Death Sentence for Corruption

Please note that CORRUPTION is mainly due to Government Officials - for eg. if all recruits of a batch of IAS, IPS, IRS, PSU officials, followed by all recruits of a batch of Group I, 2, etc employees refuse to be corrupt then no corruption will take place, as a politician perse cannot initiate or implement a purchase/financial/allied order.
The plea that they did it under political pressure is a Lame Excuse, as these people are protected by the Constitution of India; and they either initiate or participate in the corruption for their illegal enrichment.
It is time that Blatant Corruption which is financially above a certain level or one that causes immense damage to an individual or society must be awarded the Death Sentence and implemented immediately before the entire society succumbs to this almost incurable devilish disease.

Isaac D P Lucian more  

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Corruption means corruption, it may be for Rs 100 or Rs.1 crore, it can't be demarcated or differentiated. Its the question of intention and characteristic quality of an individual. Every one engaged in exercising corrupt ways to earn out of way irrespective of the quantum of benefit derived is guilty of immoral act and should be made liable for the extreme punishment provided for in the laws of a country. more  
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Why civil servants alone? Why not the politicians? To reach the level of secretary it will take minimum 20 to 25 years and retirement will be near. If you do not budge to the evil desires of the ministers and politicians you will loose one or two promotions and why one has to take the risk? Can any one say what is the fate of the Dy. secretary whose honest note on rafale deal was ignored? Officers have no choice. Punishment has to be severe for politicians first. But in this country a party lost power because of beforse came to power and ruled for 10 years and another party is in trouble with rafale. It may come to power again and if not after another five or ten years without any punishment. Constitution should be so strong that such parties to be banned and top leaders of that party should be prevented to enter into politics. Can this be done? If not corruption will remain even after making punishment severe. more  
I fully agree, its Beaurocrates and civil servants who are corrupt and for personal gains allowing politicians also to enjoy extra favors to get more, as we know all government purchases, certification and all gets done only with money and this all goes to civil servants mostly, so steps need to taken to get all civil servants declare assets of family every 2-3 years and need to be monitored for the same more  
Only 1500 ITS officers drowned BSNL into huge debt. This is the pity in India. BSNL was the top most leading company in entire Asia who had more infrastructure, bandwidth and longest optical fibre link including submarine ofc cable. The private service providers, TRAI and 1500 ITS officers are responsible to eradicate BSNL. This will be the black day in the history when BSNL will be annihilated from India. more  

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