Arvind Kejriwal heading to Narendra Modi's residence

Arvind Kejriwal, who is currently touring Gujarat, is heading to Narendra Modi's house with a list of 16 questions for the BJP's prime ministerial candidate.

"If he is free to meet us, fine. If not, we will return when he gives us an appointment," said Mr Kejriwal, who heads the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

The 45-year-old said that his travel through Gujarat has "exposed truths that are shocking."

"Mr Modi keeps talking about development but most of his claims are white lies," Mr Kejriwal said in Ahmedabad.

Mr Kejriwal's road-show in Gujarat has been steeped in controversy. He has been found guilty by the Election Commission of violating the code of conduct by not seeking prior police permission for his tour. Mr Kejriwal's car was attacked on Wednesday night; a repeat attack followed last night on the car of his partyman and close aide, Manish Sisodia. more  

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He is no less than Assaram Gayaram................... more  
Modi is a mass murderer and the world has seen it and therefore the international community banned him from entering UK and USA.

The world community knows it all but due to certain protocols, money power, good offices of our corrupt industrialists gives Modi that extra mile to walk.

I never knew Modi could stoop so low and play such dirty wioth Kejriwal, after all "chaiwala ka mentality hi aisa hai" what can one expect from him, he has even played double with his very own BJP colleagues.. more  
Well Presented Wilfred.As an Indian nobody requires permission to visit Temple,Mosque,Church,Gurdawara,Kashmir, Kanyakumari,why was Arvind Kejrewal prevented from entering Gujarat ? As an Indian only person who cannot visit USA is Modi.
Gujarathi are well settled and prosperous community who have even contributed to Emirs and Sheikhs of Middle East.It is developed even before the birth of BJP or Modi yes why claim credit that is million dollars question and why does Gujarathi Community allow Modi to claim credit ?
Coming down to moot point we as conscious Indian should refrain/restrain from taking Mob in private place.
Hence it will be in the interest of all of us who wants to change this current system should take serene steps and non-vocal violence actions.
I hope this message is clear to all my friends. more  
I agree with you wilfred, but such errors from Arvindji may backfire and he may loose some of his hardcore supporters. The only concern from my side is people shouldn't think Arvindji is hungry for power as it seems like the only target for him is Modi and Ambani nowadays. more  
I think he is a bit rtaw for politics therefore such errors are possible, but as an indian citizen Arvind Kejriwal does not need permission to enter gujarat, secondly the way Modi's goons are after him attacking , smamshing car windows, using gujarat police to harrass his gujarat visit clearly indicates Modi is a devil, not many know about his dirty white lies.

Yes gujarat has not prospered because of Modi, but because of the people of gujarat, Modi is taking free credit and getting fame, if it was Modi whio buit the success of gujarat then what the hell were gujaratis doing all these years till 2002, it's a shame that Modi is making tall claims.

Modi is afraid of Kejriwal'sa approach that he will be fully exposed to the country for all his wrong doings in gujarat, Modi has threatened everyone in gujarat even students are punished for not attending his meetings.

Modi has to answer all 16 questions from Kejriwal....

Finally coming to our Agenda yes we have to form a good team and unity to fight this corruption menace and teach the corrupt how they have to abide by the laws and serve the citizens. more  
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