Corruption by MP/MLA - Inputs on Solutions

Below are the key corruption issues and root causes as identified by you. Kindly review them and help identify specific solutions that can be implemented for MPs or MLAs or both to minimize corruption by the elected representatives.

We look forward to your inputs!
Transparency International India

Corruption by MP/MLAs – Root Causes

1. MP/MLA positions are considered a money making positions
2. They spend a lot of money in their elections campaigning and hence try to make up the money when they get elected
3. They take pride in showing off their power
4. They use their powers to get away with illegal stuff
5. MPs have just got one but there is no code of ethics for MLAs
6. Vigilance over MP/MLAs has been weak
7. Properties and assets of MLA/MPs are not verified by independent agencies
8. They are not required to maintain transparency in using constituency/area funds by law
9. There is a lack of educated politicians across India
10. Long winding legal system making it impossible of common man to approach the court for any redressal
11. Lack of sufficient good quality private schools leads to excess demand for admissions which is a breeding ground for corruption via MPs/MLAs.

Corruption by MPs/MLAs - Key Issues

1. MP/MLAs take money in the name of party funds
2. They take money to influence postings
3. Bribes are accepted to get a child admitted in school
4. Some MPs use the constituency funds for personal use through different ways
5. Some MPs/MLAs take bribes to help people land Government jobs
6. Big bribes are offered by builders to MPs/MLAs to get land allotted at a subsidised rates
7. Contracts are offered to family members for MPs and MLAs
8. Other contracts are given only to companies which promise a kickback/party funding more  

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As I said before,
Our 'democracy' is an expensive system to run. It is perhaps world's most expensive governance mechanism, probably more expensive than that of Saudi Arabia! That is so because the government needs to keep its support in the 'house' in good humour.
  That needs money. Money is needed to win candidates, to win votes and to keep the winners on the side of the government. The leadership, however good intentioned they may be may have to turn a blind eye towards ignominious acts of sub-leaders. Add to this human greed and inefficiency. We are forced to pay a very  high price to have a government of 'our choice' and keep it running.
   We need to have a credible deterrent against crime by the ruling class (which includes the Opposition). That requires investigation and judicial arms of the government  to become independent of the political rulers and that in turn needs change in the constitution.
   The present government is advantageously placed to bring about this revolutionary change. It only needs our massive support to do it. Can we rise upto the occasion?


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Compulsory audit of MPs/MLAs assets on completion of their terms by Govt. Agencies either by Election Commission or CAG like agency...... be a must.
Special Dispensation quota should be scrapped/ restricted with terms and conditions.
A pay commission should be appointed like other public servants to decide the pay and perks payable to MPs/MLAs. more  
Our constitution has not delegated any executive power to public representatives,they have power to legislate. Why are we approaching them for day today work when they have no such powers?In fact they have indirectly using executive power which is nothing but encroachment.The allotment of MP/MLA fund is a glaring example of it. In order to improve it first of all we should add civics as mandatory subject in our school curriculum, so that every child must know his rights and duties of public representative. The pending cases of corruption done by public representative should be transferred to fast track court and the judiciary should ensure its disposal on war footing. In case if the charges found proved entire property should be taken over by the Govt. as well as punishment as per law. more  
I think purchase of SUVs have to come under ED's scanner. How isn it that only party functionaries' motor vehicles which go around flaunting with a party flag are only SUVs/MUVs. A symbol of macho? Let this happen first. But who? more  
Take away the power of politicians over government employees by banishing 'transfers' there should be a better way of dealing with difficult employee more  
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