BJP, Modi and paid Indian Media.

Dear Sir

When Kejriwal enters in communal Guj on 4th of May 2014 the Administration of Modi arrested him on the false charges of law and order situation. This is the real annoyance of communal Guj Govt, Modi and BJP. Some days ago BJP supremo Rajnath Singh appealed to the Muslims, if anything have gone wrong with them he apologies for the mistake. Sanghi terrorists tried to vow that Muslims will protect if BJP have come to the power. In all the news channels right from Jan 2014 it is projected that BJP will win 193 seats and NDA will win 230. If we rely on the speculations of media houses print and electronics then BJP need not worry they require only 42 seats to form the Government. Then what is the reason for the apology of Rajnath Singh; why Modi in the rally at Purnia Bihar tried to approached to the Muslims. Now question is why BJP, Sanghi people trying to lured to the Muslims as in all the paid news channels and paid news papers projection is in favour of BJP and speculation that BJP is winning 230+ if the projection of the paid journalists are correct then BJP is not required to ask apology with the Muslims, instead of that BJP should tried to strong their Hindu vote bank instead of showing Muslim love. Something is wrong with BJP and it is absolutely well behind and short of the magical figure.

In fact BJP have purchased all the major media groups. Same thing they have played before the assembly elections of four states in the year 2013. Unless Delhi, Chhattisgarh were 100% not in control of BJP and there would be marginal win in MP but due to wrong projection and wave created by the paid Media group BJP have won the election in M.P., Chhattisgarh and come out the largest party at Delhi.

Mr. Kejriwal is very right if his AAP have come to power he will jail to all the paid journalists and banned to the media group who are giving news after accepting bribe. It is indeed bold step by him to challenge the candidature of Mr. Modi from Varanasi, and people’s blessings are always with him, as he is fighting honestly for the people of the country. He is common man not like Modi, Rahul, Mulayam or any other political leader who is projecting themselves as the protector of common man but enjoying 5 star facilities. I can remember the Sadbhavan fast of Modi, he chooses five star camp with Air conditions and all sort of facilities, what is the meaning of such types of fasts, if Modi is not able to take pain for public then there is no meaning of any type of fast.

Media all the time busy in showing the fake reports on the development of Gujarat. In fact since Modi has come to power in Gujarat everything in Gujarat is Fake. The progress, The Peace, The Police, The Inquiries, The commission reports, The encounters, The Publicity and fake Jail. All these shall continue until Modi is not out of power because he is doing all these to remain in power.

Being an Indian some questions I would like to ask with BJP. If BJP is so sincere, and Modi whose mouth instead of omitting venom spreading sweet honey for Muslims:-

1. Can provide reservation to the Muslims in Govt. Jobs, educational institution, parliament.

2. Can BJP promise if they come in power will pass anti communal riots bill in the parliament.

3. Can Modi administration provide respect to the Muslim women?

4. Can Modi keeps distance with Terrorists, and never follow the orders of Terrorists. (Sanghi)

5. Can Modi re investigate all the cases in which Muslim youths were falsely implicated for the Jihadi Attack and labelled as Jihadi.

If no then what is the use of this highhandedness of Modi in Purnia. This is again double standard policy of BJP. Is it a policy only upto election? Or can BJP amended its constitution, and resolved in its parliamentary board. Be-aware this is BJP; this high handedness of BJP is only upto election. At once Modi will become PM which is looking very faint he will count the heads of Muslims and start killing them under following tags terrorism, fake encounters, Pak intruders, anti Indian. BJP is the culprit of Babri demolition and killing of innocent Muslim Old men, women, and children in every communal riot.

This election certainly going to create history in Indian Parliament, whatever had not happened, will be happen now, so many faces those who were used to for the public, will be wipe out and so many new faces will emerge in the Parliament.

Thanking you

Zuber Ahmed Khan more  

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Zuber good that you have atleast put the real truth to the readers, BJP is a communal factory of all nonsense and religious activities to keep their flag waving, they are the most disturbance making party, they will do no good but destrioy the balance economy and harmony amost people, they have their own extremist outfit to organiose riots and blasts. Modi is a devil an arrogant and senseless person usaing 50 brains around him to manage the show and manipulate all things happening around from buying media, and even people to attend his rally. He is a mass murderer of innocent people in gujarat. SO NEVER VOTE FOR ...BJP ...UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES more  
Sooner or later people will know about BJP. I think most of the people know about BJP. They project them selves that they are only those who can safeguard Muslims.The inner thing is when we give the key to a thief and ask him to guard the house will theft take place? NO. The same thing with BJP. They are only the attackers & if they don't how will the riots take place. The Best example is HYDERABAD. more  
Mr. Rao you are right nobody should appease for any caste and religion, but BJP in its all rallies, projecting that muslim support is with him. Secondly, BJP approached to the Muslims in Purnia and Bhiar that is why questions are legitimate to ask with BJP. Thirdly, Muslims are economically, educationally backward that is the reason to think about their uplift. more  
Mr. Hasan these questions has been asked with BJP because, it is the policy of BJP at the time of election lured to the Muslim community and when election over they started creating problem for any issues related to the Muslims. more  
WE should go above cast & religion. All ready a lot of damage done by parties. I agree with all questions .Economically backwardness was there in all castes & religions. The political parties deliberately divided us so that all people can't get united against their foul plays.Anti communal riots bill should pass immediately.False cases are to be investigated properly.Every man knows what happened in Gujarat.Still the lower court delivers judgement in culprits favor. By this type of actions people will loose the faith in judiciary. more  
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