A girl's ordeal with Noida Chain Snatchers

It's not unusual to get mugged, drugged or bugged, if not all at the same time, on the Delhi NCR roads. So the incident that I'm going to narrate may not sound "sensational", but it was enough to leave me shaken.

I'm in a profession, where my day starts with crime reports trickling in from different corners of the country even as we filter them according to the gravity (of the crime) and broadcast them, I was so far a "passive victim". Until it happened to me.

On February 21, around 9.30pm, I was on my way home from DLF Mall of India, Noida. I hired a cycle-rickshaw not because I wanted to save money, but due to the "terror" of cabbies and autowallahs — the huge number of molestation incidents involving cabs and autos have instilled a fear and distrust of them in my mind (at least it's easier to jump from a cycle-rickshaw).

But as we reached near Hotel Fortune Inn Grazia, a few hundred metres away from Sector 26, where I live, two men on a bike rode towards my rickshaw and suddenly grabbed the sling of my bag and tried to snatch it.

While the one riding pillion pulled at the bag, the other one accelerated the pace of the bike. Though caught unawares, I held tight to my bag (so tight that they couldn't go far enough). I also screamed loudly for help. The rickshaw puller too started to pedal faster. In all this, I was left almost hanging from the rickshaw with one hand clutching the bag and the other holding the sidebar of the rickshaw and trying to balance myself. All this went on for almost two minutes and finally the bikers sped away but not before giving one last hard pull at the bag following which I fell on the road with the rickshaw on top of me.

Good news: I was still clutching my bag. Bad news: I couldn't see their faces nor the number plate of the bike. The only thing I remember is that pillion rider was wearing a yellow check shirt.

A few people came to my rescue and offered me water to drink. One of them even took me to a nearby hospital for first-aid. On the way to hospital, he expressed surprise that something like this happened. "It never happens here".


This shook me even more — the perception of safety!

In the hospital —Kailash Healthcare — a staff told me that this was the fourth such case they were attending to that day.

I want to tell everyone — it's time to wake up! These kind of incidents and worse happen all the time here. These are not just everyday reports of road crimes but a life-threatening reality.

Don't trust the mean roads or the law enforcing agencies. The roads are not safe. I have learnt my lesson! more  

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It is Shocking. Others Conducts are not in Our hand. You have Created Example. That is What the Best You could have Done - and Did It. You will surely inspire Others.. more  
It is really shocking. Noida and Gr Noida roads are not safe for women particularly and every one in general. Police are pathetic observers. Radha I should say did a brave and courageous act by defying those goons. more  
Sometime back my wife was standing at AIIMS bus stand for NOIDA bus. Suddenly two young people came on bike and she watched helplessly her golden chain being snatched. We thanked our stars that her life was saved. more  
The incident narrated by Radha Puri is akin to what happened to my wife about two years back in Sector 28. Fortunately the strap of the purse broke and the rickshaw did not topple otherwise she would have received serious injuries being dragged by the motor cycle. Though the person made off with the bag we could not register the vehicle number. These crimes go unpunished by the police and the public is helpless. more  
I am shocked with the narration of the incident. Its a serious crime which needs to be addressed as it was very very close office of district administration which is just on next crossing. 9.30 pm is not the time when roads are completely empty. Definitely we as a society should become aware of such matters. Its purely because we are always indifferent to what is going on in my neighbor. Its the fashion of the day. I prey we may wake up with this incident at least. Yesterday it was with Radha Puri but tomorrow it can be with any one of us as well. I request the administration and the police to please wake up as such petty crime 9as are called) are the reason of fear concept which have deeper impact in the mind of the citizen later and becomes reasons to blame the police. Whatever good is done by police and administration is bound to be lost and shall be be of no value unless such crimes are noticed, checked and culprits are punished. All in local circles are requested to report all similar incidences to awaken the administration and the police. more  
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