BJP/Cong combine responsible for electricity & water tarrif hike

The BJP and the Congress cannot escape the joint responsibility of increasing the hardships of the people of Delhi by having connived to put an end to the relief provided by the Aam Aadmi Party government, which had subsidised electricity bills and provided free water for three months.

The AAP had promised to audit the accounts of private power distribution companies and slash electricity tarrifs along with providing upto 700 litres of water free to the people of Delhi before the assembly elections.

After the formation of its minority government led by Arvind Kejriwal, the AAP fulfilled all these promises immediately after assuming office on December 28, 2013.

Rattled by the new government’s performance, which was implementing all its election promises one after the other, the BJP and the Congress hatched a conspiracy to disrupt the functioning of this pro-people government.

Both the parties joined hands in the state assembly on February 14 to defeat the AAP government’s Janlokpal bill and openly declared that the BJP and Congress have a combined strength of 40 MLAs in the 70 member House, and therefore the bill cannot be introduced.

Following the resignation of the AAP government after its proposal to introduce the bill was defeated in the assembly, the next stage of the conspiracy hatched between the BJP and the Congress was carried out in the parliament.

When the Congress-led UPA government introduced the Delhi’s interim budget in Parliament and made no provision in it for continuing the subsidy for electricity bills and free water beyond March 31, the BJP readily supported and got this budget passed.

The 18-point charter of the AAP, which the Congress had agreed to before the government was formed in Delhi, included both, bringing down the electricity bills and free water. Infact, before the AAP government resigned on February 14, the Congress was forced to support its decision of providing the subsidy on electricity and water for the months of January, February and March.

When the AAP government had already made this provision, what was the need for tampering with it at a time when there is no government in the capital ?

Can the Congress answer why its central government chose to terminate this relief which was provided to the people ?

The BJP, which has mastered the art of firing from the Congress shoulder on matters related to Delhi, owes an answer to the people of Delhi as to why it supported an anti-people interim budget of the UPA government for Delhi ?

The BJP-Congress combine has been running away from answering all questions, including in the Supreme Court on whether they want to jointly form a government in Delhi to put an end to the President’s rule.

Both these parties took an almost identical stand before the Supreme Court on Monday and defended the Lieutenant Governor’s recommendation to keep the assembly in suspended animation. Why are the BJP and Congress hesitant to declare that they are even willing to form a coalition government in Delhi to avoid fresh assembly elections at all costs ? more  

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@ SK Sharma je , Subodh Bhargava je

So finally AAP has announced candidate against Soniya je , Shall we now see some optimist supporting cheerful praise required by every new comer with honest heart or will some other shortcoming crop up ?.

To the party who is FIGHTING all ODDS on the TRUST of CITIZENS with almost NO CORPORATE and Negligible MEDIA support. more  
@ Sumeer je ,
A belated thought inspired by common sense.

1. There is a party which has NO unaccounted funds. ( I dont knoow if we deserve such party or not ? ). It is demanding GOVT SCHOOLS work like private schools. Govt hospitals work like private hospitals, POLICE should welcome and support people like other govt departments of electricity or posts etc. in short GOOD GOVERNANCE and Swift Punishment for Corruption to high and mighty as a matter of RIGHT .

2. It dares to fight LS elections, with more than 300 candidtes where officially allowed expenses is 70 lakhs per seat.

3. AAP has till recently somewhere around Rs 20 Crores for all candidates.

4. With such scant resources, it PROMISED & FOUGHT & DEFEATED Delhi CM of 15 YEARS by none other the TOP LEAD in first election. If someone doesnt gets it , it means that all parties in DELHI assembly election should be REJECTED because their CM candidate DIDNOT fight sheila je DIRECT. But no, perhaps it is not an issue because ... ?

5. It is still fighting CROWN PRINCE RAHUL and Rival LION KING of CORRUPTION , MODI.

6. AAP has clearly indicated , that even without being corrupt , there are certain personality features which help in communication effectiveness needed by candidates , suitable candidate is being searched on for Soniya and suitable candidate will be announced at suitable date.

Now SOME ppl here come and post JUDGEMENTS like ( ..... running away and abdicating your responsibilities which were given to you by the public....... ) and IGNORE what AAP had done and DICTATE ( not suggest ) what needs to be DONE.

REQUESTING them to express ACKNOWLEDGEMENT for POSITIVES along with CRITICISM sounds like restrictiion on freedom of speech !
I wonder this is a country POTENTIALLY under REAL THREAT of having a HOME MINISTER which will order TAPPING of PHONES of anyone at order of his 'SAHEB' irrespective of CONSTITUIONAL rights.

As a VOTER for me , I have lived with BJP and CONGRESS , as a Voter MY FOCUS is on INDIAN POLITICAL SYSTEM first then AAP. If anyone can please let me know why it should be OTHERWISE in the benefit of INDIA ?

Is is NOT about someone accepting to keep living in Mud house in Jungle for all his life because someone who promised to offer penthhouse in City and was giving them 2 bedroom flat in City with a promise to keep working for penthhouse ?

or did I miss the POSITIVITY in SUGGESTION ? more  
@ Sumeer ji ,
I disagree to your understanding of Sensitivity. And this is because of the following.

1. I didnt said nobody has right to say anything, Please feel free to point out where did you infer the same ?

2. Precisely the POINT about accepting mistakes. All amendments are welcome with COMPLETE PICTURE. Why do you think Readers should NOT know WHICH POLITICAL OPTIONS provide this FACILITY currently?

I look forward to the POSTs saying , " BJP/CONGRESS cannot do anything POSITIVE for this NATION because they NEVER ADMIT anything wrong with them, however AAP is MOST POSITIVE PARTY and hence we propose AAP should amend ................ "
Looking forward, :)

3. Do explain again the POINT of COMPARISON to show WHAT RELEVANCE is for VOTER like you has if any ( CONG/BJP/AAP ) fights TOP LEADERSHIP of CORRUPT PEOPLE has.
Then we shall see what is relevance of MODI je , SHEILA je , Soniya je and Rahul je .
Looking forward again. :)

Thanks for the constructive discussion, looking forward to your valuable insights. more  
Dear Anudeep ji, lets not be over sensitive., Every one has a right to his or her opinion and no one can dictate how he or she should think. AAP is a people's movement and not the Nazi party or the RSS that one cannot speak out. If someone has committed a mistake, we have a right to say so and the party is expected to gracefully accept its mistake so that there is no repetition. As regards India being dependent on AAP for giving a fight to Sonia, you have missed the point by a mile. If that is the logic then why oppose RG ?The point is why AAP should not be opposing all including the queen of corruption Sonia Gandhi. more  
@ Subodh je
You have right to do anything with yout OPINION personally, it is indeed your right.
AAP has DONE what no BJP can do ever. If you beleive in NOTA then it is fine, otherwise yes AAP is not CRIMINAL and CORRUPT like BJP, which is making itself ready to LOOT Delhi by raising all prices, be it POWER or CNG.
PLEASE PRESS NOTA because BJP is going to LOOT YOU for their funders Ambanis and Coal scam companies as noted by High Court itself.
I wish you LIFE and Death experience with DELHI POLICE and GOVT HOSPITALS , and send your children to GOVT School to understand what AAP means to DELHITES.
For many others, DELHI is coming back with all 7 LS seats and 40-50 Assembly SEATS.
Sit back and Relax, dont worry about AAP. more  
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