Real Estate Corruption is only one cog in the wheel of a corrupt system where a citizen has no escape.

We have to break this system..

The root cause of corruption are
a) Non availability of basic services like Housing, Schools and Health and Minimum Food. One is forced to be corrupt in order to survive.
b) Our Political System where one has to be corrupt and support the corrupt
c) No Accountability of Ministers to General Public.
d) Civil Service System where only corrupt survive

What will a poor policeman do.. He has to send children to same schools, get treated by same doctors. Once a person accepts a bribe he becomes part of a corrupt system from which there is no escape even if he wants to..

This is similar to water cycle we have studied in school

One needs to look only at defence personnel where basic minimum facility to Jawans and Officers is provided and there is no need for low level corruption.

The starting point all corruption is the buying of votes and huge election spending in our election process. Corruption feeds this election spending.. Once the politician comes to power he/she is forced to be corrupt to payback those who helped him to come to power.

1. Government should focus on providing spend on providing basic social infrastructure so that there is no need for poor people to be corrupt. I am sure we can afford this. Fix our Government schools, Government Hospitals so that they provide poor with basic minimum facilities. This is not about money only. It is also about having a proper management team and quarterly reporting on performance.

2. Every Ministry should publish a quarterly report on performance in Public Newspapers

3. All Government Public Institutions like Hospitals, Schools, Courts, Police Force should publish Quarterly reports on Performance just like Companies do. There should be a standard reporting format which includes financial and operational parameters

3 Widespread Campaign to stop buying of votes and reduce election expenditure by Election Commission

4. Force all Political Parties to File Annual Returns like Companies do. All Political Parties must be transparent in operation else should not be allowed to contest elections

5. All Political Parties must have a process to select leaders internally and this must be open to external scrutiny. Political parties must be considered as public institutions as they are formed for public service

6. Institute a Land reforms which focus on usage of existing land in our cities.

7. Courts Administration should be handed to a Court Administration Body staffed by suitable experts so that all Judiciary proceedings held speedily and orders are available online. Judges should only be concerned with Justice and Law. Court Administration needs to be handed over to management body and they should publish quarterly report on the performance indicators

8. Improve transparency in all spheres by putting more and more government citizen interactions online.. Hand over this management to reputed IT Companies like MCA21, Income tax, Passport Seva.

9. All Government Websites Management should be handed over to private parties for efficiency of operations so that all forms and information is available on government websites on time.

10 Alternative to Top Civil Servants like Secretaries reporting to Politicians needs to be found. They can report to a board of governors like CEO of a company reports to a board or to the President

11. Fix Retirement age for politician holding public office. No one can hold any public office beyond age of 65 or 70 more  

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I have seen many farmlands turning into housing complexes in the last 7 years. We(India) used to export grains to other nations. WOH DIN DOOR NAHI, there won't be any farming done in Indian soil and we will be importing food. Only rich people can afford it, rest will starve and vanish in the thin air. more  
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The root cause of corruption is politicians. Can we get rid of them? more  
Even the bureaucrats who are hand in gloves with the politicians more  
Agree with you sir. We need some sensible people to represent the rest of the crowd. But will that kill corruption? more  
Now a days corruption is the soul of every man of the society, the root cause has to be searched out. How every " it is due need is greater than greed" more  
Our crying and shouting will not help. We have to persuade the law makers to do something ... because they have to change first....., Now it is time, when even AAP epitomised as anti-corruption syndrome itself is in the cloud of doubt... more  
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