Arvind's letter to volunteers

The selection process for Aam Aadmi Party candidates is ongoing. I would like to share some bitter and sweet experiences of this process with you.

First of all, I would like to share a few words about the selection process adopted by the party. This is the first time any party in the country has adopted this type of selection process. This process was unanimously adopted during April 14th volunteer meeting, where approximately 3000 volunteers participated. Since this process is being adopted for first time in the country, we are facing several difficulties in implementing it. I admit that many short-comings are surfacing during the implementation of this process. We may have made mistakes during the implementation of this process. But our intentions are good. Whereas, in other parties tickets are given on the basis of money power or to the relatives of senior leaders, no one can make the accusation that any member of the Aam Aadmi Party's selection committee or political affairs committee (PAC) has given tickets after accepting money or to their relatives. This is a big deal in itself. It is not a small achievement that an honest attempt has been made to implement this type of process.

We had assured the nation multiple times that we will allocate the tickets to honest people of good character and with no charge-sheet of serious crime. Today, I am proud to say that all the candidates we have announced till today are honest, of good character and without any charge-sheet of serious crime. I also announce that if any proof of corruption or lack of character or a charge-sheet of serious crime against our candidate is shared with us, we will cancel the candidacy of that person. No matter what, we will not send a wrong person to Vidhan-sabha. Today, there are 162 tainted MP's in the Lok-sabha. There are 25 tainted MLA's in Delhi Vidhan-sabha. In this situation, this step of Aam Aadmi Party is a strong initiative towards cleansing the politics of the country.

There were several pleasant experiences during this process, which brought tears to my eyes.

1) Mithilesh and Akhilesh were two candidates short-listed for Model Town. Mithilesh voted for Akhilesh and Akhilesh voted for Mithilesh during the voting by volunteers. Do we ever see this kind of brotherly love in any other party?

2) Satendra Jain and Mithilesh were short-listed for Shakurbasti. Mithilesh and her brother-in-law, both voted in favor of Satendra Jain.

3) Baljit Mann and Rajesh Kumari were short-listed from Narela. During the volunteers voting, Rajesh Kumari withdrew her name in favor of Baljit Mann and voting was not required.

I have mentioned only three examples above. We have seen several examples like this during this time-frame. These selfless emotions of the party volunteers are the foundation of the party. We get strength from them and because of them, I am confident that India will soon be free of corruption.

But, there have been some bitter experiences too. Some questions were raised. I would like to answer those questions before sharing those bitter experiences.

1) Some friends have alleged that process has not been implemented properly. I have already admitted that plenty of challenges were faced during the implementation of the process. Party had promised to the nation that we will give tickets to people who are honest, of good character and without any criminal background. That promise has been fulfilled by selectors. We will learn from the challenges faced in implementing the process and modify the process for future elections.

2) Some volunteers have alleged that person who was given the ticket is a weak candidate and other candidate was stronger than him. You would agree that selectors will also want to allocate the ticket to the candidate who not only is honest and of good character but also has the probability of winning. Please think for yourself, why would the party selection committee give the ticket to a weak candidate on purpose? Whether a candidate is weak or strong, everyone can have different opinions about it. The candidate, who comes across as strong to selection committee, may come across as a weak candidate to you. Let us assume that candidate is weak. Shouldn't all volunteers come together to make him a candidate stronger?

3) Some candidates who were not given the ticket are saying that getting the ticket was their right, their right has been denied and they are fighting for it. But is this not completely wrong? Can it be someone's right to get the party ticket? What was our objective when we joined Anna Andolan and Aam Aadmi party? Did we come forward to save the nation or did we want to fight with the party for the MLA ticket? Should these types of people not leave the party immediately? Running for elections and helping with elections, both are responsibilities, both are acts of patriotism. Some people have been given the responsibility to fight elections and others have gotten the responsibility to help them get elected. Both are very important responsibilities.

During this time, some bitter experiences have caused sadness. I am writing some of those experiences below:

1) When a candidate was not given ticket for a Vidhansabha, he conspired with the police and got our candidate arrested on a false accusation. Is this how we are going to challenge corrupt politics?

2) In another Vidhansabha, those people who did not get the ticket, burnt the effigy of a senior party worker.

3) There is a gentleman in a Vidhansabha . He has announced openly that he is going to spend Rupees 50 lakhs to defeat Manish Sisodia. I was thinking that if his wish is fulfilled, Manish Sisodia is defeated and Anil Chaudhary from Congress wins the Patparganj seat again, will that volunteer be happy? Will that help the country? He wants to spend Rupees 50 lakhs to defeat Manish Sisodia. Did he ever try to defeat Robert Vadra, Salman Khursheed, or Nitin Gadkari? Has the desire for revenge and anger overtaken him?

4) There is another constituency where the people who did not get the ticket, are sending SMS to the people, distributing pamphlets against me and the party and going door to door canvassing not to vote for Aam Aadmi Party. Will they get peace if Aam Aadmi Party is defeated? Will the country benefit from it? Have ever put this much effort to defeat BJP and Congress?

5) There is another constituency. The defeated candidates organized a public meeting and insulted the selected candidate in front of everyone.

6) One day, two candidates 'A' and 'B' came to meet me. They started asking me when the short-list for their area will be published. I said that tell me the name of a good candidate. A said "Sir, B can be a very good candidate". I asked B and B said "A is the best candidate". I asked both of them "Can you tell me the name of a third person other than you two"? Then both of them said together "No sir, there is no stronger candidate in entire constituency other than both of us". Don't you think that neither of them should get the ticket? That is what happened. Neither of them got the ticket and today both of them are provoking our volunteers and demonstrating at Jantar-Mantar.

That's it? Was this our patriotism? Was our patriotism so hollow that it was completely shaken just because our preferred person did not get the ticket? Has the desire to be an MLA become so strong and selfish that it has made us blind? We are bent on destroying our own home and our own party?

I tried to reason with all of them. Yogendra Yadav, Manish Sisodia and Sanjay Singh too tried to reason with them. We explained to them that today you have only three options-Congress, BJP and AAP. By harming our party you are knowingly or unknowingly supporting Congress and BJP. We pleaded with them multiple times that this is the last opportunity for the country. Don't do something in anger where your actions will help those corrupt parties, against whom you came out of your home. There is a saying in English – Rome was not built in a day. Aam Aadmi party is a beginning, a small sapling. Do not crush it.

But these people do not see reason. The good thing is that the number of such people in our party is very small. They held a demonstration at Jantar-Mantar this Sunday and there were only 15 people from 8 constituencies. The good thing is that most of the people who did not get the ticket, they are once again selflessly working for the country and the party.

Who are these people who are engaged in destroying the party? These are three types of people. One is those people who are overcome by selfishness and feelings of revenge and are engaged in demeaning the party and the candidates. Second are the ones who applied for party ticket on behest of Congress and BJP. If they had received the ticket then at the last minute they would have withdrawn at the signal of their masters and now they are trying to destroy the party from within since they did not get the ticket. Third types are the ones who were devoted volunteers of the party and since they did not get the ticket, they have contacted Congress and BJP leaders and working at their behest.

I was thinking that, is it not good that these types of people did not get the ticket? Because if they had gotten the ticket and won, then what would they have done if they did not get a ministerial birth? If our party would not have been in majority then would they have not have left the Aam Aadmi party and switched to another party?

Today, in entire Delhi there is a strong wave of support in favor of Aam Aadmi party. It is almost certain that Aam Aadmi party will form the government after the November elections. BJP and Congress both are deeply agitated. One big reason of their anxiety is that Jan Lokpal bill will be passed in Delhi after the formation of Aam Aadmi party and corrupt leaders of BJP and Congress will be imprisoned for their misdeeds. Therefore, both the parties are trying their best to destroy the Aam Aadmi party.

How do we deal with these elements? We tried to reason with them. But they did not agree. Can these people be allowed to remain in the party and destroy it from within?

Until now, this movement has challenged the most powerful and corrupt powers of this country. These powers have tried their best to destroy this movement. But we are following the path of truth. God is with us. Until now, these powers have not been able to harm this movement. Today, some of our own people are trying to destroy the movement and the party due to their own selfishness or at the behest of these powers. Just like we did not allow these corrupt powers to be successful earlier, we will not let them succeed again.

People of the county and honest volunteers have high expectations from the Aam Aadmi party. Under no circumstances, will we allow these hopes to extinguish.

Jai Hind

Arvind Kejriwal more  

syed akhtar abbas hi, i am teacher in indian international school riyadh ksa.i like true politics like you.i hate curruption.i am satisfied your policies and i hope you will do the best for india and indian community.i was active in college politics for the students benefits.i contested students union election in university.again i want to start . more  
Sir, I am a working professional in public sector undertaking and i am very much inspired by your ideas. i would like to offer my services as becoming a public relation officer of your party if you allow. I can only say that i have a good communication skills. and would love to work with and for you. JAI HIND more  
Ok Sent from My iPhone more  
Sir I am an honest hard working man. I want to contest elections to serve our country. If you give your email Id I can send my CV. Here is a brief. I am Professional with medical & management background .I am MBBS Graduate from Delhi University, India. I hold Master in Hospital Administration degree from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi. I have cleared my DNB in Hospital & Health Administration (Equivalent to M.D) from National Board of Examinations. I am also an ISO certified lead Auditor and NABH trained Assessor and trained in Six Sigma Green belt. My twenty two years span of experience includes my tenure as Medical Superintendent, Indian Spinal Injuries Centre, Additional Medical Superintendent at Max Heart & Vascular Institute, Deputy Medical Superintendent at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, 3 years as Govt of India posting at I.G.M.H. Male, Republic of Maldives and 1-½ yrs as C.M.O. at Batra Hospital & Medical Research Center, New (all multispeciality tertiary care hospital). Awards- 1. Indian Medical Association, SDB Exemplary contribution Award. 2. Delhi Medical Association, Excellent Hospital Administrator Award 3. U.C.M.S Alumni Vice President Scroll of Honor. 4. Vice President Indian Medical Association, SDB 2011-12. 5. General Secy. U.C.M.S Alumni 2012-2013 Membership- 1. Visiting Faculty- Academy of Hospital Administration, CREO Zenith Health, Hospiarch etc. 2. Vice President- Indian Medical Association , South Delhi (IMA-SDB) 3. CII NR Subcommittee on Patient Care 4. Delhi Medical Association (DMA)-Central Council 6. Chairman-Standing Panel Committee (DMA) 7. Academy Of Hospital Administration 8. Member Quality In Healthcare (CII) (Dr. PARAM HANS MISHRA) MBBS, PGDHHM, PGDIM, MHA (AIIMS), DNB (H & A H ) Medical Superintendent. Indian Spinal Injuries Centre, C Block, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi-110070, India 9313622552 , 42255242,26899147 (F), more  
I really salute your vision to make our country corruption free. Now your next challenge is to implement this vision. Editor- The Education Post more  
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