Corruption in Telecom Industry

Today, we would like to seek your inputs on the various types of bribery/unethical issues prevalent in the telecom industry (both broadband/land line and mobile).

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We look forward to working together in making telecom industry more transparent. more  

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Unauthorized Telephone tapping is major issue, currently being discussed across the nation. We saw the famous 3G scam. more  
Telecom industry is not coming under Consumer Protection act. This is the reason, why telecom companies like Vodafone, Airtel operate with their own norms.

1) About 2 years ago I had very-very bad and ruthless experience from M/s. Airtel. The issue was of overwriting on cheque. Actually it was tampered and sent me after 2 months in spite of several calls, letters written to their Chairman and Ex-Telecom minister MR. Kapil Sibbal too. No action or no reply given to us, but we were looted by them. Not only that in that 2-months they literally torchered my wife, almost daily, even when I was hospitalised during the time. So you can imagine the guts MR. Mittal is having. He also did not bother to reply of interrogate the facts.
This treatment is known as Marwadi-Pathan treatment all around the world.

2) Election commission : For more than 5 years I was following for Voters ID with local EC office but no one was bothering to attend us including Collector. One lady was helpful, but she was also helpless. After that I started writing mails to EC portal sites and helpline etc. including EC Commissioner for about 2 years. As usual no reply till date. Why? because they are so confident that, who will question them? Even if they are questioned, their job is secured. This security of job allow them to play another games and motivate them for corruption.

Finally I had special follow up with EC local office and obtained our EC ID card.

Most of the Government offices gives their helpline and communication at required level through their Websites. But the fact is non of the helpline is attended by them. more  
Personally I have migrated from IDEA to BSNL few years back (which happened when I realised that one person got my address details through his friend which was one of the managers of IDEA. Unfortunately I couldn't complain for that, as I didn't had any evidence for that, even though I clearly understood it was through the manager of Idea that this guy got my personal details) and I am living in the heart of the city Trivandrum. Initially all was working well with BSNL and I was a really happy customer. Then the trouble started like "No Range", "Constantly breaking calls", "People getting engaged tune when it shows in range", "irregular / inefficient 3G connectivity" and all such crap. It was even worse when I contacted "Customer Support" who never bothered to even listen properly or give a solution (even reaching the customer support was a great hurdle). At that time I read in a local newspaper that BSNL Managers and employees are receiving gifts from Private telecoms and they are not Replacing "Batteries" in the Signal Towers, thereby getting their customers to port to private providers. Honestly I hung up with BSNL even after that as I wanted to use the government service rather than private services to ensure the safety of my privacy, but unfortunately it ended up to a situation where it started affecting my business, forcing me to port out of BSNL to a different provider, and am happy with them as even the rates were cheaper that the public provider BSNL with better 3G connectivity. more  
I have taken broadband connection with phone.But regularly this became out of order but after a complain they are repairing this within 24 hours.I feel no corruption in this regard. more  
Personal experience regarding corruption in Telecom is really worth mentioning, I had a land connection at my residence somewhere in 2004. Every third day, phone was not working. After lodging the complaint, everytime the lineman used to come and connect the wire on the pole and come back personally to convey that the defect has been rectified. Unless Bakhshis was paid, he will keep on telling that Sir, your phone is working. But it became a continuous process of 10 days cycle. When I stopped paying, after that phone did not work irrespective of the level of authority to whom the complaint was lodged (upto MD/BSNL). and per force, I had to opt for surrendering the connection. Till date my security and the unused advance payment has not been refunded by BSNL till date. I do not have the proof, but heard that the BSNL employees of every level were paid by the Private Telecom Companies to keep the BSNL system down to increase their customer base. We are seeing the customer base of Private Service Providers at the cost of BSNL in spite of having the best infrastructure and support from the Government. more  
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