Corruption in India

Very recently I met with some of my family members who are into small business in India. It was quite sad to hear that they faced a lot of demands when it comes to bribes and in most case, most business men end up giving these bribes to just get away and get their work done.

I am convinced that for India to change, we the current and future generations will have to stand up, stand in lines, accept delays, fight them everytime if they are for bribes. Electronic interface will help but unless and until we stand up and say "I will not pay a bribe and still get my work done" this country will not change.

Would like to hear everyone's thoughts.... more  

Mr. Sandesh, you are very right. In the policeman example, the common man is kind of stuck but he must ask the policeman for his full details. Name, Govt ID and should be bold and vocal about the fact that what's being done is not right. Sometimes that makes them nervous. On the other hand, if you know you are at fault, you have to decide. Do you pay the official fine whatever it is or do you go with the 100 rupees bribing option. If we have made the mistake and want to take shortcut than the policeman is just partner in crime. more  
i think we are being unfair to ourselves and our fellow indians. i think the main problem is that discretionary power is misused in most government offices, and systems are kept intentionally vague and inaccessible without any real accountability.

e.g. if you don't pay a bribe to registrar, your file may inexplicably go "missing", how do you possibly handle that scenario despite your best intentions? a traffic cop may insist that he will challan you for 2000 Rs by charging "dangerous driving" when the fine should be 100 Rs for jumping yellow light, what is the right thing to do there? and this audacity comes straight from the political shelter granted by corrupt politicians who eventually get a cut from all the "proceeds" by way to auctioning plum posts.

if we really need to root out corruption, we have to start both from top and bottom, the top being more important IMHO. if people see corrupt politicians at the top getting away with it and becoming more powerful, that is what sets the moral standards of the nation.

i am confident that as soon as public sees corrupt getting punished swiftly and severely, our systems will start to clean up. we must support every initiative to root out poilitical corruption, while doing all we can in our own little ways. more  
What you say is correct but as Sudesh says how many of us are prepared to do this. more  
I don't think most Indians care about fighting corruption. They just want fast results. more  
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