Recently the new A.P. Govt. formulated a Commission to work on Reservation benefit to Kapu [ Naidu ] Caste under b.c. / obc . We had already witnessed a Citizen protest for Reservations to Patel caste in Gujarat State . In this connection , I request you to share your valuable suggestions on the subject of Reservations since recently there was a proposal of Reservations in the private Sector Jobs to the Central Government .My observations are submitted below please .
1. Basis of castes on Reservations , Relaxations , Subsidies and Concessions is not only an inhuman application , anti Social , creator of jealousy , antipathy and rivalry but also anti National.
2. Dr. Sri Ambedkar & Senior Constitutional advocate Sri Palkhiwala very seriously and furiously criticized aiming the castes to become merely the dust on the shelf of Indian History .
3. Casts cannot be the sole test for ascertaining whether a particular class is a backward class or not . poverty , occupation , place of habitation may all be relevant factors to be taken into consideration .
Article 15 [4 ] does not speak of “ Castes “ but only speaks of “ Classes “ and ‘ caste ‘ and ‘ class ‘ are not synonymous
4. Backward class of citizens in Article 16 [4] is the same as the Socially and educationally backward classes, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes mentioned article 15 [4] .
It is not necessary for a class to be designated as a backward that it is situated similarly to the SC’s and ST’s .
5. Clause 4 of article 15 only enables the State to make special and not exclusive provision for the Socially and Economically backward classes . The State would not be justified ignoring altogether advancement of the rest of the society in its zeal to promote the welfare of backward classes . National interest would suffer if qualified and competent were excluded . The Special Provision should be less than 50% how much less than 50% would depend upon the relevant prevailing circumstances in each case .
Classification is necessary to help the more backward classes otherwise , the advanced sections of backward classes might take all the benefits of Reservations .
6. Dr.Sri Ambedkar in the constituent Assembly also said that “ Reservation must be confined to a minority of Seats “ Article 16 [4] speaks of adequate representation and not proportionate representation .

The Very purpose of the quota system was to help the poor . The purpose will be defeated if no distinction is made between rich and the poor among the backward classes and if the rich and the poor are treated alike , in th matter of job reservations , they are bound to benefit at the cost of the poor .
Wrong inclusion or non-inclusion of groups , classes and sections in the List of other backward classes becomes against the concept of the provisions . Government of India shall specify the basis applying the relevant and requisite socio-economic CRIETERIA TO EXCLUDE THE SOCIALLY ADVANCED PERSONS, SECTIONS, CREAMY LAYER OF ECONOMIC STATUS FROM BACKWARD CLASSES .

7. Reservations creates lot of resentment amongst persons who are denied and thereby effects efficiency in the administration . Besides , it is usual , Politicians can take undue advantage and create disharmony and dissensions amongst members of different classes of Society and this would not be in the interest of the Nation .
The whole policy of Reservations is in fact a politically motivated policy coming down from British days at the divide and rule policy . It is against the interest of the Nation and it can only be desired by those vested interests who wish to see people fighting each other .
It has provoked a Caste war which threatened to tear our Social Fabric . The Bihar and Gujarat movements in 1981 , 1985 , and in 1990 in all the States in the Northern India violent anti reservation agitations in which several lives were lost IS NOT TO BE FORGOTTEN FOREVER .
In deed , both legally and socially the policy of Reservations cannot be justified .

The Reservations for backward communities should not be excessive so as to create a monopoly or to interfere with the unduely with the legitimate claims of other communities of the same status .

This is why the Supreme Court directed for working-out a Creamy layer to find out the really Backward Classes to differentiate Poor and the poorest of the poor to eliminate those already reached / addressed than the others being deprived . This is through the identifying and separating those Economically better than those still un-addressed with .

The issue of limitation of Reservations to 50% by the Supreme Court was also based on the quotations of Sri Dr. Ambedkar cited above establishing that the 50% limit can only be exceeded in an extraordinary situations prevailing in a far flung State like Nagaland etc.,

8. Though Supreme Court Directed in a reference in 1985 that Reservations to be prevailed upto 2000 , the then Rulers in the year 1990 itself enacted to continue Reservations extending to another 40 years from 1990 i.e., upto 2030 in case of Reservations of S.C. , S.T. in the Lok Sabha and the Legislative Assemblies of States .
The issue of Reservations in the government Services was then also set aside defeating the interests of general public other than S.C. , S.T. and those other castes unconstitutionally named disregarding the clarity and specific recognition given to only Schedules Castes & Scheduled Tribes .

9. Article 16 guarantees equality of opportunity in matters of appointment in State Services . It does not, however, prevent the State from prescribing the necessary qualifications and selective tests for recruitment for Government services . The qualifications prescribed may, beside mental excellence , include physical fitness , sense of discipline , moral integrity , loyalty to the State . The character and antecedents of candidates may be taken into consideration for appointments in Government Services while observing reasonable ground and nexus between the qualifications and the object that is , the post or the nature of the Service .

10. While this is the actual position even in the Government Services on the issue of Reservations which is conditional and was set with the Constitutional Bench of the Supreme Court , the proposal for addressing Reservations in the private Sector also is really not only inhuman , anti Social , anti constitutional objectives , and even anti National too .

11. It is Constitutionally and legally also correct that UNLESS THE ISSUE OF EDUCATION AS PER AND FOR FULFILLING THE ARTICLE 15 [4] , 21 , 30 , 39 , 45 , AND 46 , IS CARRIED FREE UPTO THE AGE OF 14 YEARS , and the Medicare Carried under article 47 to all the Children of India , besides Aided Education to those Socially and Economically backward classes , THE IMPLEMENTATION AND CARRY OF RESERVATIONS EVEN IN THE GOVERNMENT SERVICES IS ANTI SOCIAL , ANTI NATIONAL AND EVEN AGAINST THE JUSTICE OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION IN ADHERENCE OF THE CONSTITUTIONAL PROVISIONS . more  

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Sri Brindha Baskara , still , the Governments are not at all interested to have Uniform address of those Poorest of the Poor as directed by the Supreme Court and , the many Senior Advocates at the option of Economical Status stipulation . more  
It was told that the percentage of people in poverty will decide in which caste the community belongs to. Same community people in Tamil Nadu is in BC and in Karnataka they come under GEN. When it comes to central government they are coming in GEN category. This becomes a big issue for the people and also employees issuing the OBC certificate. Even if the government proposes central examination for medical counselling, will they lot percentage of seats to every state according to the population and size of the state so as to ensure that number of doctors produced in every state is as per the requirement more  
Even Yesterday 60 Crores Worth Forest Produce was Seized by A.P. Police which could in deed address S.C., & S.T. Governments have been since 3 decades allowing the Robbery and Smuggling of Forest and Land Wealth which in deed could have addressed to continue the Free Education through government Schools and Colleges as was carried up-to 1985. THIS TYPE OF RULE IS REALLY ANTI CONSTITUTIONAL AND ANTI NATIONAL TOO . more  
A very well-thought writing. Yes, free Quality education for all would have solved all these problems of caste in the past 60 years, what a lost opportunity. Certain politicians and the government abused the "caste" to gain votes and control. We have to compensate for it over the next 10 years by giving equal opportunity in education. We have to make the government schools as good as the best private schools. Then it is up to the students performance to get into different professions. Of course, the final goal should be to remove the caste system altogether, everyone should be treated as just humans. I do like your conclusion, certain things that have been promoted by certain politicians to create a bigger divide in the society are anti-national. more  
Thanks .well explained. Once categorized as backward let that caste share the percentage of reservation as in the constitution at present provided that it does not e feed 50% of total. Basic need is to do away after 60 years after independence with reservations altogether. Need of reservation based on economic backward ness is the need of the hour. No need in Pvt actor. Even if govt continues it should be modified .suggestion is reservation up to graduation only .and not in post graduation, jobs and promotion in the government sector only There a undercurrent in the society due to this continuation in the present form. May the bright in society be given the opurtunity and not mediocre and undeserving . more  
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