AAP Signature campaign starts today

Though Modi ji is progressing well at the center, BJP seems quite unorganized and vague at Delhi level. Arvind Kejriwal may actually be the right answer for Delhi. Only thing is as Return on Investment, AAP donors/supporters have taken 2 hits already (Delhi once and LS elections) and being asked for funds again is a tough ask.

NEW DELHI: Aam Aadmi Party will start a signature campaign on Wednesday to demand fresh elections in Delhi.

A letter signed by party chief Arvind Kejriwal, explaining why fresh elections are needed, will be distributed across all 70 constituencies. While asking for at least 50 seats to be able to run a government for the full five-year term, Kejriwal claimed his party was short of eight seats for a clear majority in the previous election and because Congress—which gave AAP outside support—made it impossible for the party to carry out any work, Kejriwal had to resign as chief minister.

"For the past several months Delhi has been under the President's rule. BJP does not want fresh elections because it believes that it will lose. Congress also does not want elections because it is now clear that the party will be wiped out from Delhi. AAP wants elections because it would like Delhi to have an elected government," Kejriwal said.

The campaign was announced by the party is a mega rally at Jantar Mantar last Sunday. It will start at 11am on Wednesday from the Patparganj constituency. "The venue of the launch programme is E-Block, West Vinod Nagar.

The party has decided to cover all 70 constituencies during the next fortnight. We intend to reach out to all registered voters and get their consensus on the matter. In the absence of an elected government, Delhiites are bearing the brunt of high power tariffs, inflation, poor water management etc. There is no reason for the lieutenant governor to continue with President's rule since no single party is in a position to form the government," said a senior leader.

The signatures will be used to put pressure on the Centre, President and the LG to dissolve Delhi assembly and order fresh elections.

AAP will also be raising the issue of the Centre's new notification, curtailing the powers of Delhi's anti-corruption branch that now prohibits the agency from investigating cases against central government employees. "On one hand, the central government is curtailing powers of a critical anti-graft mechanism and on the other hand, it is indulging in gimmicks like promising full statehood for Delhi," said a party spokesperson. more  

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DEAR RASHMI , Its a critical situation for Arvindji, we all know and have accepted that somewhere down the line his actions have created imbalance in the hearts of common men its not that easy to win them back initially it was an "AAM Wave " people did not exert much in thinking whom to bring in the POWER ,but now YES every one is thinking twice or even more and he will not be impulsive in making decision which in fact is a very healthy and positive sign for Arvindji and of course for AAP.
MY personal advice to Arvindji once he should look at his party senior members from different angle ! try and assess whether he /she thinks like a common man as well ????
Or he considers himself to be special, above the category of common man ?
then Arvindji's strategy would need to be amended ,strategy related to "Internal Policy" of the party .
Arvindji should select people from the correspondence /mails he receives and based on people he is interacting with him, create a sizable group of intellectuals and discuss the issues in closed door meeting hall ( No access to mobile phones no media coverage in other words with no out side communication )
I am sure he will arrive at conclusive decision .
covering mass is not going to be so fruitful .
Arvindji should know that he has to make an effort to enter into am adami's mind and that too for longer period.
" Induction Method " although its a slow procedure but its result oriented .
ashok sehgal more  
Thanks Rakesh for your gracious comments. Come what may, let us all decide to remain true to our belief and principles of honesty and sincerity. more  
Main problem is AAP has received donations from honest law abiding citizens who have limited resources, they are unable to give money again. more  
Return on investment is a practice being followed in major parties only and not AAP. It is well recognised that corporates who contribute crores of Rupees to political parties, do so for a great ROI. AAP expects and receives small contributions from common people who ascribe to its principle of cleansing of political systems prevalent today. more  
Obviously, AAP should avoid slamming the Ruling BJP on each and every issue; rather a constructive criticism based on valid reasons and visible ramifications on some particular critical issues shall definitely fetch acceptability even among credulous supporters of Mr. Modi and BJP. The country electorates are of varied I.Qs and aptitude and even a realistic view of some issues at disposal of BJP, when raised, is provoking a majority of innocent and mesmerised supporters of Mr. Modi who are even not associated with BJP.
AAP under A.K needs one and all for Delhi election. more  
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