Corruption by MPs/MLAs - Inputs Needed

Some of you have sent us views on this subject. With this post we would like to seek your views on corruption conducted/facilitated by MPs and MLAs. Our objective is to understand the various ways MPs/MLAs are engaging in bribery and then work on a set of rules/code of conduct that is implemented to reduce corruption the elected.

Please share as much detail as possible. We look forward to your inputs!

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Corruption by MPs/MLAs
There are more than a 101 ways they are involved in corruption and there is nothing you can do about it. Are you prepared to do the only thing you can do to stop it? Them demonetize by withdrawing all Rs.1000, 500 and 100 notes permanently. All transactions above Rs.1000 through banks only. All Government transactions, payment and receipts online. If you can do it go ahead and do it. more  
Writing about MPs and MLAs and their involvement in corruption?They are the beginning and end of all malpractices!! Where to start?
In the prevailing "democratic" system that is run by MPs & MLAs, I think it is not just possible to make any laws that is against them. Thereafter, there comes the question of implementing the law, if at all anything is made.
My heart weeps with helplessness! :( more  
corruption in this country has been developed,institutonalised & is being promoted by politicians since they rule the country.though i hv no researched figures yet by my experience more than 90% of the population indulges in corruption with the blessings of these corrupt politicians.the corrupt politicians corrupted the bureacracy who in turn trained the willing public who easily succumbed to their if we really mean to eradicate corruption we hv to target these politicians and the system of their election.may be the minimum qualification & criminal antecedants of the politicians for elections hv to be redefined & the electorate has to be curtailed to educated graduates only since more than 50% of the population is illiterate & are bought out for a saree,abottle of liquor & a Rs.1000 note. more  
MPs and MLAS never got any direct financial or administrative power . It was done to safeguard the national interest as they were supposed to confine themselves in discharching their normal role of doing legislation business of either making new laws or discarding old obsolete laws. It all started in the license / quota/permit raj that they used their influence and position to favour the businessmen on bribes. Party bosses overlooked these corruption as they needed fund to fight elections. It became a normal norm in 50s/60s/70s and 80s to allot quotas and permits on bribes in a nation where everything was in shotage. This created a neta-babu nexus in corruption which benefitted both. Neta charged fixed amount or auctioned a paerticular post which is called lucarative posting. The honest were posted to so called punishment posting .

PSUs were misused as milking cow and they became sick.Privatisation is on since 90s but yet neighter Neta nor Babu want to loosen their grip on economy. more  
These MP.S and M.L.A.S consider themselves as above law and seasoned corrupt leader always get a clean chit and none of the politicians get punished. more  
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