Corruption in Municipalities - Inputs Needed

With this post we would like to seek your input on every possible way through which corruption happens in municipalities.

Share what you have observed or learned based on your experience. You are welcome to submit an anonymous post as well in case you are reporting a sensitive issue.

We want to understand this as best as we can and then closely work with the Central Government on introduce systemic solutions that will bring transparency in the working of municipalities of India.

We look forward to your inputs!

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The most common areaa of corruptions are water supply and property assessment .
To get a new water connection first a sizable amount is collected either directly by the councilor or his deputy-plumber.No receipts are given .One is asked to collect the Book or receipt later from the office directly.Normally the official RECEIPT IS FOR A VERY SMALL AMOUNT.Then starts the monthly unofficial collections by the water man .He controls the flow depending upon the collections. Even the supervisory officials have no control over him. Next the Tax assessment for the newly built houses/buildings. The fact that two Deputy Municipal commissioners were caught redhanded while accepting bribe through middlemen, by DVAC ,TN POLICE at Coimbatore only show that the officials collect bribes shamlessly all the time and there is no departmental control over their activities .Corruption is everywhere like garbage in all activities of local administrations. more  
Unless works related to any government department , all submissions to be made on line. First stage of corruption is from submission of forms or documents. All queries to be made on line. Incase of any explanation or clarification required by government department, it should be made on line. I live in TMC ( Thane ) corporation limit. Every year the society where I live is submerged by flood water during monsoon. Since road development t
25 fives ago, members of our society appealed to the Commissioner and town planning department to lower the road, else, the society would be flooded, but, as the society did not listen to the motivation attitude of the officials, made the society to suffer. If the structure weakens due to flooding, the TMC, corporation will be held responsible. All corporators could only make tall promises during election and there after, they are not concerned about the promises made by them. more  
Corruption is integral to certain keyfunctions; these are managed usually by bureaucrats in their early career phase some of whom depend upon lower functionaries for ensuring delivery of services and often lend impunity to corrupt and administrative manipulative cronies in the system. The malaise is so rampart and all pervading that grievances system fail to make an impact on these hard core defiant functionaries. I have seen central/state PG and PG Commission merely forward complaints to SDMC(DELHI) , perhaps knowing well that either there would be no response or at best, vague response asserting an defiant and dilatory response, complicating simple issues by dishonouring their own rules and regulations, decisions and orders with impunity. more  
Tacking Birth/Death certificate required time, if you pay money get it instantly. more  
BMC is one of the most corrupt in the world. Beyond any reforms or repairs. It has shamelessly looted tax payers' money for decades. more  
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