Delhi LG orders Mass Stray Dog Sterlization Drive

Noida CEO needs to do same thing.

After stray dogs repeatedly disrupted Delhi Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung's visits to government hospitals, the L-G has ordered the three municipal corporations to initiate a massive sterilisation campaign across the city.

Sources said Jung noticed several stray dogs loitering in and around the premises of Lok Nayak Hospital and G.B. Pant Hospital in central Delhi.

Sources also confirmed that several relatives of patients complained to the L-G about attacks by strays.

According to the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) area, there about one lakh stray dogs, with only half of them sterilised.

In East Delhi, the number has crossed 90,000, and in North Delhi there are more than one lakh strays.

"A total of 7,514 dogs were sterilised last year in South Delhi," Mukesh Yadav, Director PR and Information, SDMC, said.

Meanwhile, the SDMC has tied up with Humane Society International and Animal Welfare Board of India to assist them in sterilisations.

The bodies will also, in a joint effort, identify the present population of strays in the Capital.

The civic body has also tied up with the Delhi government's veterinary department. The south corporation has the capacity to sterilise 15,000 dogs per month, but officials want to take the number to 45,000 within the next three years.

There are three specialised government hospitals in Delhi dealing with rabies cases. more  

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i would like to aver that protecting the rights of animals is a different issue, and protecting human beings is an entirely different thing. people tend to confused between the two, as if the ngos were taking sides 'for animals and against people.' let's not forget that the land that we now stake claim to, until just a few years ago, belonged to these and other animals before we encroached upon their habitats. monkeys have become a menace because of unchecked littering and the human tendency to convert any open space into a latrine and/or a garbage dump. just like not every human being goes around shooting people, so do strays not go around generally biting people for fun. most react only when provoked. for every dog that bites, there are a hundred provocateurs and stone throwers. wherever i have lived, i have interacted closely with strays in my neighborhood and even in other places (i cannot adopt them all: it's neither practical, nor desirable) and have never suffered a single bite in my 49 years. and i'm neither unusually lucky, nor their family member to enjoy nepotistic privileges! live, and let them live! the government is taking cognizance of the issue, and is taking steps to protect humans from this menace. protecting people (and these animals) from litterers, drunks, sadists and other low human life is not important, i guess - after all, how many people have the guts to stand up and tell off the guy who drinks beer outside a wine shop and throws the empty on the road or the pavement to become a deadly trap for the unwary? but then, he is human, probably owns property in that society, and doesn't bite, so he's cool! more  
We all must apply a balanced approach- not to be cruel with animals nor let them free roam to bite the poor kids or walking people...unfortunately even anti rabbies injection too should be available in each dispensary.... more  
does it mean that the NGO who protect animals, should be allowed to do so blindly ? I do not know if NGO activist have a family member, who gets bitten by a Stray DOG or attacked by Monkey and then face consequences. It seems that for them protecting Animal beings is more important than human beings. more  
Ms Sanjana Gupta, please inform the progress made in respect of Delhi Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung's visits to government hospitals, in which the L-G had ordered the three municipal corporations to initiate a massive sterilisation campaign across the city. more  
I am not discouraging you. I am say that dont be discourage what NGOs are doing. We should do our duty to save life of human beings. Do write to RTI and inform the outcome and then we can proceed in this matter. more  
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