Can AAP bounce back - Thoughts

AAP should not bounce back. AAP must crawl back. Inch by inch, step by step. Every step must be painful, and must be filled with hurdles.

I am not a critic of AAP, I love AAP. However, now that the original energy of the Janlokpal movement is lost, AAP can rediscover itself only through pain and discipline. AAP has to understand how political parites start, how tough it is, and how precious each rupee, each volunteer and each moment is.

AAP went gung ho after Delhi election result and took too many risks, with hardly any backup plan. It tried to jump too far, landed on the knee instead of the foot and broke its leg.

Lesson learnt. Now, only take calculated risks and always have a fallback plan.

Each penny donate is precious. Every moment is precious and every volunteer is priceless. Don't take them for granted and never waste them.

AAP can come up again. But how it comes up again will decide how strong is its character and how deep are its roots.

My best wishes to them! more  

John Kerketta's comprehension is reasoned out well and road map is given.

Build it up again : brick by brick with cemented joints of trust respect and discipline.

AAP was born naturally to give results;
expecting to get results from a corrupt 60 years old RSVP congress-men and women.

Haste makes waste by default.
Logic must be used at every stage and semblance of balanced decisions to take things forward should look to be perceived by others.

Mother India and all Indians were happy including many who were not on the voter list.

AAP from Delhi NCR has been the right decision. All foot work, home work, grouping again with humility and with one purpose shall ensure AAP in command of Delhi NCR.

Delhi NCR shall be watched by all because of its location at the capital of our country.

Jai Hind. more  
AAP was born under unnatural circumstances, a 'premature birth' we can say... And it had to take some hasty decisions. It looks hasty because in the Indian political scenario, we are conditioned to think of anything in 5 year terms. But are we not happy that AAP was born and we found a fraternity that was not visible before? Yes, I agree with you that we have to rediscover ourselves through painstaking discipline and AAP must understand that there is more to political existence than social activism. While our political intentions have to be good, we have to understand that legitimate knowledge, abilities and other acumen are subservient to a political wave. In a country where a vast number of people still strongly believe in dreams, ghosts, spirits, rebirth, black magic and other such things, we cannot be blinded by our knowledge of the constitution, IPC, Micro and macro economics, history, polity etc. There are many political leaders who are quite knowledgeable, but when it comes to winning an election, they keep their knowledge aside and adapt to the environment much like Darwin's theory of natural selection or adaptation. We have to survive today to fight tomorrow. The division of labor is the real answer. It should not be limited only to fund raisers, or online warriors. There must be people who are totally dedicated to image building, and preferably, they must be different from those who are going to fight the elections. There should be workers dedicated to rural grassroots dealing with everyday realities and with the same intensities there must be support from the intellectuals dealing with international communities. Slowly and steadily we have to take one step at a time and build it up again, brick by brick. more  
Focus on delhi NCR.
The country shall note your performance.

Fill your plate as per ur capacity.

Opportunity wasted for the honest thinking persons.

Anna Hazare is forgotten
Megha Pathak ...... oooooo
many others ........

A soldier fighting for the country is remembered.

15 yrs to Kargil victory ..... remembered by Mr. Modi and NDA govt.

Did the previous government and PMs ......... ????

AAP under AK49 has written history which shall be remembered.

By facing above as a soldier and want to be led by a leader who is serious about the rampant corruption cultured by RSVP congress.

Yes we can and we will.

Jai Hind. more  
I am agreed with Mr. Prashant Mohan , now party will not bouce back they had lose their prestigious after gaining Delhi Aassembly election. Future of AAP party is very dark, i don't think party will be bounce back, workers of party is very good but higher pepole is not good, they are very overconfidence is last lokshaba election. Now, i request to all party workers should work together for social work only without any expectation. more  
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