In January 1986, massive communal riots occurred in Anantnag (Southern Kashmir), in which the minority community (Pandits) lost nearly 300 homes and two temples were burnt down. What was amazing was that the State government, being run by the majority (Kashmiri Muslims), used a massive cover-up to hide the event more  

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If a person fights normally , he has the right to put up his views before the voters . But the Kejriwal is spreading lies . He claims that in 2 days of his GUJRAT sojourn , he has visited every corner of it and concluded that everything over there is bad . IS IT NOT A BLATANT lie. Here lies the problem because even most ardent critics of MODI admit that in development GUJRAT is ahead of all other states . more  
Naman ji....banaras shradhao or virasat ki jagah h....kejriwal jaise bhagore or kasmir ko pakistan ka batane walo ki waha koi jagah nhi h more  
In Varanasi - Kejriwal ka Virodh

This is called Khoff of Single AAM AADMI.

BJP ko kitna dar hai ? one thousand workers against a single person.

Bhai Election main Hara kar dikhao. ( Kayaro jaisi harkat, aaj kal net ke yug wale election main nahi chalti)

BJP knows very well, if this time BJP will not be able to make government. then this is end of BJP, atleast for next 10 years it will not survive.

And in next ten year all the well known respected Leaders of BJP will be retiered. ( kuch ko to modi ji ne hi khatam kar diya hai )

New generation will require again Ten more years.

So this election for BJP is - Any how Kuch bhi karo. Modi ji ko PM banao
- Galat ya sahi. / Hindu or Muslim
- 5000 to 10000 crores .... ETC. more  
Election expenditure

28 Cr.
5000 Cr.

? ..... ?

Kya hoga bhai ?

Ek AAM aadmi ka khoff kya hota hai ? dekho india dekho. more  

At times , I fail to understand , why people stop thinking rationally which interalia means why they lose their ratiocinative faculty to the extent that they overlook even their own interest . This is true for all of us, the Indians. This is the reason behind our tolerating ineficient , inapt , corrupt and paralysed Govts. especially for last 10 yrs. The common man is oblivious to the fact that a Rupee which he had in his pocket in 2004 has now reduced to merely 20 paise in 2014 . His pocket has been picked but he is not aware of it . In normal case he should lodge an FRI in people's court but he seems to be happy without .

On having an impartially look at hings on ground , I do not think , there are many who wish to work against the larger interest of this country. All politicians have same real ideological zeal which is development , progress and well being of citizens . This bogey of secularism , communalism , cast-ism , religeonism, regionalism and all other isms is devil mind's creation . Those who practice it , themselves do not believe in it but they practice because it serves their political goals and ultimately perish in their own web .

As right thinking Indian , we must reflect on how can we install a stable Govt in Delhi to replace the current corrupt dispensation . There are only two national parties which can do so ie the one which is corrupt and in power at the moment and the other one led by BJP under Narender Modi who has proven track record . Given the current environment and problems facing the country emanating from misrule of UPA , there is no other alternative than to put trust in NaMo wholeheartedly . If however we miss this time again , loose third fourth fifth front type Govts will get saddled in Delhi with Congress support to be pulled down subsequently by Congress on a lame excuse as have been the practice with Congress in the past . People will then lose faith in all other political parties and Congress will be back in the saddle for a very very long time to come to suck the blood of common man .

PEOPLE WILL BE WELL ADVISED TO PUT ALL THEIR EGGS IN NaMo basket in the interest of this country and take a chance . GOD WILL BE WITH YOU . more  
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