Disclosing Portion Sizes in Restaurant Menus: Inputs Sought

Some of you have raised the issue of restaurants disclosing portion sizes (grams/pieces) in the menu. Some members have been demanding the need for restaurants listing half plates in their menus where possible. Both of these are suggested actions so consumer is better informed when ordering and food wastage is minimised.

We seek your various inputs on these two suggestions given by people and if you have any others to minimise food wastage. We will then take these up with Ministry of Consumer Affairs on priority so the appropriate policy changes can be considered.

We look forward to your inputs!

Below is the summary of the discussion on minimising food wastage we have had in the past for reference.

Key Issues and Solutions from Citizenry on Food Wastage

Food Wastage in India – Key Solutions

1.Warehouses should be built across the country to store food grains
2.Modern food storage technology must be introduced in storage godowns where state of food stored and godown temperature, moisture etc can be monitored.
3.A committee should be made to make sure that not even a single grain is wasted due to lack of storage facilities
4.Setting up of cold storage should be subsidised
5.Storage principle of first-in first-out should be followed
6.Pest control should be done in warehouse every quarter
7.The maintenance of warehouses should be outsourced to private companies who could be held responsible for their work
8.Middle men should be banned and farmers should be given direct access to the buyers and markets
9.Latest technology from around the world should be brought in to prevent food wastage
10.NGOs should be appointed to take sessions with farmers to create awareness about everything ranging from better seeds to latest technology
11.C-operative societies should be given a boost
12.Loopholes should be plugged and efficiency should be brought into the supply chain system
13.The data from the previous years should be studied and the distribution model should be forecasted well in advance every year
14.Wastage of food in marriages and parties should be minimized by laws that discourage throwing food or promote giving to the needy
15.NGOs could be encouraged to work in the field of collection of leftover food and distributing them to the poor and the homeless
16.Good marketing support of professional firms should be provided to the farmers growing perishable items
17.There should a mechanism to promote new entrepreneur in the area to import and export of organic food material from the rural side
18.The production of over-produced grains should be managed by educating the farmers on other prospects.

Food Wastage in India – Issues and Root Causes

1.Lack of warehouses to store food grains
2.Major pest problems in the existing warehouses
3.Warehouses are not maintained well
4.Farmers do not have direct access to the seller
5.Lack of technological advancements in the field
6.Lack of awareness among the farmers
7.Dearth of co-operative societies at the farmer level
8.The supply chain is miss-managed
9.There is a major delay in the distribution of the food grains
10.Money allotted to improve these facilities is lost in scams
11.A lot of food in wasted in marriages and parties
12.subsidy on setting up cold storage
13.Perishable food products are grown mostly by marginal farmers who lacks marketing facilities. more  

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Let us start implementing the points mentioned above. more  
Most of the restaurants are not equally charging the half plat and full plate price of the particular food items, suppose if half plate rice is Rs.40 in Restaurant than full plate they are charging as Rs.70 or less which is absolutely wrong it means they are encouraging people to buy full plate which will increase their revenue without bothering that if a person is capable of consuming full plate rice. more  
The sad part of lack of civic sense inHyderabad and Secunderabad is noted by the misuse and bad handling of public refrigerators at secbad station and Marredpally and else where .The public is requested to go to publictefrigirators to deposit excess food in good condition and containers so that the needy and hungry can use them.But it is reported that they are in bad shape of use and maintainance.
The GHMC Hyderabad should take the civic responsibility of periodical inspection and prevent misuse .Otherwise the initiative take by many kind NGOs is a waste of philanthropy. more  
Rohini Bhat has a point. We should listen but even when you say citizen then the first thing is Me. What we do to achieve what has very neatly been laid. We as individuals have to educate the farmers. CRS can take initiative on the subject where interested Individuals can join.
As regards the wastage of food in Hotels and Marriages and Birthday Parties what the Government can do is to restrict the Menu. This was existing during the Late Lal Bahadurs Shastri PM of India Times.
Nothing is wrong if we insist on the Hotel to give Half Plate with the same prize or reduce the price depending upon his Sales. Incase the Hotels can specify the availability it will be nice.
I would like to mention that in the Marriages and functions it has become a style and leave food which is not liked but taken in the Plate and leftover. This is criminal. During Functions, it is mandatory to Put Notice Boards and TV shows reminding the people to eat as much as they want but not to waste it as a leftover in the Plate. more  
Basic criteria of hotel is to serve hygienic eatables be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian besides maintaining the premises in a clean and tidy manner. With respect to wastage at hotels, it is very minimal except the left over at the end of the day. It is suggested that hotel owners must provide them to the needy in the nearby areas or supply the same through NGOs which exclusively deal with this. Nonetheless, there should be no compromise on the quality of such food. Invariably hotels provide foods as per the customers need and preferences and so the wastage is very limited.

Normally, customers do not waste food at hotels as they pay for it with an exception when the food taste is not upto the satisfaction of the customer which varies from customer to customer. more  
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