Chinese App Ban

Attached are all the chinese apps that the Govt has banned and it includes Tik Tok, Bigo, Clash of Clans, Cam Scanner, WeChat as well As Shein and Club Factory

My issue is why are Ali Express, Paytm, Sharechat and some 10 others that have chinese capital in them not banned. All apps that have tencent, alibabs and other chinese funds should also be banned period.

Can localcircles take this up with Govt of India? more  

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Dear Mr. Sudesh, you are absolutely correct. However, few things are not that easy for ANY Govt. as it looks but its too easy for we the individuals. We can do it without waiting for the Govt. to ban everything. Yesterday, I have deleted CamScanner and today I emptied my and my wife's Paytm Wallets as also deleted the app. Furthermore, before doing it, I sent email to Paytm on its 8 (available on its website, however 4 have bounced back) email ids giving an open warning to Paytm to get rid of Alibaba, who is holding 29.71% equity in Paytm and given a time of one week, which ended yesterday. Dear, WE CAN DO A LOT THAN WHAT WE CAN'T IMAGINE. JAI HIND. more  
Currently only the apps which have been developed by Chinese companies in China have been banned. As these apps can spy on user activities / data and pass it on to their data canters in China. Which can then be put to use by the Chinese government in whatever way they find it useful to their interest. Hence these apps are a threat to India's security and need to banned. Infact they should have been banned a long time ago. Paytm and other such apps have been developed by Indian companies (or non Chinese companies) and their data centers are not based in China. Chinese companies have only bought a stake in these companies when they tried to raise finance for their growth. These apps are not a security threat as of now. However these apps and their data collection / security should be evaluated by the respective intelligence agencies and if found that they are in violation of national security interests then they should also be banned. more  
We are the emotional and simplistic lot and, flip flop stand out our characteristics. Much things happen in a huff without going into the merit of the issue. This is being stated with sorrow at heart. more  
I think most of us are reacting emotionally about this issue. Chinese products are ubiquitous and pervasive. The first step will be to stop buying even small articles made in China. However, software, hardware etc are a different issue. Zoom seems to be so populare when other alternatives like Namaste India are also available. So, we need to act rationally and with great care. more  
Gentlemen bad workmen always blames his tools. That is what you all are doing and talking. May I ask you why do you have to ban it. Can't you have power to educate your own children, friends, family member not to use these apps. YOU CANNOT DO IT BECAUSE EVEN IF YOU DO IT YOUR OWN BLOOD REVOLT AGAINST YOU. We have lost 20 soldiers does not mean like a mad, menaic mentality we start taking steps which are not practical. Have you able to stop piracy inspite of banning so many sites. Are you aware that there are so power VPN utilities that you can ban everything still one can access everything. YES IF YOU WANT TO PUT BAN THEN PLEASE PUT IN RESOURCES MONEY AND MEN AND DEVELOP APPS AND SOFTWARE THE WAY CHINA HAS DONE, CHINA DO NOT USE WESTERN BROWSERS SO THEY HAVE DEVELOPED THEIR OWN UC BROWSER. BUT THEY NEVER BEAT THE DRUM TO STOP USING OTHER. THEY JUST REMOVED THEM AND THEIR ACCESS TO THEIR SITES. SO PLEASE DO NOT APPRECIATE WHAT GOVT IS DOING WRONG. HAVE YOU READ MR. GADKARI REPORT. HE IS RIGHT. THE MATERIAL HELD IN CUSTOM IS NOT HURTING CHINA BUT IT IS HURTING INDIA. INDIAN BUYER HAVE PAID FOR IT AND IT IS LYING DEAD IN CUSTOMS BECAUSE IT WAS BOUGHT FROM CHINA. FOR YOUR INFORMATION IT ALSO HAS HUGE MEDICINE RAW MATERIAL AND YOU ARE PRAISING WHAT GOVT HAS DONE. Friend first learn the technology, build the skills and make items in India. Let our manufacturers say yes they will use them and then quietly stop imports. But please do not bang empty drums to fool your own self. Your soldiers do not have good bullet proof jackets and good shoes. What are we talking?????????? more  
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