Containment zone policy change

It seems the administration of noida has modified containment zone policy and now if a covid 19 positive is found in a society, just that persons floor will be containment zone, not their building, not the society.

This is a ridiculous move beyond all reasoning. Why have containment zones at all. Just keep everything open and if many more of us get it, bad luck deal with it.

It seems the danger and risk perception in govts view is reducing without really any basis. Makes zero sense. more  

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It has now been reduced to a floor which is a very sensible decision more  
Sensible to me as well. But I still have the question if this is recommended by an expert OR decision maker chose to use his/her wisdom? more  
We need to pay the price for not doing things timely. Breaking the chain of infection in an epidemic is doable at the initial stage. We failed to do that and now attempting it when the infection is spreading thick and fast is not going to yield any favorable result. more  
Sealing the floor is OK. But sealing an area within250 mts is too much. Have anybody checked spatially how many houses nd households get impacted within almost 0.7 sq km.? In urban villages there may be around 80 to 100 houses and around 250 households (as recently there is a trend of renting out smaller units in these urban villages). How much prudent it is. Why can't it belie 2 houses on left side of the house, 2 houses on right side, nd if the road or lane width is less than 10 feet then the 5 houses on the other side of the lane. more  
I do not feel that what Ms Shalini says is very correct. It is quite reasonable to seal only the floor on which a person is found Covid 19 +ve. Nothing wrong in that considering the fact that other people staying in that building or society also need to move about for their essential work and cannot be prevented from doing so. It is true that people must observe the riles of wearing Mask, Hands washing and maintaining distance without fail. Once these basic rules are observed the chances of falling prey to Covid 19 is quite remote.
The more important thing would be for people to keep track of the condition of their servants (maids or Drivers, etc). They mus always wear masks and the same masks must be regularly washed. Our maid washes her hands with soap as provided for her, before she does any work in the home. Her forehead is also scanned daily for temperature. She washes her mask immediately on arrival and then wears a new mask provided for her by us. By the time her work is finished her own mask has dried and she removes the mask we have provided and washes it with soap and water and hangs it for drying. In the kitchen before she handles utensils, she again washes hre hands for 20 seconds with soap and water.
We make sure that she follows these rules without fail. While she is working in the house, both of us also wear our own masks and do not remove the masks until she has gone after work.
Is every one following similar rules and methods? If not then the chances of getting affected by Covid 19 is more probable. more  
this is more practical approach to seal only the tower or floor to avoid inconvenience to other residents. You may have read how WHO has taken U-turn on two aspect and now we know that
1. A symptomatic people don't spread the virus
2. The virus is quite weak when on transferred to a surface and chances of spreading from surface are low

There is lot of new learning on how the virus spread (definitely human to human spread is most likely scenario and can be avoided to a large extend by wearing mask, sanitizing hands etc). There are lot of controversies which are uncovering.

Another aspect, the mortality rate is quite low, official figure is around 3.3% but we all know that number of positive cases are much higher than reported, therefore mortality rate (you can't hide death numbers) should be around 0.1% or even less. Therefore take all precautions, keep senior citizens and infants indoors (as much possible) and dont panic. Government know very well what they are doing, and it is not different than other countries like USA. more  
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