Corruption in Medical/Engg admissions and education - Key Issues

Some time back we discussed issues of corruption in Medical/Engineering admissions and education and below are some of the issues you had listed.

Kindly review and share more details about the same or any other malpractices in medical/engineering admissions and educations. We look forward to your inputs and will take this up so such corruption can be reduced via effective policy and enforcement.

Corruption in Medical/Engg admissions and education - Key Issues

1.Donations as high as Rs. 1 Crore for a Radiology seat and Rs. 35 Lakhs for a Dental seat are demanded
2.Even merit seats and reserved seats are converted to Management Quota seats
3.Agents can easily be found loitering nearing the various medical and Dental colleges
4.Coaching institutes flourish by showing a fake past record of getting students admitted in AIIMS and other known medical colleges
5.Students from the richer Middle-East nations happily pay the donations to get admission, corrupting the entire system
6.Many engineering and medical colleges are run by politicians and businessmen for pure profits
7.The whole structure of "reservations" allows the corrupts to take advantage for individual benefits
8.Private educational institutes are charging fees in advance for the whole year and when then admission is cancelled they do not refund
9.There are organized syndicates which accept money to give the entrance exam on your behalf, ex VYAPAM scam
10. These admission syndicates engage in grave crimes to cover up their corrupt acts. more  

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Very well and correctly exposed.But who is interested in taking strict action. more  
Yes, the points are very correct. The matter should be taken up with the appropriate authority. more  
Due to commercialisztion of education, every degree is up for sale in India. Any body can buy
any degree depending upon his/her paying capacity. Due to reservation/quota/paid seat
schemes, the quality of education and Govt. employees has gone down considerably
during the last 50 years. Every Govt. institution is filled with upto 70% dry wood due
to quota/nominations/corruption. It has affected the delivery of service very badly. The
Govt. must respect the merit and do away with all reservations and commercialization
of education. more  
Here are my suggestions especially with regards to medical stream:-
1. There are many who believe that doctors should be grateful because they get free education from the government. This might be true 25 years ago, not anymore. The government should realise that it is the talent and intelligent human resources available in India that enables so many doctors graduating and supplying to even the most developed nations. No amount of action by governments can spontaneously generate it. Hence, politicians & government should stop behaving that they are responsible for the talent. In fact, they are demeaning talent in the following ways:-
A) Reservations in medical college admissions
B) Permitting politicians and religious institutes to run medical colleges under the garb of education and charitable institutions so that they can launder their black money
C) At the same time, politicians, religious organisations & businessmen use these colleges to extract maximum profits in the form of donations [Apollo Hospitals released a newspaper ad selling the seats for the Hyderabad medical college in the first year itself] from students and from patients.
D] The Medical Council of India's corruption being proven, the government has set up several Board of Governors, who ended up being even worse than the MCI. Under them, Inspectors have done their jobs and given their recommendations. But, BOG under people like Justice Lodha overturned those recommendations and permitted colleges to run. After a few years, the colleges lose their recognition completely [Example, Fathima Medical College, Cudappah, A.P]. And, BOG is not being held accountable.
E] The respect given to doctors in this country is appalling. There is no dearth of people [with or without education] who can shoot off their mouth and beat up doctors. In addition, are the licensed quacks in certain states followed by AYUSH branches [most do not even hold valid educational & training degrees such as Patanjali's BABA RAMDEV & his sidekick.] There are many more people rising up every few years with their own theories on health without having any qualifications in the health sciences field.[A very good example is Veeramachineni advocating Keto diet -several youtube videos available & several patients have already died in the state of Andhra Pradesh.]
F] Even the existing laws are not implemented. For example, when Ketan Desai was being investigated his deputy, Dr, Keshavankutty was running MCI. And at the same time, that very person was on the board of directors of Sree Ramachandra Medical College, Porur. Everyone knows that it is benaami of Jayalalitha and every single seat in this medical college has been openly auctioned since decades. Just money is not enough. You have to have political recommendations. Entrance exam is a farce that they conduct every year. They do not even intimate the candidates about their scores. This all happens on record. Isn't it a conflict of interest for an MCI director to be on a medical college board?
G] Under existing laws, any person assaulting another or damaging another's property is booked but why does this not apply to doctors? We do not need special laws for doctors. Even Modi's RSS members have vandalised hospitals in these past 5 years. His minister, Ananth Kumar Hegde, assaulted 3 doctors while he was an MP. Modi himself & his cabinet minister of AYUSH ministry, Shripad Naik have called modern medicine doctors theives in public on television.
H] Most government medical colleges are bereft of services because the government does not want to spend money on them and the professors etc actually do not attend their opds even in reputed government medical colleges. They do not teach. They are either in private medical practise or they draw salary from government while carrying out non-medical private businesses. In many cases, they run companies providing medicines, medical devices etc which are again contracted to provide for the same medical college.
I] When the experience and professionalism of senior consultants in a government medical college is lacking and only the students are expected to manage the patients, then isn't it inevitable that patient believe they are being neglected, then get angry and turn on the doctors in violent incidents. At the time, who is available to hit out but the students themselves. Do you think medical students who see all this come out into the real world with altruistic purposes after being cheated, beaten, abused, neglected, treated like servants for years together?
J] For the lay public, please do not use the term "noble profession" for doctors when in actual reality, you have more belief in everything anybody else says rather than doctors themselves.
K] The media should not be allowed to report on medical research or medical incidents because, as far as I am aware, none of them hire qualified professionals to write on these matters. Even a 10th fail like Aamir Khan, can run a show like Satyameva Jayate with research done by non-medical personnel. And for your kind information, a person who has done MBBS followed by IAS, has probably never treated patients independently and hence, even though he maybe called a doctor, he is definitely not a clinician. more  
The callous treatment of professors, students and the other paramedical staff in private medical colleges can be gauged by studying the Ratio of commodes/urinals vs the number of people expected to use them. It is painful to mention here that in my personal experience as an assistant, associate professor and later as a professor and head of the dept of psychiatry in two medical colleges, I found young lady assistant professors searching for toilets to relieve their urgency. Yes, it is shameful to say that the managements of private medical colleges treat the teachers in a most disrespectful manner. There are no washroom facilities, for individual departments, nor even for the heads of departments. There are no toilets for medical and nursing students. There are no urinals or commodes for the paramedical staff. Students, teachers (including heads of departments), nurses, nursing students, para medical and technical staff, administrative staff and the security guards... nobody is provided with washroom facilities; they all make do with the most unhygienic, badly maintained, stinking toilets of the patients in the wards. I am placing this on record with full responsibility. I am a witness to the happenings in two medical colleges, both covertly owned, one by a present State minister, and the other by a Rajya Sabha member and ex Minister at the Centre.
Those who raise their voice against this gross violation of human rights are victimized. At an opportune time they are dismissed without reason, without notice and without giving them their arrears, nor any employment benefits. Doctors do not have time to fight against these white collar criminals made powerful by political parties with tickets and ministerial berths. more  
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