BJP's Vision: Ban on multi-brand retail FDI will not deter investors

Dear Modi For PM circle members,

It is my pleasure to join this local circle. I had the wonderful opportunity of authoring the BJP 2014 Election Manifesto under the Chairmanship of Murli Manohar Joshi.

Look forward to working together with the members of this circle on your inputs and participation.

Rajendra Pratap Gupta
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Here is the piece on BJP's vision on Multi Brand Retail FDI as published in ET today
BJP's Vision: Ban on multi-brand retail FDI will not deter investors

By: Rajendra Pratap Gupta

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has spelt out its vision and priorities in its election manifesto. It has a clear governance and development roadmap, and economic revival is a top-action item on our agenda. Essentially, we have pledged to meet the development aspirations of 122 crore Indians.

A few politicians say that BJP always favours industrialists and investors, but being involved in the writing of the manifesto since 2009, one can assure everyone that all policies of the party for economic revival are guided by three overarching objectives: job creation (central to our economic model), asset creation and boosting GDP growth as well as import substitution and reducing the current account deficit.

To reboot India's growth engine, we must make agriculture profitable, boost manufacturing, invest in infrastructure and address issues of skilled manpower as also availability of credit. We must bring governance reforms to support the investor community, besides a host of other initiatives, to ensure that the country becomes the preferred investment destination globally.

The BJP has spelt out unambiguously that it will define a working framework to end the policy- and decision making paralysis. The Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) would be made more efficient, investorfriendly and also ensure there is ease of doing business. Also, BJP has clearly articulated that FDI would be allowed in sectors wherever needed for job and asset creation, infrastructure and acquisition of niche technology and specialised expertise, including select sectors in defence.

For investors, there is a clear assurance of an environment where approvals are fast-tracked. Red tape will be cut out and frameworks will be clearly spelt out for decision-making, so that there is no scope of favour, fear or corruption.

There will be a clear tax policy roadmap, and "tax terrorism" unleashed by the UPA will come to an end. Overregulation would be addressed to end harassment of businessmen and traders, making it hassle-free for investors — small, medium or large.

BJP has also committed to improving the logistics infrastructure and power supply that is critical for production and faster movement of goods, address issues related to labour laws in consultation with all stakeholders, and address the shortage of skilled manpower. The thrust is to raise public spending on R&D and incentivise R&D investments by industry to increase competitiveness of the manufacturing sector.

India is a developing country and has a dynamic business environment where the ecosystem is evolving. BJP understands this and will set up a mechanism for a regular governmentindustry dialogue. Also, responsibility and accountability will be an integral part of the system. Besides winning the confidence of investors, BJP is committed to raising incomes for the working class so that people have better living standards and can afford to spend more money. This will boost GDP and jobs.

Also, we will open up government and draw expertise from the industry, academia and society into services. Amajor thrust on policy would be to end the high level of frustration prevalent among those dealing with the system — be it an investor or the ordinary Indian.

India has about 13 millions retailers that provide employment to about 50 million people in the country. At this point in time, these retailers are not in a position to withstand the competition from big-box retailers and, so, the BJP is committed to enhancing the competitiveness of the small traders and retailers. The challenges posed by allowing FDI in multi-brand retail far outweigh the benefits offered by big-box retailers. Moreover, there will be no level playing field if we allow FDI in multi-brand retail. This is the sole reason for barring FDI in this specific segment.

Being involved with policy-making within the BJP and the thinking behind the policy decisions, one sees every reason for investors to be delighted at the prospect of having a BJP-led government.

The writer, a public policy expert, has authored BJP's election manifesto under the chairmanship of Murli Manohar Joshi. more  

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Cant wait for May 16th everyone. I agree with Manish ji - our nation can lead on many many fronts and will do so with Modi ji in driving seat more  
Welcome Rajendra Pratap Gupta ji in this group ! having you a part of this group is a pleasure for us and resulted into a good hope so the main agenda of Good governance and Development with an initial sub agenda Shri Modi ji for P.M. must be successful and another our nation would be leading the world very soon in all respects.
All The best ! Jai Hind ! Vande Matram !

Warm Regards... more  
Dear Friends ,

It is my philosophy that before undertaking a cause , we must set our goals first . Then only we can achieve something . Otherwise failure will stare you in the face .


In the past decade countrymen have witnessed fast deterioration in governance, disregard for constitutional authorities , institutionalization of corruption ,protection of black money , disregard for dissent , propagation & legitimization of dynasty , rampant back breaking inflation , arrogance of UPA ministers , merciless beating up of legitimate agitators of genuine causes of masses . All this culminated into one voice across nation . CHANGE THIS DEAF AND DUMB DISPENSATION WITH A STABLE , REASONABLY CARING AND CORRUPTION FREE GOVT .

QUESTION THEN AROSE , WHO COULD DO IT ? Following alternative emerged.

1. KEJRIWAL , the of shoot of ANNA movement .
This person has taken many U-turns and practiced shifting goal posts. From TATAs to IRS to NGO to ANNA to elections to Govt to leaving Govt in infancy to MP elections . Promised not to enter politics , not to take Congress support , promised to put Sheila in jail , promised not to fight MP election , promised not to give tickets to MLAs , promised of free electricity & water but failed . SORRY , HE DID NOT ADHERE TO ANY OF THE ABOVE AND DID NOT PASS THE TEST . He therefore proved himself to be unreliable and not fit to govern nation .

Country has seen twice in the past , the collapse of third front . Its miserable failure because of diametrically opposite ideologies of the conglomerate and premature retirement . Hence this possibility too is ruled out .

This alternative is proven one ,because of following .
Best governance with growth and developement has been seen during NDA rule .
BJP is national party with pan india presence and discipline.
Narendra Modi the best CM with 15 yrs of excellent governance record and his state , the most advanced state in the country under his leadership .
NaMo is from backward class .
BJP has a Galaxy of talented leaders with spotless record who have vast governance experience .
BJP is the only party which does not discriminate on the basis of cast , creed or religion .
BJP is the only party which takes care of majority interests .
BJP ruled state have best governance record namely in GOA , GUJRAT , MP , CHHATTISGARH , HIMACHAL , RAJSTHAN .
BJPs top leadership is by and large taint free barring few exceptions which is unavoidable in a party as large as BJP due political compulsions .


After analyzing all these scenarios , BJP under MODI is the only alternative for the people of this country to achieve a stable , efficient , progressive , development oriented GOVT for India which can take the country out of the past decade's mess created by the CONGRESS lead UPA . Based on NaMo's track record in GUJRAT and his personal sacrificial life, his hard training under RSS with no non sense approach to governance success is GUARANTEED.

Once we reach above conclusion , there is no looking back , no further discussion on our choice . We have to freeze this issue of PM choice at NARENDRA MODI . Once we have decided on this aspect , we should not waste any more energy on this.


MODI for PM circle created for this purpose is not meant for those who have even a shred of doubt on its aim . ONE AND THE ONLY AIM OF THIS CIRCLE is to proceed on this path of making MODI PM for INDIA . Those who are still undecided on this philosophy have no place on MODI for PM CIRCLE.

RN Kapil. more  
I think we must as soon as Modi For PM becomes a reality. more  
All issues are very well covered with some action plan. However, just one doubt. Do we need to   prioritize our actions?      

On Monday, 5 May 2014 1:07 PM, Rajendra Pratap Gupta <> wrote: more  
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