(.)Sydney 12 Nov 2014 - The Day My 36 Inch Chest Became 56 Inches

I feel, I will be failing in my duty, if I do not put on record my experience of having visited the Indian consulate in Sydney on 12 Nov 2014. I had gone there for the life certificate. I was amazed at seeing the transformation in that office, since my last visit almost an year ago:
• As I stepped out of the lift in to the foyer of the consulate, the man at the reception asked me even before I could say anything 'sir have you come for the life certificate'. I said 'Yes'. He asked me to give him the documents and have a seat. In less then a minute I was seated
• Some guys were already sitting and some kept coming. After some time, the councillor came out (I was told later that he comes out every half hour), called out the names, made them sign the certificate, signed it himself and handed it over. I was off in half an hour
• As though this was not enough, there was an old Anglo Indian pensioner from Railways - William D Fransis on a wheelchair accompanied by his grand-daughter. Frail and unable to speak. The consular saw him and asked for his form first. With the form in hand, he went to him and said 'Sir from next year onwards, please do not come here for this certificate. Just go to your treating GP (Doctor) or to a JP (Justice of Peace), he will sign this certificate. After that please post it to us along with a photo copy of your passport. You will get it back in a day
• All pensioners present were amazed at the transformation. As though in unison, they all said 'I am going for Modi's public appearance next week'

I would like to bring out another major improvement amongst many more, that stands out for its significance in providing us service, which I learnt , while waiting in the consulate. The consulate has started a new emergency service. Say after office hours one learns that one’s father has passed away. You SMS your visa request on a given number. If the officer on duty considers it to be an emergency request, he will call you back and speak to you and in all probability for such a case give you a visa the moment you are able to reach him with your passport. It was initially launched as a phone based service, but we, as usual, started miss using it

I remember my son’s tears (an Australian Citizen), when, on my wife's death in Delhi, three years back, he pleaded for an urgent visa to get home for the last rites. While the Indian embassy tried its best to delay it, his Australian boss in Canberra had to intervene. Today my eyes are overflowing with tears of joy, as I remember it, while trying to bring this transformation to you. Only one thing has changed since then - We have a new “Pace Setter cum Monitor” - Our Honourable PM and the Ambassador

I left the consulate with my 36 inch chest converted in to 56 inches. I tried to meet him in Sydney, but them having viewed him from a distance was enough for me

Guys, this is a National Opportunity for us to redeem and rediscover ourselves and our great nation. Let us contribute in the effort and not derail it. The least we can do is to have patience. Things are happening

Please do pass on this First Hand Account of Transformation to those who may not be knowing and to the media which will never publish such good deeds of the man

I am sure lots of good things are happening around all of us. Let us make it a habit to circulate amongst ourselves at least, all good or for that matter bad things also. Only then can we become a great nation indeed. Let us do our bit

With best wishes from down under more  

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Bhattacharyaji, Thanks for this information! After 67 years we are really getting freedom again and we must feel proud and happy! It has been our tradition that when we Indians are suppressed and oppressed for long, a Yug Purush is born who demolish the demons in all forms and make us free from their shackles. We are today going through this transformation after suffering for last 67 years! We need your feed back to ensure many and all Indians understand Acche din aa rahe hai! more  
Thanks for your sharing such a great experience for improvements upto full of satisfaction. All such great things happened due to Mr. Modi ji. His clear vision and mission are really to be start teaching in Indian Schools so that new generation will change their attitude. Thanks. more  
Thank You Shri Biswanthji, without your sharing of this, we would have never known. I do subscribe to one more point in your posting that Patience is the key, let us have faith in our Hon'ble PM and the present government and continue to be in office with God's grace for this full term and another 5 years minimum to see our nation moving forward in the right direction. more  
Shri Biswanathji, we are grateful to you for sharing your experience which is worth disseminating and spreading as far as we can. more  
Thank you Mr. Bhattacharya for posting your experience. It fills us with pride and hope in India. more  
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