Common Corruption Chains - Addl Inputs

Below are some of the corruption chains identified by you. Please review and help identify any additional ones. Collective awareness and working together with authorities and investigation agencies will enable us to affect a reduction is this form of corruption.

We look forward to your inputs!
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Common Corruption Chains identified by citizens

1. There is open corruption in land registrar office. The bribe is collected through advocates, deed writers, agent etc.
2. Traffic police takes bribes to let go of challans and the money is shared across the grape wine
3. Cash is collected at each of the major stations where contractors have to deposit their tribute in a locked box and this tribute is consolidated at GMs office & distributed right up to the Minister
4. DDA - The money gets distributed on monthly basis. Every person on his/her desk gets the money as "this month share"
5. Police Department get a lot of money especially in the high-crime areas or liquor selling areas
6. Bribe is asked for in the electricity department for installing new meters and the money is distributed right till the top
7. Central excise is one such department where the inspector in range collects monthly bribe n shares with superintendent n others
8. The provident fund department takes bribes to release money and shares the amount of bribe across the vertical
9. No kerosene is distributed to the poor at Govt. dictated price. It's sold in the open market for adulteration with H.S.D. or for illegal burning and the difference amount collected by the hawker is shared with the supply officials right up to DM level
10. Large amounts are collected by preventive and audit wings of the excise department, and the share goes to the very top
11. In the RTO departments in many states, bribe is taken for every single work done and the collection is shared up to top boss
12. Sales Tax & Income tax departments inspector in range collects bribes and shares with higher authorities. more  

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Pt 5 Define High Crime: Drugs, Prostitution, and in special areas smuggling gold, arms etc. more  
Bribery is every where in Government department and sector need simplified policy and procedures to minimize hurdles which lead to corruption to over come with harassment.. more  
corruption has permeated government to such an extent that no organisation or cadre is free. the audit parties which come to carry out audit of government offices demand a bribe the day they start the audit, other than food, free transport cigarettes etc. in the last 2 decades, culture in government has deteriorated so much that even staff has to pay bribes to get their own bills cleared. there is rampant corrution in compassionate appointments. posts are given to the undeserving. some of the union leaders act as a conduit. there is big money lending racket in every government office. the rate of interest is 2-3% per month. the money lender collects an authorisation letter from the borrower and collects his pay. union activity is big business. rules permit purchase of stores from cooperative societies without calling for tender and even paying a higher price. there is nexus between the staff of the cooperative society and the local traders. travelling allowance expenditure is the most wasteful expense. if there is wedding in the family of a senior officer, a meeting is arranged in that city and all senior officers atttend the wedding on the plea of the meeting. annual sports and cultural meets are another occassion to splurge on TA/DA. less is spent on the sportsmen, but more is spent on the dozens of VIP bosses who fly down to attend the event. the complete work culture is rotten. a thorough overall is required. promotions and posts are not made on the actual requirements bit just to remove stagnation in a cadre. promotion at a senior level means additional expenditure on staff, accommadation, car, TA/DA. the list is endless. more  
bribing every where can be stopped if all application can be made online and on a daily basis the application list & date has updated in the website so all higher authority will be able to keep track of the same. toll free # to check the status . more  
Apart from point 8, I agree with the all these. These departments are notorious as hotbeds of corruptions - of course there are others, especially in the financial sector, where wrong-doing is of much higher orders, but not visible to public. Question is, with these departments being steeped in corruption, change coming from outside seems the most likely solution. Can we debate likely solutions? more  
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