Know the common scams prevalent in India

Please read and share the post link with all your WhatsApp groups friends. Especially senior citizens and teenagers

1) Urgency for Medical or Police Cases

Parents receive a call from someone that your son/daughter met with an accident and please transfer some money to take them to the hospital

Similarly, they have been arrested. And then ask for money
Also Beware from Deepfakes

Parents don’t know much about AI, someone may even call with AI voice that looks like yours

2) Fake Courier Scam for Illegal Items

2-3 Callers would pretend to be from courier company, police, CBI, custom etc

They usually have your PAN, Aadhaar Number and claim that some illegal item is being sent on your ID and ask for money

3) Honey-trapping

Mostly middle age people get targeted, video calls from unknown number on WhatsApp

The lady make you comfortable and stripes, records the whole video and threaten to upload on social media if you don’t give them the money
Parents or victim easily falls into their trap because of guilt and societal pressures and embarrassment

4) Fake UPI Transfer

Someone would call you to claim that they have made an incorrect UPI transaction

Might send fake messages and screenshots that looks exact same like Bank or UPI App

They ask you to transfer back the amount by creating urgency

5) Your Papa Gave Me a Loan

You get a call from someone, they want to return some money they took from your parents years back

They even transfer some small amount to build the trust

Later they simply send fishy links / collect request, as soon as you click or enter UPI PIN
This is an Interesting Read covering more such cases, check carefully

6) Free Gifts

You’ve won a Tata Safari, 10 Gram Gold, Holiday Package, KBC Summer etc

They simply asks for some basic information, and ask you to deposit a small token amount to claim the gift (₹5000-₹30,000) by online or visiting a bank

That money never comes back

7) Electricity Connection Disconnect

Unique cases, you get a WhatsApp Message that your electricity bill is pending and will be disconnected

Once you download the attachment or click on the link, you expose your phone to the scammers

8) Free Cashback / Reward Points

Calls and messages that your reward points are expiring or you earned ₹10,000 cash back on your last purchase

In order to process the cashback, they send you a form or link

9) Fake KYC / Account Freeze

You receive a message that your bank account would be frozen because KYC is pending

Once you click on link, it looks like your bank’s website but a fake one

They ask for sensitive details like card number, CVV etc

10) Wrong Courier Delivery

You get a call for a COD parcel on your name, as soon as you say I didn’t order anything please cancel

They would ask for an OTP for cancellation, but it comes from your bank

If you say that why you need an OTP, they’ll simply say it’s a process

11) Foreign Job Promise

They take advantage of unemployment people, promise them that they are shortlisted for a job in Canada, UK, Saudi etc

They ask for Visa Fee to process the offer letter, keep asking money for different reasons till you realise you’ve been scammed. This was happening at the large scale

12) APK/Links on WhatsApp

There are many other ways how they send messages on WhatsApp with APK Files and suspicious links on the name of

Medical Cases

As soon as one clicks on it, they get access to your SMS and important sensitive details more  

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Unfortunately Govt. had introduced many important tools without much protection that simply add more problem to common man instead of having better services. This indicates the truthfulness of the Govt. more  
Our Laws have to be STRINGENT to deal with such CRIMES in timely manner. more  
Be careful of mobile calls with prefix of 92 as they are from across the border. more  
I have received such calls and I know many of my friends and family have received too. Thankfully, no one got scammed so far. I think the important thing is to not get greedy and fall for such scams. They are all too good to be true. more  
Recently sent a document by courier to US. The document was received by the receiver. Subsequently, I received a call from someone stating that they are from customs and that the parcel has been returned. They wanted my name. I told them that they should know my name, since they had called me. I asked for the tracking number. They said only if I give my name can they track the package. I cut the call. I then logged a complaint in a govt portal (not sure if it went through, because there was no complaint number nor sms nor email). I then called the number of the caller. It was switched off. more  
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