is necessary b'coz many people want to support AAP but they are apprehensive about its willingness to govern for long term due to resignation in Delhi and actual actual plans AAP want to offer to the citizens of India. more  

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For a party to win votes and seats honesty, trust, love, respect for time, space and decisions should be mutual among members, supporters and leaders. For a party to win votes and seats by hook or crook, it can win a few by throwing money (like sop to cerebrus) or by manipulating media or advertisements or through creating blind faith to some extent. No party can fool the entire electorate for the entire election period and in all regions. When a party does not have huge unaccounted money or surplus wealth to buy votes nor it intends to do so, its' democracy is never going to be a demoncracy off the people, buy the people and far the people! more  
they r loosing their moorings. Behaving in v disappointing ways. so many of us voted them. they were misled first into taking charge of delhi n then they themselves misled them into quitting. u were there to govern not to fret like stubborn child. Now again they r doing n repeating this behaviour. AK-pls pls do not disappoint n ditch the likes of us again. V want u to strategise n win over delhi again (but wl congress n bjp hold elections at all ?????????????) n get into LS with min 5% seats. more  
Mr Arvind Kejriwal showed such people that he can do every thing honestly.
Therefore, this is common that he will do only when he and his team get
full majority to run the Govt. In case AAP talks about such things BJP and
Congress will copy of the same. Now they have nothing to copy for anti
corruption and honesty.

On Mon, Mar 17, 2014 at 11:54 AM, Sunil Dutt Agrawal <
support@localcirclesmail.com> wrote:

> more  
Yes Mr Satheesan, AAP ideology is to focus on the problems of the Aam Aadmi, so its support in growing, but mostly in an invisible manner. I asked our servant as to who her mohalla was supporting in this election ? A few days later and after due verification I was told that for the under classes, in the entire Badshahpur area, it is Jhadhoo all the way! But they choose not to reveal this to others, so favourable answers are given to all political parties, who approach them. So it seems, that just as everyone was bewildered by AAP seats in the Delhi elections, so it may be this time too! Hence lets get together to vote for AAP. more  
For a party like AAP credentials for manifested abilities are few but their ideology is the stronger base. If party can explain to the common man what happens to their taxes (money paid by them sincerely while many politicians forget to pay taxes or declare their assets) when AAP is elected or other parties come to power. If a party cannot provide employment, food, shelter, water, and electricity no other work done by any party can be appreciated. We have to explain how these will be achieved with timelines. For over half a century poll promises were never fulfilled.

Parties shamelessly repeat the same unfulfilled promises during every election. If in a family nobody is employed and there is no income from any source, they may not be interested in parties talking about progress. For a poor man their half a foot belly is longer and more important the Dreamliner Aircraft or Airbus 380 any country is aspiring to get or boast of to possess. Creating a few millionaires or billionaires will not fill the stomachs of poor people in our country who are struggling to get a square meal a day. Making India a financially stable country is not making a few more millionaires or billionaires or sending a spacecraft to moon.

Providing employment to all employable youth and those who can work should be the first priority. Providing food and other basic amenities comes next. Checking spiralling prices of grains, pulses, fruits and all other consumables should be also a priority otherwise middlemen will take all the profits making the farmers and producers of consumables poorer. Instead of finding fault with other parties or their leaders, we should spell out our parties aims and objectives, and road map to achieve them in a manner understandable to the illiterate and poorest of poor (who do not see or hear you on TV). If we succeed in reaching out to the majority cross section of people, it does not matter whether you get support of people who perpetrate bribery or corruption or who manipulate the aspirations of people. It does not matter who stands where for elections because the ideology of your party ideology and road map to enliven your ideology and goals will attract the majority of electorate. If you have good intentions, it is like well begun and half won! Good luck to AAP and its supporters to live a positive ideology not only grab eye-balls alone but to win votes also! more  
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