Thanks to AAP for the invitation to join the anti-corruption efforts. We hope to have efforts taken in the right direction to initiate this campaign in Mumbai. more  

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I am not able to understand that if situations are forcing us to go for additional favor then why are we cribbing against corruption more  
This are all under tolerable limit and we agree to pay willing looking to circumstances and our convenience. I too had paid many times to TTE in trains and others as unofficial service charges. Say I didn't get confirmed ticket from Jammu to Mumbai but allowed to travel all the way from Jammu to Mumbai by same train. Therefore, we are talking about bribe, corruption etc. which is done under distress and coercion and feel hurt all the time. Say we contribute for Ganpati Celebration by own as per our capacity. But if it is forced to pay certain amount than it is not be consider in a right way. We had to pay bribe for parking of office vehicle near BMC parking space near Craford Market !!! more  
To explain my point about difference in corruption & reasonable
charges for service ,I would like to give my experience in 1985.
After a week long tour of rural Orisa for work purpose ,when I was disconnected from outside world, I returned to Kolkatta by Getanjali Express and went straight to Airport to catch my confirmed Indian Airlines Flight (No other Airlines then) to Mumbai. The whole airport was in a mess due to strike by Indian Airlines Pilot. No information about flights was available.
There were just no announcements of any kind.
After waiting for about 2 hrs ,I had almost given up and decided to stay overnight in a nearby Airport Hotel. But one passenger came to me and asked me whether I am ready to spend Rs 150 like him(mind you, I could not show it in my Tour expense in absence of any receipt), to an agent who is promising a seat in Air India Flight from Bangkok leaving for Mumabai shortly. He was afraid to do it himself , in absence of any other co-passenger agreeing to it. I immediately agreed and paid him money and gave my ticket. He left his luggage with me to look after. He had to go to international check in counter with the agent to get boarding pass. He came after 20 minutes with Boarding Pass , we both boarded the flight (which was full) and I came to Mumbai a little after midnight.
Thus paying Rs 150 to the Agent saved me lot of money and trouble.I don't consider it a bribe at all but the cost of service rendered. more  
I fully support your suggestions but you must understand that at RTO all above harassment to citizen done deliberately to emphasis their old and corrupt system. Since they had tasted Blood earlier, do not like vegetarian food. My advise you to please bear their tactics for broader perspective. In 2009 I got my driving license renewed from RTO Andheri by paying bribe through Agent !! There was no choice.
I also like to narrate some incidences in my life. My Father died at 47, was in Railway. I was 25 year and our family had to face financial problems. To get his PF and other benefits we had to go to Nagpur Div. HQ. There dealing Clarkes etc ask for bribe. I decided not go and only wrote letters to concerning Officer. After 6 month money was delivered to us. For other benefits too I never went to meet anybody but all came to us off course it took sometime. It is not that I had not paid bribes, many places and time you don't have choice or time to wait. Therefore, if we have choice we must be firm.
regards more  
I also did not pay any Bribe uptil now , even when I withdrew my PF few years back. I went to PF office in Thane (I stay at Andheri)3 times and finally got my PF after 6 months.It was suggested to me to spent Rs 2000 for getting PF back in 15 days.
The corruption has to be stopped. But then small improvements in System has to be incorporated quickly. One example of Cash Payment at RTO. Why you have to give application at one counter and then go to other counter for payment and receipt? Can't it be done at the first counter itself? Also why to stand in long queue for getting some officer's signature ?Can't the scrutiny officer do it himself? Then at Biometric Room, only one out of 3 Tables was working and other two tables idle?
Secondly , now a days there are separate queue/window for Sr. Citizens at all places like Banks, Post Offices ,Passport Office etc. However no such mercy at RTO offices.
Further, there was nobody entrusted with the responsibility of queue management /order and people were just crowding at the counters.It makes the life of Sr.Citizens,Ladies difficult.
I had to undertake two visits to get the work of submitting my application for driving licence renewal, which should not normally take more than an hour. I hope now, that the renewed licence does come by post within 3 Months (earlier Agents used to give it in 3 days)indicated by the accepting clerk,and my application is not just waylaid in the maize of papers scattering all over in their office.
There is a fine line between "corruption" and "providing service" to needy people who are willing to pay reasonably for such service provided. Have a system of Authorized Agents with Authorized Fee structure. It will also create jobs badly needed in our society. more  
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