Delhi Jal Board - Save Water Initiatives

To all AAP volunteers & Party leaders related to DJB

I would request all concerned to take this further, if possible as being a pure aam aadmi, I am not sure if somebody would consider the points listed below if taken up directly. So thought of raising this through this forum.

I understand that DJB is in direct control of AAP Govt. and there is no type of control by BJP/LG in this department at-least. Please correct me if I am wrong.

According to international agencies, we will be finished with the drinkable water by 2030. So high time to take some action.

A few things are listed below to save the water, which won't even cost much to govt.

1.) Contact RWA's and have a monthly presentation in some temple, society hall, community halls etc. to let every citizen (including kids) of that society know the importance of saving water.

2.) Have the overflow indicator installed in each home's overhead tank. The cost of installation isn't much, may be that can be recovered from customer in EMI's or so. The benefit will be at-least the treated water won't go into gutters.

3.) Have the specialists involved along with RWA's to work on rain water harvesting wherever possible through out Delhi. This may involve substantial cost, so can be done in phases. I believe for this noble cost, even RWA's will not have problems to pool in some funds.

4.) Have sessions in schools/colleges on saving water, so that everyone talks about this in our daily life.

I know there may be lot many ways to conserve water but the above things seem to be most practical and doable if DJB/AAP govt. decides. Even some senior citizens or retired persons from similar experience can be involved who can may be work voluntarily.

At last, if AAP or DJB thinks, it isn't feasible to do this, let us know and the members of this group can prepare a project report. more  

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Recharging if Ground water from Water Bodies

Water Exert pressure on all 3 sides .
The pressure depends on the quantity of water in the water Body.
Maximum pressure is on the bottom . of the water Body.

Our earth has strata of different layers divided by a block of Clay about 20-30 feet thick which is Non Percolation . ( mean don’t allow water to seep through )
Most of the Soil is porous in nature so allow water to seep through except the Block of Clay.
Rivers water flow , and remain above the Block of Clay which cant seep through the block of clay so remain above it as River Bed and flow to the sea.
Water is divided into two Parts .
1, Sub Soil Water , The water available above this Block of Clay , It is very limited near Water bodies such ar Rivers . Lakes ,or Ponds .
2, Under Ground Water , ,It is a Sand block with water below this Block of Clay.
We have consumed Water and only sand is left , it has caused imbalance underground ., It is Sand with out Water and now We are drawing water from Second Layer / Strata .which is almost about to Exhaust now , So Govt. has to put restrictions on Drawing ground Water .

When Rivers are flooded , during Rains ,due huge pressure of Water in the River . Water seep to sides to quite some distance from River banks, and it is available as Sub Soil water above the Clay Block .
If a Hole is Made in the Clay block .Water from the Water Bodies such as River will drip down and recharging the ground water .
River water thus seeped in the Ground will reduce the quantity of Water in the River so reducing the Flooding and waste of Water into the Sea.
4 inch Dia Holes are safe. With limiting flow of water to ground, which can be numbered.
The seepage of water will be continuous Process , so carefully choose the number of holes as River may dry up .
To prevent drying of River special precaution can be made , by installing Perforated pipes over these Holes ,
Water Logging Problem can be Solved also . more  
The public himself is responsible for this position to come. Public misuse the water. The only remedy left for proper utilisation of water is to install meters in every home even rural areas. No house should be spared on this account. Through this method, the revenue of the Government will also increase. Ram Yadav more  
Thank u Mr Gaurav Virmani & Mr RK N 4 yr suggestions.
Mr Gaurav Virmani, sir I had no intention 2 hurt u & i have all the respect 4 u & everybody else.
I only wanted make my point & 2 tell u things which r nt technically feasible.
It is our duty 2 use water & electricity judiciously.
I being in the Power Generation area (even now a consultant), I can tell u sir ever since 50% rebate(<400 units) in power bills & free portable water upto 20kl consumption has come into force, people have already started spending electricity & water consumption judiciously, thereby their availability has increased now.
I myself have nt paid a penny towards water bill in last 6 months, & once in the month of Feb my electricity consumption was < 400 units.
I have been actively associated and even now associated with our RWA-Registered (of J Block C R Park). We r living here in our own house since 1974.
I was the joint secretary of this RWA for quite sometime, now i have relinquished it.
Being a registered RWA, we get financial help also from Bhagidari Scheme under The Govt. of NCT of Delhi. We have 2 get our accounts audited and follow all laid down rules for financial help under Bhagidari Scheme.
But yet we have nt yet been able 2 initiate 4 getting approval/sanction for RWH in any of the 4 parks we have in J block C R Park due to some reason or the other.

........The Govt. of NCT of Delhi has accorded great importance to the Bhagidari Scheme which seeks to promote a meaningful partnership between the Govt. agencies and citizens, basically covering the provision of civic services. The successful implementation of this approach requires the ability to understand public needs, a high degree of innovation and willingness to adopt a problem - solving approach. The govt has made Bhagidari the root of all developmental and welfare schemes.

To promote this scheme of Bhagidari in the begining the district level Bhagidari Workshops and the monthly review meeting are regularly organised. In the workshops, the area officers of MCD, Delhi Police, DJB, DDA and Power Co. interacts with RWAs/MTAs/Industrial Associations for three days and try to find out mutually agreed upon solutions to the problems. Till date in the current financial years. One Bhagidari workshop with RWAs of Distt. South was organised from Oct - 24th to 26th at Sri Sathya Sai International Centre, Lodhi Road in which 28 RWA from Distt. South had participated. more  
For asking vote, we go door to door. Making them educated and implementation can be done only on ground level. more  
Dear Mr. Subrata, Thanks for disagreeing completely with my suggestion. Your disagreement said it all. Now consider a scenario where I or RWA walk into some person house and suggest them to put an overflow indicator(as the water daily oveflows for atleast 15 mins from their tank) or pool in some fund for Rain water harvesting, do you think they will agree. Since a highly experienced & learned person isn't open for suggestion even, I am sure majority will not even listen and even if they listen they will not agree. Quotes like : "We pay for what we use, so you shouldn't interfere" will be the answer.

Your point of using cars and related pollution is worth noting. The day we will have Air Conditioned buses with seating capacities running as per schedules, I am sure 5-10% of cars will go off roads. Anyways as part of individual's responsibility we are not just supposed to switch on lights and fans in our house but as part of society, a number of things are expected out of a citizen, and statistics show not even 1% people do that. So laws are made and subsequent actions are taken.

My only point was if DJB/AAP govt. make it a law or mandate to have 100% installation on all metered connections, that will help a bit to save precious water. And since rain water harvesting in some old societies(build by DDA around 70-90's) may have technical issues, we need to rope in experts and the partial cost could be borne by RWA's. more  
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