Corruption in Town and Country Planning - Solutions

Below are the key root causes as identified by you in State Town and Country Planning Departments. Kindly review and give your specific solution inputs that will help address corruption in this department.

Transparency International India

Corruption Root Causes in State Town & Country Planning Depts

1. The department employees take bribes to make money on the side
2. It becomes easy to get clearances if you are ready to pay bribes
3. The clearances stay stuck in files if one is opposed to paying bribes
4. The officers have a lot of authority with which they harass people and force them to pay bribes
5. Department employees accept bribes under their relatives names so that they don’t get into scrutiny
6. Builders have a nexus with the department officials
7. The rules and regulations of the department are hard to interpret for the common man
8. Information is not given out voluntarily
9. Every work needs a lot of human interaction
10. The department is still not completely computerized
11. There is no time frame defined to complete any work.

Corruption Issues in State Town and Country Planning Depts

1. Bribes are given to get clearances for starting building projects
2. Babus accept bribes for providing fire and safety clearances for new buildings without even doing actual checks
3. Your files do not move till the time you pay a ‘file moving’ fee mostly collected by the peons
4. One would be asked to make repeated visits to the department office till they are ready to pay bribes
5. The department officials are offered bribes in the shape of money or flat in the name of relatives to get their irregularities approved
6. For individuals the sanction of plan takes months together, but for most builders the plans get approved immediately as they pay bribes
7. The department initially neglects the irregularities but after some underhand transactions it later regularizes them
8. Even a simple Rs. 5 form is sold at Rs. 500 saying that it is in shortage
9. They provide fitness certificate for dilapidated buildings after accepting bribes
10. Public lives are put under risk due to bribery and corrupt officers in this department more  

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How can you stop corruption when the giver and receiver are present the society. Even the poor pay bribes to get their jobs done. So only demonetization can stop this sort of bribe giving and bribe taking. The poor pay bribes of over Rs 8,000 million to access public services. more  
There should be time bound completion of files applied for else penalty and number of delayed salary should be cut-NO WORK NO PAY. more  
Corruption is omnipresent.The person paying bribe should desist from paying and make complaints to the Anti Corruption Department . more  
Peon to Officer are mostly filthy rich whereas salaries are just sufficient to run life in a simple manner. Where is Income Tax Deptt?? What about proactive assessment of income and assets. People earning many times more than these classified people are no where close. more  
all the municipalities should upload the forms in their portal about property tax etc. the form should be filled and submitted in the portal noly. there should be payment gateway to pay. In Avadi municipality it is not there. property tax in the same floor is diferent for the individuals....there is no parity. We are at the marcy of Shri Giri of Avadi Municipality. more  
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