Corruption in Medical/Engg Education: Addl Inputs

Below are the key issues, root causes and solutions as identified by you in regards to Corruption in Medical/Engineering education in India. Kindly review and if you have additional specific inputs in any area, please share.

We will soon compile this and share with key stakeholders so actions can be taken on this front.

Transparency International India

Corruption in Medical/Engg Education: Solutions

1. Strict laws should be framed against demanding donations
2. Medical/engineering colleges found guilty of taking donations should have their Government affiliations cancelled
3. The numbers and process of seat allotment should be made transparent and available on the internet or via a centralized system
4. Special action should be taken to catch the agents who facilitate admissions through donations, especially during the admission season
5. Coaching institutes should be audited and the ones found to be misinforming people about their records should be penalized heavily
6. Clear guidelines of fees refund should be established in the admission forms and colleges should be forced to abide by them
7. Students should be counselled by the school about various professions they can choose to study, in addition to medical and engineering
8. Government should open more medical and engineering colleges in the country
9. Parents should be educated in counselling sessions about not paying donations, which is as bad as bribing
10. A detailed verification process should be followed by the Government department while offering licenses for opening a private medical/engineering college to make sure that they are capable of offering quality education
11. The management quota should be totally scrapped
12. Colleges should be asked to stop their individual entrance exams and pick the students only via All India entrance test or State Government entrance tests
13. Corporates must ensure through ethics declarations that their staff responsible for college recruiting is not involved in bribes from promoters of colleges.

Corruption in Medical and Engg Education – Root Causes

1. Medical and engineering are considered to be very respectable professions in India
2. There is a very large number of students who want to pursue medical or engineering as a career every year
3. There are only limited number of seats in medical and engineering colleges in each session
4. Parents don’t mind paying the extra money if their kids get admission in a good college
5. Managements know that their seats are in high demand due to which they start selling them at a huge premium
6. Lack of strict laws which prevent donation for admissions
7. These institutions have been getting away with corrupt practices for years as there is no one to question them
8. Politicians who run these institutions use their clout to indulge in corrupt practices
9. Not too many verifications/licences needed from the Government to open a medical/engineering college
10. There is corruption in the high positions in even bodies like MCI
11. Presence of ‘management quota’ acts as fuel to corruption.

Corruption in Medical/Engg Education - Key Issues

1. Donations as high as Rs. 1 Crore for a Radiology seat and Rs. 35 Lakhs for a Dental seat are demanded
2. Even merit seats and reserved seats are converted to Management Quota seats
3. Agents can easily be found loitering nearing the various medical and Dental colleges
4. Coaching institutes flourish by showing a fake past record of getting students admitted in AIIMS and other known medical colleges
5. Students from the richer Middle-East nations happily pay the donations to get admission, corrupting the entire system
6. Many engineering and medical colleges are run by politicians and businessmen for pure profits
7. The whole structure of "reservations" allows the corrupts to take advantage for individual benefits
8. Private educational institutes are charging fees in advance for the whole year and when then admission is cancelled they do not refund
9. There are organized syndicates which accept money to give the entrance exam on your behalf, ex VYAPAM scam
10. These admission syndicates engage in grave crimes to cover up their corrupt acts. more  

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Corruption in Medical/Engg Education has now become common. Let there be regulations to control the same. more  
Do agree with Mr. Muthu Kumar more  
I agree with Mr. Muthu Kumar, because most of these Colleges / instistitutes are owned by politicians partnership / busuness men or persons who have political or buerocrates influance. Such institutes are purely run to make money having a reputed busuness in society. A Teacher (Guru) and A Doctor (Agent of God) are given respect in our Country. Whatever they Teach or Prescribe, is trusted by people and hardly any voice raised for wrong doings. We have to create alternate and open maximum Govt. Colleges or institutes and to scrurinize system of Private ones. more  
1. Revamp MCI to make it a more professional transparent organisation 2. Ruthlessly curb practice of ghost faculty. 3. Abolish the practice of auction of grad and pg seats. In private colleges abolish management quota. Medical education should not be a money earning racket where black money is invested by politicians Reservation should be only for SC/ ST as provided in Constitution more  
In India in general, from my knowledge goes, there is no pvt medical or pvt enggering college is taking students without donation,especially in south India,100% it is true-why no body is taking action against this, nobody knows. Concern State govt is fixing some fees for those colleges, even then also parents has to pay extra in other name,not only engg,or medical colleges, even in pvt inter colleges-especially in A.P and Telgugana - especially Hyderabad openly they are taking money from the students-everybody knows.what the action will be taken.Kindly ask issues which is genuine in nature, the general public which is genuine.because we are getting hurt, when we are seeing this kind of question been asked and we know that no action will be taken because there will be some ones hand will be there to stop this in India.How many pvt colleges are there without registeration in India, what is the status of that, can anybody tells, what kind of action will be taken for this,recently in tamilnadu, in villupuram dist, 3 girls committeed suicide, news are telling that it is due to non registeration of the college, every political parties state and central govt political parties were know the issue.just imagine sir, in free India after 67 yr of freedom our own Indian girl is committing suicide, because of non registeration of college, who is responsible,those 3 girls died more than so many days/month back,but what is the action been taken till today,one side for girl child advt is coming,another side rape is coming in the news,one side those rape people are getting jail,immediately some days/month they are getting released,how many harrassment/ bangalore daily in news it is coming- is going on against women or girls, who is responsible.what is the students of those people and their parents-poor parents-who is taking loan,saleing their land/gold etc and making their children-any parties political leader knows anywhere from India.sir, we are all educated,but we are very very helpness in India.If possible, there are so many issues are there, which is going openly in India.please stop those things.Kindly tell who has given the land to construct the house in chennai which lead to so much loss.still we are believe that we get justice because we are Indian, one or the other day some people like oldern days who are lived for the people,to the people, and by the people.. more  
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