Caring for Your Bones.

Caring for Your Bones

Do you know that bones are constantly being broken down and built up to create new bones and there needs to
be a perfect balance between these two processes. If you are losing more bone than what is being created, you
will be a victim of osteoporosis. So, here are a few ways in which you can strengthen your bones.
- Milk: All dairy products are rich in calcium, which is quintessential for strong bones. Also make sure to get vitamin
D along with calcium as it helps in the better absorption of calcium.
- Yogurt: This is a better source of calcium than milk. Eat yogurt every day.
- Fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines have high amounts of calcium in them.
- For the vegans, spinach is a splendid source of calcium. One cup of
cooked spinach gives 25% of daily calcium requirement. Kale also provides
calcium, though less than spinach.
- Eggs: Eat the whole egg as the yolk has Vitamin D.
- Soybeans, almonds, sesame seeds and paneer are good sources of calcium.
Strengthening Exercises is very important to build Muscles and keeping your Bones
Strong. more  

Thanks Durga Prasad Ji. The patient suffering thigh fracture since Jan, 2010 had taken Symphytom Q for about a year then in combination of Calcarea Phos for few months in these and different potencies too. Ultimately he has taken Arnica, Hypericum, Ledum, Rhus Tox, Ruta, Symphytm, Bellis in 30, 200, 1000, 1M and 10M at different times with some varying combination too as per advises of eminent doctors, taken for almost 5 years. For Right thigh it took 4.5 year after 5 operations. For left thigh broken in Nov, 2013, again a nonunion. after three operations and 16 months it is yet to unite with lot of of pain on standing, walking and sitting with the help of walker. Grateful if you can suggest further. more  
Umesh ji, with my experience, I can vouch for the two homeopathic drugs viz, Calcarea Phos 6X and Symphytux Q (liquid) 20 drops to be given to the patient in half a cup of luke warm water thrice a day for several weeks. And Calcarea Phos 5 tablets each three times a day. Symphytum is an excellent medicine which promotes the knitting of bone tissue at the broken ends and the result is a strong joint at the point of fracture. Calcarea Phos as most people know is a sort of calcium supplement, not in the physical form like a Calcium tablet, but in the micronized form. I used both these medicines on my father aged 82 with full advantage, for the first time when his hip bone fractured and again at around the age of 90 when he fractured his right thigh bone. Both times, the Ortho was surprised as the ease and speed with which the joint healed at that late age. However, if there is any other complication, better caution is advised and a proper homeopath may be consulted. more  
Sir can you suggest some treatment for nonunion/extremely delayed union of fractured thigh bones 5 years in right and 16 months for left thigh after accidents. Age 65 yr male, BMI Normal. more  
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