Dear Mr. Gupta, what question you are talking, there is no question posed by Mr. Irvinder He wants to say if Dogs are holy animals, I am hearing this 1st time in my life. Actually Mr Singh's statement is in factual and very much biased against Dog Lovers and Dog Owners Cruelty against Animal act covers all animals but only problem with dogs is they are not giving anything to hungry and selfish humans except love and protection and we never value these two things. Rest there are different races who eats Dogs and even insects so what to do. If india can't stop its citizens from eating Beef or Pork how can it stop people from eating Dogs. I have never heard if there was any complaint filed anywhere against anyone for eating a Dog. I have never heard if ever there were communal riots for killing an innocent Dog. Rest all are presumptions and not the reality. He want to have a solution of Dog menace like the one adopted by some rich countries to whom Mr. Singh call Civilised Countries so answer is in his question itself when he feels India is not a Civilised Country what else you can expect. Anyway Dear Sir, I can assure you whatever solution you people like proper is Ok but only one thing won't be allowed and that is Cruelty Against innocent animals. If you want to clean your streets and keep stray dogs away give them their area and feed them. When you have snatched their living place you owe them something. more  
Navneet Sarin Ji reply to the questions raised by Irvinder Singh Ji. more  
This is called Humanity. Strongly appreciate your feelings, Sarin sahib. more  
Dear Mr Iqbal, I am sorry to say that this monkey menace is far more serious than problems created by dogs. I have seen Dogs bite humans very rarely may be 1 in 1000 unless Human hurt them, but in case of Monkeys there is nothing certain they can bite or hurt any one they can hurt or steal anything they can tear the cloths lying outside for drying. Every month it cost me Rs.400 for service of my two dish antennas as Monkeys spoil the alignment and cut cables But dear Mr. Iqbal I am against any cruelty towards these animals. Because its the fault of Humans not there, we have build cities and concrete Jungles instead of forests and trees, we have snatched their land and place to live, we have destroyed their food resources and now we want to kill them. Shame on Humans for having such a inhuman behaviour and mentality. We must learn to live in coexistence, we must rehabilitate them properly before snatching their living space. Other wise we are just destroying the ecology and nature and remember one day nature will revert back and similar fate will be meted to Humans. We have become too selfish and excess of everything is always bad. We must stop all type of cruelty against animals. The Cruelty against Animal Act must be implemented in full letter and spirit. Start loving Dogs and they will love you too and if you Love a dog and if he is near your house he will never let monkey enter your house. He protects your family and goods from all. God bless you. more  
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