current political scene in the country

Dear Citizens,

1. The current political scene in the country is perhaps the most alarming and dangerous phase that the country has ever seen post independence . Where are we heading ? A handful number of elected representatives in state assemblies and parliament who are expected to be the leaders of their respective areas ; are they the true leaders or they are the crusaders of selfish and well orchestrated personal and hidden agenda ?

2. I am at pen to you all not in favor or against any political party but to pose certain core issues for us to analyze where we as population of the this country are wrong. We the people are responsible who elect these members knowing fully well that they are incompetent , criminals,uneducated and hungry to enhance their own empire through unlawful means as " lawfully elected candidates"

(a) Education Standard for MLA / MP .Today even to get a Government job of a class 4 grade, a specific education standard is essential but to fight and win an election no educational back ground is essential - why ? The bill will never be passed and there will never be a law to define the education level essential to become an MLA or MP because majority of such elected population is illiterate who will never allow such a Law to come into existence. So what do we do ? Look up to the Election Commission or file a PIL in the Supreme Court and wait till the time the cows come home or we exercise our power to vote and reject such candidates. I also state that we have capable MLA / MP as well but their physical count is inadequate to make a Law to this effect. Can EC not reject the nominations of such candidates - no it can not because such candidates enjoy the right of freedom and right of speech as per the fundamental rights given to them through Constitution of India.

(b) Criminal Record . I reiterate that candidature of any individual applying for even a grade 4 job with a criminal record is rejected in the beginning itself but an MLA /MP can become a minister with a series of criminal offences committed by him - is it not funny that a criminal can rule the civilized people and the people of India continue to accept this poisonous scheme ? Can EC not put its foot down and reject such nominations and give a wide coverage through print and electronic media ? Least we as individual can do is to reject such candidates in the EVM.

(c) Role Of Media . Today the media is perhaps the most potent weapon to bring out the truth and expose the culprits till they are brought to justice. Media does bring an issue to the fore front and draw public attention . May I ask all the media persons if they are really doing their job with a sense of responsibility and professional honesty ? Is media not commercially inclined to make more profit ? Like any other business the justified profit margins are well taken but " edge over others" kind of attitude is counter productive. Media must truthfully raise an ante state activity and take it to its final conclusion to justice. What I am trying to say is "On Camera Trial Through Fast Track Courts" of such politicians who have drained public money to their pockets. It may not be out of place to mention that the famous " Tehlka Episode" of 2001 had exposed a number of politicians and a handful number of Army Officers. Involved Army officers were dismissed and were awarded varying rigorous imprisonment up to 5 years and have come out of the civil prisons after completing their sentence. I wish to ask every one- what has happened to the involved politicians, till date not a single politician has been sent behind the bars -why? Bigger the politician safer the environment for him .

(d) Voting Percentage in an Election . There have been cases in the past where candidates have been declared as winner with as low as 11 percent of votes cast in a constituency. Taking into account that the winner has taken all the votes ( 11 % ) ; this implies that he represents only 11 percent of total population of his constituency as such the elected member is certainly not the true elected leader and his result should be declared null and void. If the definition of democracy is " By the people -For the people - To the people " then any representative getting less than 51 percent votes in his constituency is not a true leader we can only call such leaders as " leaders by default and not by design". A default leader has no virtues and is governed by vices. Can EC do something about it - I am not sure ? At least we as people can come forward in strength and elect a right candidate.

(e) Inner Strength of India . We as Indians have tremendous inner strength, we have geographic and strategic depth, we have resources , we have human population,we have intelligence, we have time tested culture and traditions. If we did not have all these ,perhaps our country would have fragmented like Russia long ago. We have all the religions that the whole world put together has, we have the maximum number of languages , we are highly diversified yet we are united. The external evil intentions in Punjab , J&K, North east States were defeated conclusively and now the Red Naxal Corridor has gained prominence which will also be defeated. Creation of a problem is en extension of democracy , if any country does not show an issue as a serious threat to the World ; that country will never be in the world focus and would be an insignificant state for the world leaders. Are we not supposed to consolidate this inner strength for future generations? Do we leave this strength in the hands of some self centered and criminal minds and allow us to disintegrate like many other divided countries ? What can we do - either keep cursing the system or follow a corrupt system or discuss the evils in a panel discussion in media to gain lime light or stand upright and take a step forward to change this termite eaten system itself ? Hold the bull by the horn is the answer- to my mind.Let corrupt politicians not ruin us to a stage where we can not rise up again. It is you and me whose coming generations will suffer and not those of politicians whose coming seven generations can sail through the challenges that lie ahead.

(f) Definition of a Country . Let me ask what is the definition of a country ? A demarcated piece of land with a population staying in it with the available resources. There are three basic constituents of a country - a boundary , population and resources. As far as boundary is concerned the politicians can do very little except create more states out of an existing state , Telanghana being the latest creation of these politicians. The importance lies in the international boundary of a country which is vulnerable to the outside world.The vulnerability increases if a country has some natural resource in abundance like oil , radio active element or rare metal like gold/silver. In next 50 years the most sought after item will be "water" which we have in abundance as on date. The politician clan has no respect for the borders of the country - they focus more on resources and target the population to exploit these to their advantage. I wish to know how many elected MLA and MP of India have their wards working in the security forces ? How many MLA and MP have lost their loved ones in combat against enemy or against ante-social elements ? How many politicians are even planning to send their children in to Armed Forces? The "insignificant figure" to these questions of mine substantiate that the politicians have no love lost for the geographical integrity of the country except Mr. Modi saying " Ye Dil Mange More" and insult Late Major Vikram Batra, Param Vir Chakra. Now coming to the resource part of it which is of great concern to the politicians and to exploit these they target the population through all means to get in to the power and then start systematic removal of wood from the tree and pass on the " wood" to the banks out side the jurisdiction of Indian Republic. We all know this and nothing new is being penned down by me - we as people need to be more careful and select those who are honest ,professionals and possess dignity of labor.

3. Are we not observing various political leaders gunning their opponents by exploiting the people's sentiments based on cast , religion, area,poverty,discrimination and instigating them against each other? Can such politicians be trusted and given the reigns to run the country ? To my mind -No. When one raises a finger against the other ,he forgets that the three fingers point towards him.Why professional of repute in respective fields can not be nominated as members of Rajya Sabha and made ministers for various portfolios especially in a state of hung parliament / coalition government. We would like to be ruled by those who know their job rather than those who do not.

4. My considered opinion is that the present state of candidates or leadership be it in UPA or NDA are one and the same. The thrust is not to upgrade the country but it is the lust for the power on the pretext of the country.

5. We have been ruled by UPA and NDA both and both fragments make tall claims of their respective achievements. BJP and Congress ruled states are testimony to these tall claims or otherwise. Should we not give a chance to some new faces whose ideas are noble and are focused against corruption ? We all are resistant to changes , we are part of the corrupt system and have been influenced in varying degree by this system. If Aam Adami Party claims that they can bring a stop to corruption , I feel they deserve a chance to prove themselves. If they fail , we will again come to the folds of UPA/NDA unless some kind of a mass movement takes place wherein the public dictates the terms to give a clean and transparent governance.

6. We the people must understand the " Error of Judgment is acceptable but the Error of Intent is unacceptable ". Let us select the right ones to rule us. Let us sit on the chariot being pulled by stallions and not the mules.

with best wishes and greetings ,
Brigadier Pradeep Yadu more  

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Pradeep sir ji, you are absolutely correct. You have written best things
which proves your excellence and experience. Sir ji it will take some more
time to wake up the people of India where corruption has spread from head
to foot. We have to wake up people especially who belong to rural area
and of weaker section.
This is like a revolution of 1857 which was ignited by Shri Mangal Pandey
by refusing to use the ammunition made with skin of cows. In the similar
way the new revolution has already been ignited by Shri Anna Hazare ji and
Mr Arvind Kejriwal ji. Now people has inspired and started to standing
against the unjust. Now people are coming in streets against the unjust.
To change the corruption friendly system we have to sacrifice our rest and
to donate for the nation to educate others to vote and support a political
party which not only talks but also acts on eradication of corruption and
change the system so that illiterate can not rule over literate, honest can
not become spade goat by dishonest politicians, leaders by default will not
rule the leaders by design and sacrifice of our brave soldiers is not to be
insulted by saying Dil mange more and so on as your expressed above.

On Thu, May 1, 2014 at 6:54 AM, Brigadier Pradeep Yadu <> wrote:

> more  
There is only one resolution to all this, its AAP. more  
Your thought process is what AAP needs the most. There is a requirement of giving them wide publicity. I have already posted a copy of it on face book. For the oncoming polls leaflets in bulk in Hindi need to be disseminated .

Warm regards! more  
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