Press Release : Mr BS Bassi's threat will not work
Date 5 Dec 2015

Delhi Police Commissioner’s threats will not deter the truth about his fraud from coming out

The Delhi Police Commissioner Mr BS Bassi has threatened to send those making allegations against him with regards to the fraud in a cooperative housing society to the graveyard.

The record of Mr Bassi and his police force in sending residents of Delhi to graveyard has been fully exposed in the custodial death case of 34 year-old Shahnawaz at Nandnagri, in which the Delhi High Court has ordered a CBI probe and described the Delhi Police set-up SIT as an attempt to save the guilty policemen.

Mr Bassi is beating around the bush to divert attention from the real issue.

We challenge him to answer the following questions about the irregular allotment of a residential flat to him in a fraudulent manner in the Lucky Cooperative Housing Society, Sector 13, Rohini, which is a clear case of misuse of official position.

Our questions are :

1. How did Mr Bassi know in advance about this vacancy at Lucky Homes Cooperative Society even before it was confirmed by the RCS (Registrar of Cooperative Societies) in 1989-90 ? Is it not connivance? Is it not criminal conspiracy?

2. Is it a mere coincidence that the then RCS Mr. KS Mehra who was his next door neighbor at Ashok Road, bypassed all bylaws and provisions to illegally help Mr Bassi to get him enrolled in Lucky Home?

3. Who arm-twisted or connived with the Managing Committee for illegal expulsion of original member without even giving a public notice in leading Newspapers. Was it not deliberate to hide this information from Public so that one and only Bassi gets accommodated in his place?

4. Inspite of the fact that Mr Bassi deposited only Rs 10,000/- (against demand of Rs 2,03,045/-) and did not communicate anything on record, but Society and the RCS did not take any action against his membership, while original member was expelled on same grounds?

5. Is it not a blatant conspiracy that RCS did not process the letter of Society for five months, just because Mr Bassi had not made the payments and it wanted to abuse the law to make his enrolment deemed Confirmed.

6. Why was Mr Bassi given the property at the same rate of original allottees while Law clearly mandates 24% per annum for Equalization charges?

7. Did Mr Bassi inform his Police department and the Society about subletting to Mr Ravi Bassi? If it was not sublet, did Mr Bassi declare his brother Ravi Bassi as his dependent in department records? What status does their income tax return depict?

8. The By-laws of Lucky Home Society clearly mandated that Mr Bassi should have informed Society about procuring any other property. And he procured 500 sq mts residential plot at Civil Service Officers Welfare Society in 1998, his membership at Lucky Home should have been cancelled. Is it not a serious violation? Is commissioner of police so ignorant about law?

9. Even kids know the market value of society flats in Rohini in 2008? Any price less than a market value is called under-vaulation. Who are you trying to fool sir?

10. What was the status of your ancestral property at Tagore Garden? It finds no mention in records of Ravi Bassi submitted to Society? Was his membership at Lucky Home also based on manipulations?

11. The Managing Committee of the Society had taken strong actions against many members for violation building bylaws, changing original structures and encroachments.Was it a fear of Bassi that they did not act against illegal activities of Sh.Ravi Bassi?

12. Inspite of the fact that Dy Registrar has given a complaint against Ravi Bassi for obstructing their official work, there has been no FIR against Mr Ravi Bassi? Is the Delhi Police Commissioner’s brother above the law? more  

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