Polygamy ( the practice or custom of having more than one wife at the same time by a man) is one of the worst forms of oppression against women from time immemorial.

While such practice of polygamy rarely happen these days in developed countries particularly in Europe and USA, this obnoxious practice remains extensively in Islamic countries and developing countries like India. In developing countries,, it is also seen that many business men and politicians and others have more than one wife and are not really condemned in the society or punished by the government. Several instances can be readily pointed out.

Unfortunately, there is no strong and sustained social campaign against the practice of polygamy, though some isolated voice of protest by activists are heard from time to time.

The polygamy practice readily highlights the fact that in many countries by some men , women are viewed as sex objects and as inferior by men folk and women dare not object or protest, fearing harassment by the husband. Muslim women are the most sufferers in this respect.

Another obnoxious practice against women in Islamic countries is what is called as triple talak (a form of divorce under Islamic law in which the husband repudiates the marriage by saying 'talaq' three times). Though a few Islamic countries have banned this practice, even in such countries, it is not effectively implemented since , women are so much discriminated and forced to remain subdued, that they dare not make complaint against such practice. Many women have suffered enormously with their voice of distress remaining unheard.

In India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi did great service to the dignity of Islamic women by passing a law banning triple talak practice. At the heart of hearts, many muslim women feel extremely happy and grateful to Mr. Modi for protecting their dignity by banning triple talak practice. Very few muslim women express this appreciation in public, since they are so much afraid of muslim men.. As a matter of fact, when Mr. Modi banned the triple talak practice in India, there was huge protest from muslim clergy and muslim men condemning Mr. Modi and accusing him of interfering in the affairs of Islamic religious practice.. They called this step of Mr. Modi as anti Islam law and huge demonstrations and public protests were organized. However, Mr. Modi had his way, since his banning the practice of triple talak is ethical, moral and civilized. However, the anger of muslim men against Mr. Modi is remaining strong.

The polygamy practice is supported by many Islamic clergies as a practice sanctioned in the religion. They also seem to think that the polygamy practice enable to expand the muslim population multiple times in short period.

Many observers even think that rapid spread of Islamic population in the world is due to the prevalence of polygamy practice.

Certainly, no woman (wife) would be happy to see the husband sharing the time with several wives. But, they seem to have no alternative other than putting up with this distress situation, as men are very powerful and women empowerment is far less than the desirable standards in Islamic countries and some developing countries.

It is necessary that all activists and social groups fighting for empowerment of women and dignity of women must take up this issue on a global scale, considering it as a social evil and unbecoming of a civilized society.

It would be good , if Indian Prime Minister Modi would take up the issue and ban polygamy in India ,irrespective of the religion or caste or past practice. In India, this practice is still prevalent amongst non muslim population also. Apart from restoring the dignity of women, this practice would also help in curbing the growth of Indian population, which is increasing at alarming level now.

Of course, if Mr. Modi were to ban polygamy in India , there would be huge protest not only from Islamic people but also from several politicians , business men and immoral men in India today , who “keep” more than one wife. Of course, Mr. Modi will have the last laugh , as banning polygamy is a ethical and moral step and would go a long way in ensuring empowerment of women.

Nandini voice for The Deprived more  

All the Holymen who had power lobby: Asharam, Nithyanand, Ram Rahim, Francos Mullakal...have exploited women and children. Some landed behind bars when finally the long arm of the law caught up with them. Kuldeep Sengar - BJP MLA despite being behind bars ensured the elimination of the victims relatives and even her lawyer. He applied for parole. Such people should be hanged. People have started losing their trust and faith in Law as the long process and delays and rampant abuse of power by politicians in power have made the law look like a caged parrot. more  
#CommonCivilCode & #PopulationControlBill needs to be passed in parliament but again these bills will be opposed by selfish,dirty politicians who are against upliftment of Bharat. more  
Polygamy or no polygamy is natural and need of the time. No interference is needed in it by humans. When ratio of women is more than men in a community polygamy is ought to be there. It is never that in a community some men are not getting bride to marry and some enjoy polygamy. Hindu religion polygamy is legally banned because birth of girl child is discouraged resulting lower ratio of women than men everywhere. Hence no polygamy so that every male gets at least one female. When this practice was not there polygamy was there among Hindus also. Most commonly known is the instance of Raja Dasrath. Even Krishna married with two women besides Premika Radha. We should not target any community in specific for polygamy. more  
Mr Vir, we need to consider current situation & justifiable use of scarce resources. It is not relevant to consider any religion or community or examples in the history. If government can ban marriage of a girl below 18 years for all communities, polygamy can be banned legally. We observe in less educated strata, a husband marries second time if the first wife is childless or has no son. They need to be educated to adopt an orphan in such cases. There are educated couples who adapt orlhans rather have own offsprings.We know single parents who adapt orphans. Just consider China, she got freedom in 1949, later than us. By that time, the world use to compare productivity of Chinese with rabbits. Many chinese had more than 4 offsprings. But once they implemented Single child policy & withdrawal of all government benefits, salary annual increment to those who have more than one child, they progressed. Now the world counts chinese for hard work, tenacious more working hours per week & good physical fitness only because they reward social education & resources for constructive work while punishing social destructors & detractors timely. more  
Mr Venkataraman. I wish your views/voice reaches the Prime Minister. This would help curb of population growth. Otherwise, all the development work will not yield the improvement of quality of life in our country...... more  
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