Dear Modiji,

1.its very unfortunate that u will take ncp's support to form Govt in Maharashtra. did not vote for bjp for this day.

2.its very disappointing to see that 31% of the ministers are criminals including rape charges.

3.its very sad that whistle blower was completely sidelined in AIIMS.

4.Very unfortunate that Mr. Jaitley completely messed up the black money probe. It has now become a big fiasco.

And I am also not very hopeful now that you will bring Vadra to book. Excuses will be given and people of this country will again be let down for showing so much trust in you and your Govt.

Very Upsetting. Exactly like Congress. more  

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Looks like Kamalakar is a blind follower of Narendra Modi. Cannot accept criticism. This is not only my opinion there are a lot of people of also share the same feelings. I have voted for Modi whole heartedly and expect him to deliver. He may take time, but the results should come.

1. If I were BJP i would have told a blunt NO for NCP support and keep the trust of people intact rather than creating a doubt in their minds. BTW there are many people in BJP too who are unhappy taking support from NCP.
2. With regard to blackmoney even a noted criminal lawyer like Jethmalani has criticized Jaitley whole heartedly and told him that his actions are spoiling Narendra Modi's reputation and he is doing it on purpose because Jaitley himself had Prime Ministral ambitions.
And BTW i have expressed my opinion and its not a write up and you dont have any right to call this CHEAP. There is no need to follow any one blindly, there should be an opinion who can criticize so that BJP can understand that people are not happy with their actions. You can keep following them blindly. If they do something which I feel is not right I will express my opinion always. more  
!. What do you suggest under the circumstances? with eye on self interest and no public interest who elected MLAs supposed to be caretakers of Maharashtrians are trying to run away from the responsibility given to them! Tell us what decision you would have taken under the situation!
2.According to the definition of Criminals used in the past for politicians, unless convicted not criminal for the purpose. What can you expect under such circumstances? Can you try to expedite cases against them? That will be great service to the nation.
3. Can you make a case and go to SC for fare trials and bringing people to book? Nothing will be served expect just reading and counter reading and the decision will remain there only without any effect on the situation.
4. If you are so expert in calling it complete fiasco, why don't the writer offer his services to make a great success? why just use such terminology and escape from taking active part in solving problems?
It is unfortunate that such non-productive writers are plenty who over a cup of tea sitting in their cozy beds/cabins go on writing where their active participation is zero. They forget that they are the one who can use their education, qualifications, and talent for good, productive and positive work which will be useful for people of India. It is unfortunate that they have only one agenda of writing against what Govt does without any responsibility and accountability and not suggesting any feasible and practicle alternatives. They simply assume that decisions are taken by some fools and we are the only intelligent and qualifies people to take care of people of India!
But all Indians are smart, educated and know what is good for them and for nation. I think such writers must spend their time, energy in ensuring better success in 2019 instead of giving cheap and unsolicited advise and criticism! more  
Dear all,
one man army setting right corrupt, greedy, paralyzed system that has grown deep roots for 65 years is not possible in few months.
Commenting is easy, but added burden of Fractured mandate, corrupt forces make going very tough,
If people protest massively on issues like

1..jayalaitha jailed
2..If govt Bunglow tried to get vacated from illegal stay by politician
3..muslims should be allowed to have 3 wives, 12 children whom they can't support and thus create crime centers
What do you expect in India where patriotism is least in general more  
I am also confused on what happened on Black money recovery, at least expose the names in public......what happened to give blow to corrupt ministers in BJP itself..... In Bengal why not put those behind the screen in SARADA case... We support NAMO for good achievements in foreign policy and personal image. SKBhaumick more  
Yes the following structural changes is needed in strengthening the BJP:

1. The many not so honest and ethical leaders who re there in BJP and who still contest for MLA and MP seats
2. The dynastic policy of BJP like in Karnataka it is evident
3. The massive corruption of some leaders like The Bellary Mining magnets, etc. who still are in BJP or supporting BJP
4. The right person for right job, like take the case of environment, the best minister to head this Mrs. Maneka Gandhi, but as she is Pro ecology they BJP have left her and have given this to a pro industrialist Mr. Jadhevkar. Also removing Dr. Harshvardhan from health was not a good sign. Also he Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad was good law minister why he was removed?
5. There are tainted people in BJP, who are holding power and influencing the party.
6. BJP though in power, the good leaders are not so serious to destroy the social evils like Drinks, Guthka, etc.
7. BJP not supporting to good causes, like Dr. APJ Kalam if BJP had agreed he could have been made president, but this did not happen, atleast in future this kind should not happen
8. The presence of lobbyists in BJP who are hand in hand with some selfish and dangerous Industrial bodies and helping them directly and indirectly
9. BJP has failed to stop this “welcome and flex banners” , in Bangalore this is very much there, When Hon PM visited Bangalore the Bangalore BJP leaders made a mess of Bangalore by erecting thousands/lakhs of this banners, Instead the same BJP could have used this amount to build a bus shelter, install public toilets.
10. Now a days the BJP is putting this adz’s in paper asking public to join their party, too much of this adz’s is not so healthy
11. The many in BJP have completely forgotten the Indian Ethos of simplicity, Gandhianism, Vinobha Bhave. They want India to become an ugly consumerist glutton. India should have holistic development. more  
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