9 things that BJP must do to become stronger/better


With this post we would like to seek inputs on 9 things that the BJP should do to become a stronger and better organization.

Please share views with specific suggestions. We will compile them and share with the party leadership to take action.

We look forward to your inputs!
Rajendra Pratap Gupta

PS. Kindly ensure you post your responses in this circle "Supporters of BJP and Modi" and not in the "Transform India with Modi" circle which is strictly for governance and development. more  

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9 things that BJP must do to become stronger/better


With this post we would like to seek inputs on 9 things that the BJP should do to become a stronger and better organization.

Please share views with specific suggestions. We will compile them and share with the party leadership to take action.

We look forward to your inputs!
Rajendra Pratap Gupta

PS. Kindly ensure you post your responses in this circle "Supporters of BJP and Modi" and not in the "Transform India with Modi" circle which is strictly for governance and development.

I am suggesting to reduce retirement age from existing 60 to 55 so that the younger generation in the age group of 25 years to 30 years which is unemployed today and getting frustrated each passing day would get employment before they fall to any vices. They could settle early in life and also retire early when their turns come. Older generation who have completed 55 years or more may be paid VRS for remaining years of their employment so that they could also go for “Bharat Darshan” before they bid bye to this world.

Police personnel and a police Dept. of each and every state of our country are supposed to be the guardian of law. But unfortunately they have become just a mute spectator of what is going around and at times perpetrators and accomplice of unlawful acts and activities themselves.
The Police Dept. on their own or “suo moto”, do not take note of or pretend not to take note of bad things and illegalities, anti social activities taking place in the territory under their control and supervision.
Police Dept. has abdicated their power to their political masters and money launderers and have become themselves pawn in their hands. The Police Dept. keeps blaming the whole world but would not take the responsibilities on their shoulder. The police Dept have lost completely the patriotism for their country and all that matters for them, is money and nothing but money.
Judiciary, Press and Human rights activists are also to a large extent responsible for their inertia and inaction in matter that comes under their purview.
I am of the firm opinion that we must give up on ongoing practice of recruiting police personnel as it is done in the current environment. We have to recruit Police Personnel from those lot of ex service men who have put in at least 14 years of service in national defence. This practice will bring about more discipline in the Police Dept. as ex service personnel are more patriotic and nationalistic in their DNA. I am of the firm view that whatever have imbibed in the DNA of our ex servicemen over a long training periods would be hard to forget and give up. The Defence personnel of our country no doubt get more respect any time than the Police Dept. of any state. This gesture of recruiting Police personnel from ex service personnel would also induced our youngsters to join the defence academy in a large number and get themselves into the service of their mother land. Politicians need not worry about any coup from our defence personnel as they are well disciplined and mature enough.
The politicians harp on decentralisation of power. Yes we too love to have decentralisation of power. But this decentralisation of power has become a curse rather than a boon. We all know that Municipalities and village Panchayats have become the cradle of corruption in our present day set up. Since I am from Goa I know it well that there is rampant corruption at the village level. Some of the Coastal village Panch and Sarpancha have become Crorepati from Roadpati. That shows beyond doubt how much corruption is deep rooted into our system. Nowadays village Panchas and Sarpanchas too go for foreign junkets.
We have to prescribe a time limit for each and every activity that comes under the purview of these grass root level authority and if the job is not done within the prescribed time limit there should be forums to get it done. In Goa these Panchas and Sarpanchas get salaries and they are also demanding pension ( like the MLA’s who get fat salaries and Pension in Goa)for the services of loot that they render for the society which leads to ever increasing licence fees, house taxes and what not. Thus they have become a liability on the society at large. This has to stop forth with. There is no dearth of senior citizens in our villages who are much capable and can render their honorary services to the cause of the society.
The greatest drawback of this system is that it divides the society into two or more groups fighting against each others in the society due to these so called grass root level democratic institutions. Thus it divides the society into groups opposed to each other for the narrow political gains this leads to social evil and unrest at village level. Olden days we had Regidors or Potdars/ Village Chiefs who were rendering free services to the society without any discrimination.

Each Taluka / Tehsil have Sub Registrar office where Registration of Property matter is done.
Sub Registrar is suppose to register whatever is presented to them for registration without any hassle or problem, but nowadays we find that the sub Registrar on one pretext or the other brings some objection for their ulterior motives. It is because of this discretionary power vested into the Sub registrar which is becoming a bone of contention and the same has to be withdrawn from his ambit.
1. On line fixation of time for Registration.
2. Registrar to register the document as per on line Registration numbers.
3. Payment of all charges including Stamping to be done by prescribed Nationalized Banks.
4. The registrar to Register the Document as and how it is submitted.
5. Power to bring objection to be vested into the additional Collector of the District.
6. Prescribed Time limit for each and every job to be delivered by the Sub Registrar.


This is one of the most important Institution of Democracy which suffers badly with Trust deficit.
People say that they have faith and trust in Goddess of Justice but that is far from truth that is only to cover it up. But as long as we don’t remove patti that is tied on the Goddess’s eye She might not be in a position to see what is really happening all around in our country. It is said in legal parlance that “justice delayed is justice denied” but in fact this is the ongoing trend in India.
Delivery of Justice takes very very long time. People are detained without trial for days together. Even some innocent people are being detained wrongly without any reasons just to please their political bosses. Due to this long delay people get frustrated and at time die even before getting justice during their life time. If one sees the modus operandi of the Court one would find it laughable
and very time consuming. The Court’s Board will list out more than 40/50 cases on the board on one particular day. Hence the court is filled up with 100/150 people + pleaders. But none will see the light of the day i.e. final end of it and many would have to go empty handed to make their present the next time. In short by calling so many litigants on one particular day the courts are wasting time energy and money not only of these Litigants but also of this great country of ours and thereby bring disrepute to them and the entire system. Instead few cases could be called and their matter could be taken to logical ends. In my personal view Most Courts feel that the whole lot of people have plenty of time and they could come any number of times and the Courts do not have any. If one criticise the Courts you may be liable for contempt of the Court and so one. That is the reason why our justice delivery system is going from bad to worst. To enable one to improve in any field we need a constructive criticism and one should not take criticism as bad. It should be taken as good and constructive. The Institution as a whole could be criticised but a judge in particular should not.


I) In attempt may be done to solve most of the cases at the Village level itself with the help of Village Sarpanch accompanied by a person having knowledge and experience of law and justice.
II) Instead of going through formal way of Justice delivery system an attempt must be made at sorting out matters in some other forums like fast track court/Lok pal Etc.
III) We have to set time limit within which the judge has to pass the order no matter how many cases he or she is handling at a given time.
IV) There should not be detention in custody without trial for more than two or three weeks.
V) We must have two types of Courts One Criminal and another Civil. The Criminal cases should be settled (pass the order) on priority basis within the shortest possible time frame. Civil cases can take little longer time.
VI) The major part of the burden of sustaining the expenses of the Judiciary must be passed on to the litigants mainly the losing party and not on the society at large. This would encourage people to sort out their grievances out of court.
VII) Judges to be selected not on seniority basis but on the past track records of cases won and not cases lost. This will prompt Advocate to take winnable cases and not frivolous cases without any basis.
VIII) We are in age of computer and hence Courts orders got to be short but specifics to the points. This will save lot of time of honourable judges in writing long orders.
IX) An attempt must be made to restrict the cases to the text of the law and not to cite past cases as precedents which may be different in different situations.

Latest decision of the Govt. of Goa to open some Courts in the evening between 5.30 P.M. to 7.30 P.M. is to be highly appreciated as it is a move in the right directions.
The Legal Fraternity is opposing these courts due to their ulterior motives and vested selfish interest and not in the interest of Justice. The Legal Fraternity claims that it will inconvenience them and their client is not acceptable. The Legal Fraternity does not understand how difficult it is for the working people (both employees of the Private Sector and Public Sector undertakings and also some sincere Govt. employees) to attend the Courts during working hours because of their routine work schedule. The courts think that it is their prerogative to adjourned the cases every now and then on one pretext or the other and call the litigants any number of times disregarding the facts that the litigants too are human beings and that they have to work and work hard to eke out their living. The legal fraternity who is against the idea of Evening Courts also think that the litigants can come and have to come to the courts any number of times during the pendency of the litigations lasting for many years and at times for decades and sometimes for life.
The idea of having evening courts with separate Judges and separate office staff appointed for the evening courts could be attended by only those Advocates who do not have any problem in attending the evening Courts. Those who do not have time need not take the cases of the evening Courts.
The option should be given to any of the litigants to move an application to the Hon’ ble Court to choose either Regular Courts or the Evening Courts.
By establishing Evening courts justice which is perennially delayed and thereby denied will be hopefully delivered in time.
Hope that The Legal Fraternity accept this decision of the Govt. of Goa of having Evening courts in its right perspectives.
7) 1) Solutions for improving Legal/Judicial system

1) We have to have grading system for recruitments of judges i.e. we have to maintain the statistic of all the Advocate practising in the High Courts and the Supreme Courts as to how many cases they win and how many cases they lose and the time taken for each such case. This is so because Advocates would be encouraged in the pursuit of justice to take only winnable cases and not those cases which are prima facie not tenable in law but taken to make the fast buck. This will not waste the time of the courts in frivolous cases.

2) The advocate who takes winnable cases and the one who wins the most of the cases and loses very few of them during his career as an advocate got to be elevated to the post of the Judge because he has uphold the justice in most of his cases during the time he was practicing.

3) An expensive judiciary has become a burden on the society. Why should the innocent people ie the whole lot of society should pay for the Judiciary through their taxes? It is only the Litigants who have to bear the cost of Judiciary. As such we must start charging ( initially a nominal charge) to the litigants for the services rendered by the Judiciary.
Once we start charging for the services of the judiciary most litigants would opt out and some unscrupulous people would be refrained from wasting the precious time of the judiciary. The advocate themselves would be under check not to take the Litigants for granted. In course of time Govt. must make all their services chargeable and bring all their services under the purview of Service Tax Act.

We follow British system of delivering justice which has become time consuming and ineffective. We got to change that a bit. Instead of following normally followed procedure we got to send all the cases to Loke Adalat where we have to call both the parties together with their witnesses and try to sort out the problem among themselves and if possible try and sort it out .I am sure many of the cases would get settled in a one or two seating at the most. BUT WILL THE LEGAL FRATENITY WHICH SURVIVES ON THIS ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN? Never more the cases get prolonged more is their income.

We got to have justice dispensation centres at the village level ( NOT LIKE KHAP PANCHYATS) so that many of the cases get solved amicably at the village level itself. We have to support this centres with a judicial officer who could advise the Village Sarpanch and also be a party to it. In case of criminal cases we got to have an Inspector of the local Police station on the panel. I am suggesting this as I have come across many such judgements where the Hon' ble judge has erred in his judgement for having never paid a visit to the site. Just by sitting in the Court it is not possible for an judicial officer to visualise what has happened or what is happening at the site.

We got to have evening courts say between 6.00PM to 10.00P.M. so that the office goers get time to go and does not disrupt or affect their daily routine . this is of paramount importance because the courts are not bothered how many times the litigants have to go to the court the courts feel that they are vested with powers and authority and others have to come to the court as and when they are called for. The courts go one step ahead and say that they have the carrot with them to show i.e. the contempt of the court and it is because of this sane people even in the interest of law and justice even if they have material fact with them refrain themselves from divulging the same in the court of law. POWER GOES INTO THE HAED OF THE PERSON WHO SEATS IN THE HOT SEAT AND HE FEELS THAT THE CITIZENS CAN COME AND HAVE TO COME ANY NUMBER OF TIMES. AS IF THEY ( LITIGANTS & WITNESSES) CAN SURVIVE ON AIR AND WATER AND DO NOT HAVE TO WORK TO EKE OUT THEIR LIVINGS.

I also wish to put it on records that the summons sent by the courts even for witnesses are worded in such un polite way that you feel irritated even to read it. “ e.g. you are required to present in the court and not to leave the court before the court allows you to do and if you do so the court will pass a warrant against you and so on as if you are such a criminal that you can’t leave the court premises and can’t even go for a loo.


At present most of the civil cases are filed with mala fide intentions because there is no fear of law if they lose the case. Thus wasting the precious time of the courts and money of the person who is dragged into the Court. at the end of the case the losing party is charged a nominal penalty which got be changed drastically. The Losing Party must not only be made to pay the entire cost of the litigation to the wining Party but also the charges to the Court for having filed a frivolous case and wasting the precious time of the Court.

The court needs to keep in mind that the witnesses who come to court to give evidence are doing a great service to the people and the Society. They should not be called number of times and should not be harassed if they do not want to give evidence in one particular case. The courts must know it very well that each one of us got to work to eke out our living i.e. if we do not work we are not paid and hence we got to remain hungry. But the courts think otherwise. They think that the whole world except them have lot of time and they have to obey them when called for evIdence or they could come any number of times. The witnesses must be given preference and their evidence and counter evidence must be finished on one particular day only and he should not be called number of time.

It so happens some time that the judicial officer does not turn up sometimes due to some personal reasons and hence all the cases are adjourned to the next date, thus all the Litigants numbering to more than 50 to 100 wasting their day. This should be arrested by substituting some other officer so that at least the filing work and evidences could be completed. We know that the new officer who is not abreast with the given cases would not be in a position to deliver Judgement but efforts’ could be done to salvage the loses due to absenteeism in the Court.

We are in the age of Information Technology. What we find from most judgements is that it is running into pages. judgement got to be very precise and to the point without citing any precedence’s of some other cases which has no relevance to the case under consideration Thus got to be avoided preferably.


We celebrate the 1st of May as an International Labour Day.
With decades of misrule by various past Govt. and in the era of constant appeasement of Govt. employees by every passing Govt. which has discriminated the private sector employees in various forms and ways and has left the unorganized private sector employees at the complete mercy and exploitation of the Private Sector Employers who squeeze them to the maximum extent possible and reduces them to a near state of slavery – a beast of burden.
The Minimum Wages Act which is true in its literal meaning is really minimum and is no where closer to any reality. The Minimum Wages Act is just an eye wash, it is a cruel joke on the unorganized private Sector employees inflicted by none other than the Govt. of the land.
India is a Democratic country and we all are the citizen of this great country – India. According to the Constitution of India, all citizen are suppose to be equal in the eyes of Govt. and its functionaries. But are we really equal? There are different laws for different people. Are we democratic in its right perspective?
To empathize my point on appeasement of selected few and discrimination of plenty, I wish to cite as under as to how a Govt. is discriminating the private sector employees little knowing that it is surviving only on the hard efforts put in by the employees of this Private sector who contributes lion’s share towards the coffers of any Govt. in power.

Govt.Eemployee v/s Private sector Employees.
1. Lucrative VI Pay Commission at the mercy of spineless Private Unions which are
inept and corrupt.
2. Decent salary + DA Minimum wages which are less than 50% than
that of Govt. Employee salary.
3. 5 days as working week 6 days as working week.
4. Not more than 200 working days in a year. more than 300 working days in a year
5. More than 20 public Holidays in a year Not more than 6 Holidays in a year
6. More than 45 days PL/CL Leave per year less than 30 days as annual leave – PL/CL etc..
7. Fat pension after retirement very meager pension from FPF.
8. Host of other benefits and Perks No benefits except in big companies of repute.
9. Reward before every election left high and dry to the destiny of nature.

We are all aware that there is massive unemployment in India and this gives the Private sector Employers an opportunity to squeeze the employee to the maximum extent possible and exploit them by paying minimum wages as per the outdated Minimum wages Act which is far lagging behind in view of the ever increasing inflation in the consumer market. Thus the private Sector Employees are orphaned and are just left high and dry to their own destiny.
The private Sector employers too can’t be blamed fully as there is large scale “Tax Terrorism” on them imposed officially by the Govt. in power and thus the employers land up paying around 20% to 25% of their Total Revenue to the Govt. by way of various taxes/ license /fees etc. This is the reason why the Private sector Employers claim that they could not afford to pay a decent salaries to its employees at par with that of Govt. Employees. This is white collar extortion & exploitation of the masses by the Private Sector Employers and the Govt. in power. This has to stop once for and all.

Though the employees of the Newspaper publications and its journalists too fall under unorganized Private sector Employee category, Govt. of India appoints Journalist Wage Board to decide the salaries and wages payable to Journalist and its other Employees. In line with above the Govt. of India has to have a National Wage Board for whole of India so that the unorganized Private Sector Employees would start getting a decent salaries and wages which is, even if not at par with that of Govt. Employees got to be at least 85% to 95% to that of Govt. employee’s salaries/wages declared by their various pay commissions from time to time.
We are a Democratic country and it is our duty to see that inequality between haves and have not’s is bridged with every passing year. But that is not happening and I regret that the reverse is happening. The rich are becoming richer and richer and the poor people are becoming poorer and poorer. Is this an encouraging trend in a Democracy?
Some of the fiscal policies of the present and the past erstwhile govt. are such that in the long run they would reduce the whole lot of our able and working population redundant and good for nothing. We do not measure the long term effect of these anti people policies of the Govt. at this juncture but they would have long term ramification with remote possibility of returning to its original position. I do not wish to elaborate on this as some of those who are used to getting these freebies and doles given by the Govt. in power would find hard to digest but they and their future generations would repent for their blunders of taking freebies from the Govt.. This is a well designed conspiracy of the Govt. in connivance with international power to make us redundant and a dead stock and keep us as is where is basis just to use us as their vote bank.
K.T.Kadamb. GOA.

Jai Hind. more  
I think BJP's days old theory attached with the rass root workers and with the ideology of Sangh should prevail because all the supporters of BJP are grass root workers or supporters. I am from my childhood used to work for Bhartiya Jan sangh and then for BJP. My whole family is supporter of BJP. Now the working style has changed a lot. The old values are lost.
I wish I look the party again in the same format. I remember old days when I was only 12 years used to be volantier of Bhartiya Jansangh a great admirer of Balraj Madhok now offcourse Shri Narendra Modi. Every one in the party shpuld develop the culture of BJP. Those who have joined BJP from other parties should change their political culture. more  
Since we are a cadre based party and ideology is very basis of our understanding of day to day affairs in Politics we should think of training our party cadres. Office bearers who are not really putting in efforts and for whom ground work is not the comfort zone should be replaced with immediate effect. People who are willing to put in effective work and cut across the barriers in the party should be given chances. Reaching the masses is very essential especially in states like TN. We need Libraries where in we have good books that authenticate our Leaders who have shaped our ideology, Party, and Integral Humanism. and the days during emergency etc. Periodic meetings should be conducted at panchayat, district and state levels. Those who have criminal records should be shown the door. We should not tolerate people who come to do politics with some ulterior motives, money or muscle power. New energy should be brought in by fresh faces and credibility should be built. more  
Put a muzzle on most of its ministers, MP's and MLAs, lock it and throw away the keys. more  
Rajendra bhai,
I personally feel that BJP as a party is not that powerful as on date as it should have had been.
It was Modi magic that brought BJP to power in center and also in some states.
But leaders of BJP are letting down the party after Narendra Bhai Modi has taken responsibility of PM at the center.
First and foremost task must be to discipline leaders and workers of the party. With power in Party's hand, some of them have developed ego and are moving above ground level.
A code of conduct must be framed for every worker of party and they must adhere to the same, irrespective of post held by them.
Framing code of conduct must be done keeping in mind interest of the party and that of our nation, at the highest priority
Short cuts always lead to chaos and therefore party must keep away from following the same.
Our respected leaders of party have committed several mistakes and due their high headed behavior and lack of foresightedness has led to humiliating defeat in recent assembly elections in Delhi.
Full page advertisements of BJP during these elections have accepted that Mr. Arvind Kejriwal is becoming CM of Delhi then how can you think of forming government in Delhi?
You need to change mindset of these workers and leaders of party.
In addition, every party worker needs to be trained to be a dedicated worker of party keeping in mind welfare of people of this country, irrespective of caste, creed, color, religion, region and faith of people of this country. Party must make a program for the same and dedicated efforts are required for such training.
By merely adding maximum number of people in its fold is not going to help this party. The same has been proved in recent elections.
I have earlier offered my services for training workers and leaders of party for changing their mindset from negative to positive, but the same was unheard by the party.
My offer is still valid for the party and I wish that an attitude of positivism prevails in minds of people of this country and that of the party workers so that our country moves ahead and there is tremendous progress as envisaged by our dynamic Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Bhai Modi. more  
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