The recent episode inMaharashtra  in India where two politicalparties formed a pre poll alliance and contested the recent assembly electionand won with comfortable majority together and then decided to part companyafter the election has caused deep distress amongst people who place faith  in the concept of electoral democracy.

The greater tragedy is that one of the alliance parties came into an understandingwith the parties against whom it contested and the parties which fought againsteach other in the election formed the government.

Similar happening tookplace in Karnataka in India also sometime back.People wonder as towhether such unseemly and unprincipled happenings have taken place due to theweakness in the electoral regulations or due to lack of scruples amongstpolitical parties. It appears that both these reasons have contributed to this dismal scenario in Maharashtra and earlier in Karnataka.

In this scenario, people expect that the Election Commission of India which is a constitutional bodyvested with the responsibility and authority to conduct elections in free andfair manner and ensure that the verdict of the people would be adhered to, hasa definite role to play. 

It is surprising that the Election Commission has not so far expressed any opinion on this issue or disapproved the act ofthe political parties who form pre poll alliance and assuring  electorates that they are partners withagreed principles and then break away after the elections with least regard andrespect for basic principles of electoral democracy.

The Election Commission of India should  immediately issue order  that the prepoll alliance between political parties  would be made binding between theparties  atleast for period of one year after the election.It has become a regular practice for political parties in India  to form pre poll alliance between themselvesand form a front to contest election and  the elections are reallybecoming contest between one front of political parties and other front.People exercise their franchise in favour of one front or theother, expectingt that the winning alliance partners in the front would form government. 

However, in practice, this is not happening. On manyoccasions, parties in one front join another front against whom it contested, immediately after the poll. This has made the election process a mockeryand amount to insulting the verdict of the electorate.

Election Commission of India  should  take immediate action to make the pre poll alliancebinding. Election Commission has the powers  to do this on it’s own as it is aconstitutional body.Certainly, the people of India would applaud the ElectionCommission,  as this move will serve thecause of healthy Indian democracy.

Somepeople seem to be of the view that   they are not sure  whether  making pre poll alliance binding amongst political parties by the ElectionCommission  requires statutory amendmentor whether Election Commission can do on its own.  Such people  say that it may require statutory provision , asit affects the right of political parties. 

However, opinion voiced by others is that   Election Commission can act on it's own. In support of this view, they have said that Mr. T. N. Seshan , former Chief ElectionCommissioner of India imposed several restrictions such as not permittingposters or use of loudspeakers beyond stipulated time for election campaign.This  decision also affected the rights of political parties to campaign.The view was that  since it was a decision by Election Commission that became popular amongst people, no political party was daring enough to protest. 

Further, it was said that such decision of Election Commission to make pre election alliance binding may be challenged bysome political parties or by so called activists in the court.  In this case, Election Commission should argueit's stand in the judiciary. 

In recent times, it is seen that in makingdecisions by judiciary, it appears that  the perspective of the people isduly considered. particularly when the law lacks clarity. Let election commission act on it's own andlet it become a matter of public debate. This is long overdue. People's supportwould make the implementation of the decision possible.

In recent time, there have been bigand noisy campaign by Election Commission to ensure 100% voting by the people.  However, people may ask as to what is thepoint in exercising their franchise., when the politicalparties conduct themselves in such obnoxious manner without any scruples.

Nandini Voice for the Deprived more  

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Dear Team election commission If pre poll alliance have majority they can form government post poll alliance should not permissible
Best regardsDharm raj
On Friday, 29 November, 2019, 02:56:47 am GMT, N. S. Venkataraman <support@localcirclesmail.com> wrote: more  
1. No Pre alliance

2. Winner alliance to get first chance to make Govt.

3. Floor voting- only in case of Draw'

4. Provision of Online Voting as per AADHAR Numbers(under security). If required, make online provision only for urban areas, whereas EVM voting will remain same in rural areas.

5. Doordarshan or any other channels should be used to advertise consolidated preview of Candidates and no any other person/party should be allowed to campaign. more  
These are the pitfalls of democracy, will get sorted in due corse, when people realise their mistakes, EC shd take note & act, create awareness . more  
Why can't voters vote directly using the internet now available for or against bills initiated by the Bureaucracy without a body of legislators being elected? Such arrangement was not earlier feasible and proposed and people had to elect their representatives who could vote for or against Bills to pass Acts. Now with the Internet available people can vote directly without MPs/MLAs as their representatives. The Constitution may be amended as necessary. more  
I have some questions before we could evaluate the issue appropriately,

[1] Why political parties should contest election by nominating a candidate/contestant.
[2] Why an individual should not compulsorily contest election even if he is member of a political party.
[3] Why an elected representative should not have a right to put forth his independent views on the issues being faced by the people whom he represents.
[4] Why two or more parties should club together for contesting elections instead of merging into one party.
[5] Why Election Commission should not ensure that a candidate should compulsorily contest election without any umbrella of a political party or coalition.

When we comply with above five concepts, we shall be able to eliminate corruption in the governance. The elected representatives will in real sense represent the people and work together with other representatives as a team based on the issues and Goals to achieve in the interest of Nation and its citizens without bias. Few more things to keep in mind as stated below.

A] Election Commission need to define a mechanism to restrict the number of candidates in a constituency to six (6).
B] Based on the qualification criteria initial screening will have to be done to identify the six (6) pre-qualified candidates. Criteria could be based on a test covering general knowledge, ability to understand and evaluate common issues of the land, importance of compliance with the rules and regulations, self-sustainability of a candidate for expenses of his family and himself, professional/ work ability and performance for a minimum period of five (5) years, reasons to contest election, no-criminal background with pending cases, and many more. Minimum age to contest election should be set at 35 years whereas maximum age limit should be 75 years subject to health condition.
C] The elected representatives should be provided a hostel accommodation for himself only during the period he represents the people and his family will have to live at his native place where he will spend time when the sessions will not be functioning. No home office to be provided. The elected representatives must operate from the office designated for each one.
D] No candidate will campaign for elections himself. Election Commission will define up to 60 places (preferably, polling booth locations) in a constituency. Common stage will be arranged by Election Commission and each candidate shall be allowed to speak for maximum of 5-6 minutes and thereafter, question-answer will take place for not more than one (1) hour. In this manner, minimum 3 or maximum 5 locations will be managed in a day before the polling. Online polling should be introduced and postal polling.
E] Passing candidate(s) must secure more than 30% votes against the registered number of voters. Candidate securing highest votes will be first elected candidate to represent the people. The second candidate will remain in waiting to replace the first one in the event his removal becomes essential and compulsory.
F] No mid-term poll shall be conducted in any case. A voter must vote by the chosen means. No more than two absence will be permitted and thereafter deletion of name from the voters list should be taken up. Polling must be carried out through out the country on a single day by deploying all forces as needed. Election Process shall have to be done in a month and no elected government will operate during this period which means elections shall be held once in four (4) years under President Rule.
G] President and such dignitaries will be elected directly by the people having attained 50 years of age and minimum age for such positions should be 50 years
H] Revisions in the constitution will have to be carried out for the sake of Nation and its Citizens. more  
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