Corruption in Govt Postings/Transfers: Addl Inputs Sought

Below are the key issues, root causes and solutions identified by you in regards to corruption in Govt postings and transfers. We have observed some comments lately that indicate that this industry continues to operate so we seek your inputs once again pn what you have observed in recent months.

Transparency International India

Corruption in Govt Postings/Transfers - Key Solutions

1. More transparency should be brought in the posting and transfer process by minimizing discretion
2. Transfers and postings should be more based on performance than the number of years worked in the organization
3. A proper system should be designed which should be followed while ordering a transfer of posting
4. Identity of the employees reporting corruption should be kept confidential
5. A thorough medical check should be done on every medical certificate
6. Elevation of a government staff should be only through periodical test conducted by appointed professional agencies
7. In case a staff or an officer not performing as per requirement he may be posted to any lower rank and/or deducting some of the payments and incentives
8. Honest, efficient and proactive employee should be given choice postings especially at sensitive places for fixed tenure
9. Transfer on administrative ground should be reviewed by an officer at least two steps above the controlling officer and after hearing in person by the employee and his boss
10. When an employee is posted in a particular place, he should not be transferred till a minimum period is completed, like 2-5 years. This will prevent transfers due to political pressures or bribery to some extent.

Corruption in Govt postings and transfers – Root Causes

1. Officers who have the power of postings and transfers in their hand, misuse their authority
2. People don’t mind paying bribes for promotions/transfers as they know that they will make enough by taking bribes once they get the seat
3. Honest employees are scared of raising their voices against seniors
4. Businesses pay up to keep the officers faithful to them in their position so that the work/permissions of the businesses are not hampered
5. Some employees don’t want to transfer just for the sake of their family
6. Getting a fake medical certificate is very easy in India
7. Influential middle men make posting/transfer their business so that they could earn a good commission
8. Bad postings are sometimes used as a punishment
9. The process of transfers and postings is very opaque
10. Posting of officers/inspectors at centres, which are considered a boon for extra income, are unofficially tendered and those offering the highest amount is considered most suitable for such postings
11. Transfers & postings is a lucrative industry for politicians and senior bureaucrats which does not need any investment and has no risk
12. High profile postings have political involvement and a high price to be paid for getting a suitable posting.

Corruption in Govt Postings and Transfers – Key Issues

1. Transfers and postings are used as weapons against employees
2. Many Government employees bribe their seniors to get transfers and postings of their choice, esp in State Government
3. In many cases, employees who are not willing to pay bribes are transferred to remote locations
4. Honest employees who end up being impediments in unethical activities are transferred frequently
5. Businesses pay bribes to stop the promotion of some employees
6. Employees also bribe the competent authorities for stopping their own transfer
7. Fake medical and hospital certificates are shown to stop transfers. more  

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Transfer, promotion, posting has been a source of discontentment, inspite of the fact that a committee is handling the same. Improvement is required. more  
Most of the cases higher officers ask money for transfer, Other wise you never get work location near you home or the location where your children are studding. For few places there are actions are conducted. Some time political pressure are required to get transfer. more  
Every transfer/promotion order should be made provisional for three months. Any one aggrieved can raise objections to the order within a prescribed period. A Committee of responsible and independent officers can hold an open inquiry and give its decision within a prescribed period upon which the impugned order can be rescinded or confirmed. This system was obtaining in Victoria State police Department in the past. Do not know the present status. more  
We are still slaves following British Raj. IAS should be mainly to administer. In a factory there are different depts with heads for each. Burecrats less the enormous power will be like a commoners only. It's high time, Govt.projects should be planned and executed by professional from such fields. We should draft accordingly. Even in judiciary we see judges delivering judgements favouring the party who appointed them instead of beholding the truth. more  
India’s administration set up, in many ways, has remained unchanged since the colonial times. Officials have too much discretion and are really not responsible or accountable to the residents they administer. They are transferred around like the British officials used to be.

Corruption won’t go away without fundamental reform and eradication of unhelpful incentives to get into administrative and police jobs. People rarely go into these jobs to serve the citizens. Unfortunately facility to make money thru corruption is in many cases the main attraction of these jobs. more  
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