Corruption in State Education Depts

Below are the key issues, root causes and solutions related to corruption in state education departments. Kindly review and share any additional inputs, esp on solutions that you may have to address this corruption.

We will soon be compiling this whitepaper and will share with key stakeholders for action.

Transparency International India

Corruption in State Education Depts - Key Solutions

1. The state education department officers should be made accountable for their decisions
2. Strict disciplinary action should be taken against the corrupt officers
3. Every state education department should be asked to present a detailed report of its earnings and expenditure every year
4. On-paper schemes which do not get implemented within 2 years should be scrapped so that their name cannot be used to embezzle money
5. Grants must be given on a very selective basis
6. Purposes making an educational institution eligible for government grants must be well defined and should be strictly adhered to
7. Politics and politicians should be kept completely away from any grant related issues & matters
8. Ensure 100% proper utilization of the funds so disbursed by keeping the activities of the grant receiving institutions under close surveillance of a separate independent committee/body
9. Annual audit of all such institutions by a CAG-like independent body/institution must be made compulsory
10. Diversion of funds from one head to another should be treated as a violation of terms
11. Any grant receiving institution found guilty of misappropriation of such funds must be black listed and recovery proceedings for the entire amount should be initiated
12. If an educational institute is found to have misused grant/aid fund, they must be blacklisted and should never be able to get grants again.

Corruption in State Education Depts - Key Root Causes

1. Officers use their authority and powers to siphon a part of the grant money
2. The general perception is that a Government job is supposed to be a seat to make black money
3. Set percentage commission is set for people who are responsible for allotting aid money
4. It is easier for educational trusts to receive money/grants from the Government
5. Lack of a department to check if the allotted money is being used in the right direction
6. Once the grants are provided, there is no defined process where the receivers transparently report how the grant is being spent
7. There is a lack of dedication from the teaching community
8. Many people bribe their way into the state education department and want to make the money back once they are appointed
9. There is a lot of ignorance from the authority.

Corruption in State Education Depts - Key Issues

1. A part of the Government funds never reach the education system and are lost to corruption
2. Officers responsible for releasing these funds are themselves a part of the corrupt chain
3. Once the Government education system receives the funds, majority of it is not utilized in the right place
4. Aid funds are misused
5. Educational institutions show higher expenses that what they actually incur and the management pockets the balance
6. Some people start educational trusts just so that they could get funds from the Government/NGOs
7. It is easy for people with political connections to get access to such funding
8. Some schools have no/very less number of children studying but they still get funding from the Government agencies
9. Low quality mid-day meal is provided to the children but the money charged is very high
10. Some Government teachers have other businesses, professions they are engaged in on the side. more  

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Donations are still being sought secretly by private schools. Couples are made to deposit their mobiles in receptions so that they can't shoot bribery videos. Government should reconsider free lands / subsidized lands to private schools. Schools have become business rather than place of education. Even for government employees, it is tough to get admission in kendriya vidyalayas sometimes. more  
Sorry, but this list appears to be a litany of grouses by disgruntled folks who enjoy morally policing others, rather than real issues that hinder quality education of our children. If we put numbers and compare those with any of the countries that we consider as ideal, we would realize that quickly. Would education improve by leaps and bounds were these issues to disappear magically?? I think not. And hence, I suggest we focus on top 2-3 issues and keep them objective, or we risk running off track, as we appear to have done here. more  
Hello Everybody ! fight against corruption by implementing new laws will increase more avenues for corrupt to operate in more refined manner. the whole system itself is corrupt, those responsible for operating the system has to come as corrupt free. we are responsible for this situation. if only we can bring awareness in the mind of nxt generation at early stage of education then we stand to get corrupt free society 25 year later. that too its only illusion. more  
Hi, It is very important issue. Below is the right solution for corruption. Govt has to follow these three steps. I request all members to pressurize Govt to adopt below three steps. 1 withdrawal of currency notes from 500/- and above. 2 All transactions through bank for above 25000/- per month 3 Withdraw all kind of taxes only transaction charges at Rs 1/- per 100, i.e 1%. more  
TERMINATION - instead of strict disciplinary action - Then worth abt. discussing corruption - Disciplinary Action, Suspension & etc wasting tax money by paying part of salary. more  
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