Mr Keerth Kr.
There are many Ms Sheela Dixit S, Sh.ManmohanS, A RajaS, KalmadiS....AdaniS, AmbaniS ..... a long list who gave/help stable Govt for 15 /10 years at the cost of public... what is the result ...CORRUPTED stable Govt. accumulating wealth in Swiss Banks out of Tax amount collected from PUBLIC hard earned money...making high storey luxurious mahals...building ..leading life like kings...offering their childern study in Oxford...Cambridge ...U.k USA....etc . It is a third grade Dcoitee. Dacoit still have some principles...they get their share from the rich persons who exploited poor, ilitrate people by high rate of interest, and try to help poor people from that money.....and not keeping the money in swiss banks.
On the other hand if people like Kezriwal opted for resignation from the Govt with the support of Congress ...who(Congress) is supporting AAP to pass the time and to have the time for party's reconstruction of the Disaster congress faced in the election.Do you think congress is really supporting AAP.....No... not the least....Now Congress wants BJP to make the Govt ...not supporting BJP... but again to pass the Time..for its reconstrction....
You have experienced congress in 60 years.
Now TRY BJP...I assure you except big Corporates and rich industrialist no POOR man is going to benefit from the policy of BJP....Pl analyse working of BJP and intute form every corner of your mind....
Moreover we are happy and feel some relief from the defeat of BJP in some by elections ...but if NOT BJP then again Congress ....What is your choice...congress ..BJp...congress..BJP ...both have same working and same policies...
Modi may assure you some dreams but cannot fulfil them....not because he cannot do so....but he don't want to do so and these Adani...Ambani...A Raja will not let him work for the benefit of poor people of India...Bullet train cannot fulfil the hungry stomach but can be and will be more helpful to offer opportunities to further accumulate wealth to already rich corporates.
You will see this in the next five years...
Sh Lohiya jee said "jinda comme panch saal tak intzar nahi kiya karti"
Are we dead and no-exhistance Indians ?
Pl try AAP for an alternative party for at least five years.....and see the results....
But not be in a hurry....this will take some time...some time in politics means ...not one day or one month or one year but may be five...ten..fifteen... years...
Parivartan Ek din mein nahi hota. Pl note that Parivartan is a gradual process and not like Modi emergence in Six months....Ek Dum ka parivartan finish bhi ek dum he hota hai.... more  

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Well said Mr. Bharadwaj! Today I am so happy because I could see a man who think in the same way as me. I wish if all Indian's think in the same way, I'm sure India will be saved but it is just a dream only. Majority of Indians are illiterate idiots and they are not ready to change their thoughts/minds. Why I'm saying illiterate idiots because our people are sentimental, emotional and narrow minded. They cannot think beyond several boundaries like region (Assame/Bihari/Bangali/Madrassi/etc.),Religion,cast etc. etc. Where we can see an Indian? Nowhere! This is the real fact. Our politicians want our people divided on the above factors. BJP had won 72 seats in UP in the May Lok Sabha election. Media said it was because of the Modi wave! In fact there was no wave at all. Even Modi was also smiling because he knew it was not because of any wave but beautiful split game by Amit Shaw who divided the idiots of UP and also paid money (Black Money-taken from Swiss Bank by Ambani and Adani) to them . How many political parties fought the election in UP last time? SP,BSP,BJP,AAP and Congress! Is it correct or not? Why BJP scared to go for elections in Delhi assembly? They(BJP) know very well that they will lose. Congress is totally routed from Delhi. AAP will get absolute majority if elections are held now. BJP know this fact and want to avoid such a scenario. That is why they are always keeping options open. Najeeb Jung is a power less man and he don't want to lose his post. So he (Jung) will keep cleaning BJP HQ. Guys! Delhi assembly elections are inevitable! Let's try for the victory of AAP. Let's try to educate the people of Delhi. I am sure AAP will win next Delhi assembly elections. Regards John Scariachan more  
Yes, agree 100%. Both BJP and Congress are beasy in collecting the hard earned money of common person. Both helped corporate houses/rich people to become more and more rich and punished farmers/workers/laborers to become more and more poor day by day.No body is thinking about how many people in India sleep without food/cloth/water/medicines/shelter and other basic aminities like mobile connectivity/transport and source of earning and so on. It was AAP which not only thought but also tried its best to convert it in practical by daring to order audit of electricity companies, control on bribe by police, water tank mafia and mafia at hospitals, shelters for homeless people and so on But how can we assure that this is India of Mr Bhagat Singh, Rajburu, Sukhbi Bose, Sukhdev, Subhash Chander Bose ho laid their lives for the nation and its people. . . . . more  
We must find a way to strongly convince people so that voting on caste/communal basis can be stopped. Voters are brainwashed and seduced with some quaint morsels during election" very unfortunate but true. Even now when we have a chance to cure this rotten system, people are not ready. Even now, when we have AAP, people are not getting united. The corrupts have become so powerful that we need a stong revolution. more  
AAP is a threat to conventional politics, so those who have a vested interest in the run of the mill politics detest AAP, especially the way AAP connects to the common people. All political parties, their mentors and those who bat for them, are terrified with such things! For them people have a limited utility; they vote you to power and there after you fool, mislead & confuse them, by throwing up non-issues and suppressing real issues. You do not associate common people with governance! That is why such elements have latched on to the one blunder ( AK49 ) and want to use it over and over again to bury AAP for ever & ever, but more and more people have begun to see AAP differently. As of now its a trickle, very soon it will be a torrent. more  
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