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New Delhi: A day after 21 new ministers read their oaths of office, Prime Minister Narendra Modi read out the rule book to them, listing the conduct he expects with a specific focus on the winter session of Parliament beginning later this month.

PM Modi is learnt to have told his ministers to avoid going on leave and be prepared to work even on public holidays. The PM, known to be a workaholic, has in his six months in office calendared some of his government's most important activities and events on public holidays or Sundays.

When Parliament is in session, he reportedly wants his ministers to cut down on unnecessary tours and ensure maximum presence in the Houses. He advised them to come prepared with proper answers for questions posed to them during Question Hour.

He spoke for 20 minutes; all but three of the 66 ministers in his expanded team attended Monday's meeting. External Affairs Minister
Sushma Swaraj and Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju had prior engagements, while Heavy Industries Minister Anant Geete skipped the meeting as his party Shiv Sena remains undecided on its relationship with the BJP.

During the meeting, the PM is said to have asked his ministers to be ready with bills pending in both Houses of Parliament along with new legislative proposals. He discussed strategy to ensure that the month-long session remains a "smooth affair" for the government, which plans to pass most of its pending bills as well as introduce some key new bills.

Sources said the PM has also asked all cabinet ministers to take their junior ministers into confidence. A senior minister said after the meeting, "The PM told us that ministers of state must be given proper work and responsibility and files should be routed through them so that they are familiar with government policy." He said the PM has suggested that all cabinet ministers meet their MoSs every Wednesday.

During the previous Congress-led UPA regime, several ministers of state complained that their cabinet ministers gave them no work or access to files. more  

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great pm. we are proud of the pm. col a s sundaram more  
But why good Doctor com administrator Dr. Harshvardhan who knew about health was shifted out, this was the only one disturbing. more  
When some one is taken to task, in American slang, it is said "reading the riot Act"! There is a book by AG Noorani, which describes ministers' misconduct during the Nehruvian era. It includes Jeep Scandal, Mundhra Scandal etc. These things happened because ministers thought they are omnipotent. This kind of orientation inculcates the idea of accountability, and limitations on one's powers when acting as a public authority. more  
THE READING OUT OF THE RULE BOOK TO THE MINISTERS AS WELL AS THE ANTI-BLACK MONEY INITIATIVE WITH THE G-20 NATIONS HARBINGER A NEW GOOD & GOLDEN ERA IN INDIAN POLITICS. It proves beyond all shadows of doubt that Modiji is the one & only PM in Indian history who really has understood that corruption in general & black money generated by the corrupt in particular are the fountain-heads & root causes of all our other main problems in India 1947-2014 & also acted accordingly. Corruption is what reduced India, the richest nation during the longest stretch of time in the history of mankind, into the poorest. NB! Nehru inaugurated & cemented all forms of corruption including nepotism in India 1947 & all our other PMs except Modiji did nothing at all to stop it. Many even did everything possible to fortify the engines of corruption & set new world records one after another. We know who all & how they did it. Now that Modiji has shown the guts to do what was absolutely essential but never dared to do anything about, our India - from the ashes of a murky jokepal past & even murkier present, is expected to rise Phoenix-like & become the richest, most powerful & best welfare nation on earth. All we have to do is retrieve the multi-trillion USD loot stashed away at home & abroad by our criminals & thugs. India ought to demand full information regarding our tax money stashed away in all other countries simultaneously, to prevent round-tripping & other vanishing tricks our Indian tax-evading criminals are adept in. No govt on earth will dare to say no to India provided Modiji stands his ground & insists. Some may need a bit of lectures of wisdom & squeezing. After all, all world nations stand to gain big time by it. NB! The moment we retrieve the multi-trillion USD loot & invest it in development & welfare including infrastructure, India will sart the march to become the richest, most powerful & best welfare nation on earth. Needless to say, this anti-corruption & anti-black money initiatives by Modiji need to be combined with a barrage of other immediate reforms & measures to attain this optimal condition. Welfare nations like Sweden, Norway, Denmark & Finland have already shown that it is 100% possible. If they can do it, so can even we Indians. Note! Hope Modiji can & will accomplish that, too! Modiji needs now all the support he can get. It is the bounden duty of each & every good & loyal son & daughter of India living at home & abroad, to strengthen his hands by whatever it takes, as India's future to a very great extent will be directly dependent on it. Into that new heaven on earth, my dear countrymen, let our India transcend asap! Long live the fight against corruption & the corrupt! Modiji zindabad! Down with the corrupt, that are enemies no 1 of our India & all Indians! Bharat Mata ki jai! more  
A NEW VISION & STRATEGY TO MAKE OUR INDIA THE RICHEST, MOST POWERFUL & BEST WELFARE NATION: INDIA NEEDS NOW AN IMMEDIATE LEADERSHIP, SYSTEM & PARADIGM CHANGES BY AN ALLIANCE OF THE GOOD AGAINST EVIL & ANNIHILATE THE LATTER. It must result in a 100% democratic, credible, dynamic, proactive & interactive ruling group. We need a new moral rearmament, thorough metamorhosis & complete makeover to bid goodbye to the murky JOKEPAL past & present & welcome a glorious future. Only an entirely new breed of good, honest, enlightened, modern & progressive patriots, totally committed to the nation & its citizens & equipped with an adequate agenda, can give our Grand Indian Dreams an entirely different & good direction, dimension, quality, content & impetus & also lead us firmly into the brave new 21st century. All good Indians must now enter politics & unseat the criminal ones in it today. A national & international talent hunt is needed here. The new leaders must change the present primitive, anachronistic, completely hollow & hero-based JOKEPAL politics to a serious, modern, ideology, objective, value, principle & agenda-based one. A clear premium must be placed on all real merits, honesty, integrity & patriotism to engineer a reverse brain & resource drain & signal a complete & thorough leadership, system & paradigm changes.The present manipulated,100% unHindu & anti-Hindu caste system created by our JOKEPAL politicians 1947-2014, must be abolished forthwith. A holistic & scientific national agenda for progress & welfare based on the superb Swedish model ought to be made our sole guiding star. INDIA FIRST ALWAYS, WELFARE TO ALL & PRIVILEGES TO NONE, FROM ALL ACCORDING TO ABILITY & TO ALL ACCORDING TO NECESSITY MUST BECOME OUR NEW NATIONAL MOTTOS. By rewriting the outdated Indian Constitution 100% accountability & transparency must be ensured & power decentralized & shared. All our corrupted & destroyed systems, incl the 4 pillars of our democracy, must be saved & put in foolproof working condition. All dynasties must be exterminated & all other main problems identified & solved. We need a new foreign policy, join NATO - our natural allies - procure new, good & powerful friends & a permanent seat in UNSC. It must undo all the harm done to India & Indians by our totally corrupt, criminal, completely useless, anti-Indian & anti-India politicians 1947-2014. FOR THAT VITAL MISSION, IT MUST CAPTURE FULL POWER AT THE CENTRE & IN THE STATES ASAP. IT MUST START BY JAILING ALL THE CORRUPT & RETRIEVING THE TRILLIONS THEY'VE LOOTED & STASHED AWAY AT HOME & ABROAD. IT MUST BE INVESTED INSTANTLY IN POVERTY & ILLITERACY ELIMINATION, EMPLOYMENT, WELFARE, INFRASTRUCTURE INCL IT IN GENERAL & ELECTRICITY, CLEAN WATER & OTHER ESSENTIAL SERVICES TO ALL IN PARTICULAR & PUT INDIA ON TRACK. LET'S THUS GIVE EACH & EVERY INDIAN A BRAND NEW FAIR DEAL, ENDLESS OPPORTUNITIES & LIFE! AFTER THAT V MUST SAVE THE REST OF THE WORLD, TOO! more  
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