Corruption in Mumbai


The whole AAP movement did not go anywhere in terms of action on ground to reduce bribery. Now that we have new CM Devendra Fadnavis, can we list the top areas where we all struggle in terms of bribery. May be following a similar pattern as the Transform Maharashtra circle, we can have a corruption focused submission to CM.

What do you all say. Pls share corruption issues.

My top most - Driving License, Property Registration, Supply in big business and Govt. more  

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Very True to get N.O.C and O.C we have to grease palm, Even RTI we are not getting prompt reply. In fact they are just mailing unable to find u r papers matter sent to higher up that is the mail we receive. more  
Keep sharing guys. Great insights. more  
I have two suggestions in this:
1. what is corruption? the definition according to me, is different then what people perceived.
If I have some billing issue or form filling issue and if the person in the dept who is very poorly salarised is asking for 100/200 for the help, I don't think i have bribed anyone. But if I am a supplier to the dept and instead of getting my tender passed at 10k, I got the same at 15k, with sharing of extra money, then it is corruption. And I am totally against this.
2. Having said above, the corruption needs to be kicked out from the system, we need totally electronic way of auction of contracts and the name of office bearer or the tender scrutiny team should remain secret. No supplier should have visits to any officers in office or outside and any such meeting should be in a chamber which has CC camera and recordings. Any formal meet, came in lights, the officer automatically becomes corrupt and needs to punished. Meeeting suppliers is strict NO-NO. In a second scenario, Railway tickets, Agents meeting officers should be banned. In all Any officer found flaunting the model code of conduct needs to be criminally prosecuted. Once the govt mechanisam/ politicians improve in their doing, General public will follow for sure.

Hence I suggest the politicians and law makers needs to be first set of citizens who needs to take oath and implement systems which is not having much scope for corruption. more  
Each & every step there is corruption in Mumbai ,in fact every where.Most area are:
1) Obtaining any NOC,u will not get without paying. Recently NOC from Fire Service for installation and commissioning for MGL pipe line, Fire officer demanded one lack rupees in Chunabhatti area.
2)Obtaining driving license, registration of vehicle, obtaining PUC every where under hand dealing .This is the reason that DALAL culture is blooming. I had a talk with number of auto drivers plying new auto on road and narration is eye opener. It is informed that person plying auto do not have permit in his name.He has taken permit in one lack rupees for three years . It has been arranged by some RTO officials.How can permit is issued to person who is not plying the auto and renting it without any formal dealing. He is not showing his income in Income Tax account.
Person who is driving the AUTO must have permit in his name and suitable amendment in rules are required.
granting of permit is FIXED despite the computer allotment.
3) Another area in encroachment of Footpaths /roads by hawkers. Huge under hand dealing takes place by Poplice & corporation deptt.
4) U can not lodge the FIR in police in any police station today.They take missing/loss complaint and nothing happens afterwards.
5) Food inspection, drug authority such as number of issues where corruption taking place more  
Most of us are talking about small level corruption like in driving license, house registration etc. But main stalwart are located in Mumbai against whom no one takes action. I had put this point many times in various forum.
1) India is procuring thousands of crores of machinery supplied in most of the ordnance factories, public sectors undertaking and many other Govt. companies. These machines being of special features and very large size we only need to import. Most of the agency companies are Mumbai based who receive handsome commission around 10% and inlight of various complex procedures and excess delay most of the foreign manufacturers sell not less than 50% profit. This means if we make purchases of Rs. 5000 CR the actual cost should be not more than Rs. 3000 CR including reasonable commission to agents. Rest of the money goes out of tax payers collection. Govt. state+ Centre + RBI can easily get such details and form some policy to avoid or at least minimize the same.
2) Most of the money paid in cash to most of the builders id required to settle with various officials in Govt and BMC. Some strategy needs to be worked out for that.
3) Tanker lobby who supply water to various suburbs collection is not transparent.
4) Toll collection which is 100% collection of cash do not reflect in road maintenance.
5) Various tenders floated by Govt and BMC for roads speak for themselves considering the road conditions of roads.

If above 5 areas are controlled on top priority will give good relief to people. more  
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